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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Visitor But This Time From Cambodia !!!

Received another visitor but this time from Cambodia.

A very young man with a list of problems with his BH.

I answered his call about one week ago and wanted to meet me on an urgent basis.

"Pak Harry I will be flying this Sunday and please be available on Monday." he insisted.

I told him to bring a sketch of his BH, as many photos as possible plus the type of sounds he is currently using.

His problem was that the birds entered his BH but they refuse to stay.

"I got only those bats staying and not swiftlet."

He began by telling me how he was convinced by his uncle to start building a BH and place some sound at the entrance hole.

His uncle told him nothing to worry and it will be populated within less than 3 months.

After 2 months nothing except those bats.  His uncle started his missing action by refusing to answer his phone call.

"I was so desperate and started to search for some help from the internet."

After finding the right person he decided to fly to KL and meet me in person.

Once the drawing and pictures were put forward I know exactly why his BH was not populated.

The BH design was not properly done.  It was a square three stories high building with 10mX10m dimension.

From the look at the monkey house and the roving area the chances for those swiftlet to travel downstairs was almost zero percent chance.

I cannot understand why his uncle adopt such a weird dimension.

Managed to advise the owner to do some major revamp to shut the current entry holes into the nesting room and open a door instead just before the LAL.

The two sound he brought were both external sounds.

Which one is the internal sound?

He pointed to the second sound.

I told him that the sound was not suitable to be used as internal sound.  His first sound was my "Black Cloud".

Change to either the "BabyKing" or the "SuperBabyKing." I insisted.

He settled for a few new external sounds.

After showing him the Kepong BH I took him back to his hotel.

He was very lucky to have discovered my blog.

Those of you who happened to be facing the same problem please arrange to call Harry at 017 7551318.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bachok BH: Nothing To Brag About !!!

The installation of nesting planks and sound system went well and I was a bit tired after the 4 weeks of being at site.

The worst was to drive home from Bachok to Kuala Lumpur about 9 hours drive.

I could not allow my workers to take over the wheel since they do not have driving license.

Some of those things that were installed during this project were as follows:

1) Opening of an additional entrance hole facing the padi fields at the back. We actually need a door or window to reach the roof areas.  The contractor who erect this BH forgot about the need of reaching the roof to install those hexagonal tweeter, bazooka and my last tango tweeters.

2) The new window was later converted into an additional entrance hole.

3) There were two hexagonal tweeters installed.  One the common sized hexagonal plus a massively huge medium size bazookas into one.

4) The owner bought two long range bazookas.  I only installed one.

5) Ten power tweeters were installed around the monkey house walls for my last tango operation.

6) The owner bought 5  expensive tweeter "powerline" motorola equivalent tweeters for the main window. We need to use separate line to supply the sound signal.

7) To draw those birds into the nesting room I took some trouble to install at least four chocolate tweeters on each floor.

8) The VIP rooms were installed with four kite tweeters each.

9) Most of the VIP rooms were installed with cluster tweeters about 20 sets each room.

10) There we four VIP rooms in the BH.  One on the top most floor, two on the middle floor and one at the ground floor.

11) I told the owner that I used 500 2"X5" internal sound tweeters.

12) Beside tweeters I personally installed about 250 fake nests mostly those silicone and aluminium types.

13) Each floor has its own amplifier to operate the internal sound tweeter.

14) For external sound I used two amplifiers, solid state, playing super 208 and Pukau.

15) This BH was with my "Last Tango" timer arrangement. A total of 10 power tweeters were connected to the amplifier to be blasting from 6:30pm till 7:30pm.

16) The walls of the BH was sprayed with Mutiara aroma four times.

17) Two sets of insect generating powder were activated.

18) The ground floor were sprayed with fendona insecticide to curb those ants.

19) Two wet floor system were implemented inside the two VIP rooms on the 1st floor.

20) The owl prevention power lines were installed on both windows.

21) The wall that were in direct path of the sunlight were painted with dark colored paint.

22) An air fan to cool the amplifiers.

23) The nesting planks were covered with special aroma.

24) The fake nests were sprayed with super Pheromone.

It was one of the toughest thing to do especially climbing the staircase and ladder to install all the needful.

Before going home the sound were tested and the number of birds entering was encouraging.

My hope is that the owner will look after the BH and ensure that both the internal and external sound are constantly operational.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sabah Has Not Less than 4000 BHs !!!

This article confirmed that Sabah now has not less than 4000 BHs and 80% were in town areas.

Read this article and see if you can find the number:


The Sabah Swiftlet Farming Association (SSFA) believes that some points of the 15 

guidelines introduced by the Wildlife Department came abruptly and might have been overblown.

In a meeting between the Sabah Bird’s Nest Industry Association (Saba) and SSFA, both presidents, Datu Faisal Datu Bachtiyal and Yap Chen Guan briefed their members on the issue that might affect a large number of swiftlet farmers in Sabah.

About 50 farmers attended the meeting.

There are currently over 4,000 swiftlet houses in Sabah, and according to Yap, 80 per cent of those houses are located within the restricted areas mentioned in the guidelines.

Both parties agreed that the two-year time frame to move swiftlet houses was too short and would result in losses for farmers, especially those who just stepped into the industry.

“Two years are too short. Many farmers have taken a 15-year loan for nurturing the swiftlets and harvesting their nests. These include houses in Sandakan municipality,” said Yap.

Yap and Faisal contended that swiftlet farming provides plenty of benefits to Sabah’s socio-economy and but the former felt that some points raised in the guidelines were an imposition rather than an outline for regulation.

Other issues  such  as bird house locations and recording of bird activities, which include death and population were also raised.

However, both parties felt that most of the guidelines were acceptable and Faisal believed an understanding between the government and swiftlet farmers is imperative and needed to work out a solution that will satisfy farmers and the government.

Mat Saha of Syarikat Gerak Borneo, Saba’s consultancy, said the issues had been discussed extensively and they came up with several suggestions to improve the guidelines.

“The government needs to be more flexible on this. They have to understand that some of us (in the industry) have been around for a long time. We also provide royalties to the government through taxes.

“As for the recording of birds, we leave it up to the government. We can open the industry to students for research. This will also benefit our socio-economy,” said Mat.

He added that the guidelines issue and those involving international trading would be brought up at a National Swiftlet Conference in Kuala Lumpur towards end of November which will be officiated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Meanwhile, a meeting between swiftlet farmer associations across Sabah will be held on Nov 1 in Kota Kinabalu to address the guidelines issue.

Read more:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Visitor From Kota Kinabalu, Sabah !!!

"Pak Harry please make yourself available on October 25, 2012.  I wanted to learn more about insect generation system."

That was made about two months ago and he came down with his wife to KL.

First thing in the morning I was at his hotel for a cup of coffee and a roti chanai.

We started with a short discussion on his purpose to be in Kuala Lumpur and I took note what he wanted to accomplished.

First he wanted to learn as much as he can about how to start those insect generation.

Then he wanted to purchase my latest sound.

He also wanted to purchase a few bags of those insect generating powder.

To get him to learn on how to start those insect breeding system I took him to Kepong.  This particular place was where I started two sets of racks that were filled with those insect generating powder soup.

They were already in operation for almost four months and doing very well.

What I did was to teach him on how to mix those powder until they are thick enough before pouring into four new containers.

He was amazed after knowing how simple it was to activate the insect powder.

After getting the right amount into those yellow containers I asked him to lay them beside those old trays which are already breeding lots of insects.

My next stop was to visit another BH, a stand alone at Hulu Langat, Selangor.

I was given some privileges to allow my visitors to enter this BH, only the ground floor.

This was where the visitor got a higher shock when he saw how many insects there were on and around the rack.

"Very interesting and unbelievable." he said.

This second BH visit sealed his doubt about insect generation.

He was so convinced and bought 3 bags of the insect powder I have been talking about.

I sincerely hope that it will benefit his BH.

I promised to call on him during my next trip to KK,

He might be my source of information about a BH made of wood.

To those who wanted to learn more about insect generating plus visit to a few sites to observe the installation please call 017 7551318.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Captured One But There Were Two More !!!

Finally managed to captured one of the three owls that were using the Bachok BH as their first stop of the day.

I personally believed that there are some reasons why those owls keep coming into the empty BH and leaved their markings all over the entrance area.

We usually will say that they wanted to leave those marking as territory markings.

I think there are more to that.

What I can see every time I entered the BH are those balls of vomits and white spots on the floor.

I think the owls used the entrance area as a place to get ready for their hunting works.

They need to shit and vomit those undissolved food parts which they swallow the night before.

They need a safe place to vomit the leftovers.

Maybe during that moment they will get to be closed to each other.

Serenade each other, perhaps grooming and maybe mate.

They spend a considerable amount of time in the house before flying out to hunt for rats.

It Took Me 9 Hours Drive To Reach Home !!!

Started my journey home from Bachok Kelantan at 3:00pm and reach home at 12:00am.

Nine hours on the long and winding road just to help a BH owner.

It was the longest drive I ever took in my entire life.

The road was not as good as compared to those highways up to the north or south.

The worst was when the opposite traffic flow was very heavy due to the Hari Raya Haji celebration that will be on soon.

I think my whole body was loose and need a long rest.

Then again I received a call from another visitor who happened to be in Kuala Lumpur wanted more information about those insect generating system.

There goes my supposed to be my rest day.

The BH in Bachok was completed and the most interesting was to the number of birds entering the top floor during sound testing operation.

The part owner was impressed with the magic formula but I was not that impressed in full.

During my drive home I was told that on the first day of operation the number of birds entered were impressive.

Both entrance windows were successfully used by the birds.

My hope and wish for this BH is that there will be plenty of birds entering and staying as a permanent tenants.

The location is fined and the system inside was the best in the whole of Kelantan, I assured the owner.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Myth: The Light At The Entrance Hole Prevent Those Owls From Entering ???

A typical myth about the use of light at the entrance hole of your BH.

"If you install those bright light at night just outside the entrance hole will keep those owl away."

Totally not true.

I have photos to prove to you all that the use of light will not stop those owl from entering your BH entrance hole.

While installing those nesting planks and sound system at Bachok Kelantan BH I found out that the owl markings were all over the floor especially in the monkey house area.

The entrance hole was already installed with a light bulb and will be on from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

During my presence at the location I have the opportunity to watch how these owl entered the BH for about a few minutes and later flew out to hunt for food.

This BH was new with no sound system and not a single nest.

What do you think they came in for?

From what I can think off, they came in for a few reasons.

The first was because they wanted to throw both their shit and vomit those clump of left overs skin & bones.

I believed once they consume their favourite food (usually rats) the will swallow whole.

Once that is done the juice inside their stomach will dissolve those flesh but the skin and bones have to be remove by vomiting.

Their shit seems to be made of whitish colored materials.

Once they have done this particular session they will start their hunting work.

Everyday they will do the same thing.

If there are baby birds inside your BH, I am sure they will clean them up for you.

Today my staff called and indicated to me that they have captured one of the owl.

They are as big as a large sized chicken.

Pak Harry what are we going to do with it?

I have not decided but I wish I could roast it and have it as a meal.

Something like roast chicken.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A New Swiftlet Hotspot Called Chiku Kelantan !!!

"Pak Harry Kuala Krai is no longer the hot spot for swiftlet farming in Kelantan.  The hottest spot for now is at a very small town called Chiku located between Gua Musang and Kuala Krai."

That was the exact word from a new friend met at Kota Baru during my September 2012 trip.

The moment the word got into my mind I became very curious about this small town.

Three days ago while on my way to Bachok from Kuala Lumpur, about 8 hours drive, I wanted to find this so called hot spot and hopefully with satisfy my desire to see the action.

Checked on my iPhone, there was a word called Chiku but when I zoomed in it was just palm oil plantation.

While driving closed to this particular palm oil area I saw a shell petrol station on the left side of the road.

"I need to ask someone in the petrol station where this Chiku town is". I told myself.

Oh yes it was about 50 meters away from the petrol station to the left.

The moment I turned to this small road there seems to be some swiftlet activities.

Most of the BH was on the right hand side of the road.

I droved deeper into the town and make a U turn to drive closer to a cluster of BHs on one of the side road.

Hmm not that bad.

There were at least 15-20 BH in operation.

Most of them were 3 stories high.

Out of the 15-20 only 5 were with heavy activities on their rooftops.

The rest as usual very little movements and many with no sounds.

Have a look at some of the pictures taken.

Maybe you should try to stop bye if you ever take a drive to Kelantan from Kuala Lumpur Via Raub Pahang.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swiftlet Foraging of Flying Termite !!!

Usually after a heavy rain you will be able to see lots of swiftlet flying low foraging those flying insects.

Most of the time after rain the soil will be soft and this will be the best time for those termites to take their flight.

The main reason why those termite take their flight is to start new colonies.

Once the source is located those swiftlet will start to gather in a big flock and they will harvest any or all those that take their flight.

Have a look at these video clips and pictures.

(Swiftlet flying low at Pengkalan Chepa Airport)

(Termites come to surface)

(Another video clip on swiftlet foraging flying insects after a heavy rain)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Look at my "Last Tango" idea. It is working !!!

When there is something good I normally try not to keep it to myself.

My objective is to help newbies to do well with their BH.

Today I did some maintenance works at my Kepong BH and one of the thing I did was to install a newly acquired solid state amplifier.

I wanted to see if it really works and how will it affect those birds when the time comes for the last tango.

I was delighted to see that the moment the amplifier was put into operation those birds starts to jump into the entrance hole.

When my last tango timing starts lot more birds join the wagon.

(Last Tango started)

 (before the last tango started)

The last tango do works and I hope those of you who wanted to see more action with their BH try to apply this special technique.

Enjoy the video clip and hopefully all those swiftlet entered straight to the nesting room.

I just sprayed the fake nests in the VIP room with my Super Pheromone.

I am sure they will like the smell.

If you wish to learn more about the last tango technique please call 017 7551318.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Will Rare Earth Factory Affect Your BH Nests !!!

I am not a politician and please try not to link me with any political parties.

A few days back a BH owner whose BH was in Kuantan Pahang called me seeking my opinion about the rare earth factory nearby.

"Pak Harry do you think the rare earth factory will affect my BH nests quality?"  he asked.

A very rare and interesting question.

The first thing that I said was "I think the rare earth project is Gebeng is Politicise by some individual or groups that have an hidden motives." I told him.

The first thing is for us to use our common sense about rare earth.

Can we compare rare earth as those of uranium?

If rare earth radio activity is as little or lesser than those radiation coming from your TV screen, do you think it will affect those birds?

I don't think so but some others might think so.

I told him that those rare earth are those materials that are very rare and found mainly in Australia, China and Canada.

They are now becoming very important in electronics and telecommunication industries.

Go to :  to see the list of rare earth that are available and their uses.

It is like a kind of blue ocean industries where they are something that are highly sought after.

We are lucky to be chosen for it to be process here and I am sure the present and future government of Malaysia will seriously monitor the factory for any possible "contamination" they will create.

As at today I still there is not a single proof that these rare earth particles will contaminate your bird nests.

Okay now how is your BH in Kuantan doing?

" A bit of stagnant.  The nests number stuck to 200  for the last 2 years.  What do you think I should do?" he ask.

My frank advice to him was to quickly engage a knowledgeable person to come over and conduct some kind of diagnosis.  Make sure he write a balck and white report on the reasons and how to cure them.

If he could not find one let me know. I told him.

Note:  Please take note that I am not a scientist or radioactive expert. I have no political motives and those of you who feel offended with my comments please my accept my apologies.

Read this article from Bernama:

Found at:

KUANTAN: A prominent Pahang doctor has rubbished concerted "lies" spread by the Opposition among local residents on radioactive concerns from the recently completed RM2.5bil Lynas rare earth plant here, saying that the anti-Lynas campaign was purely politically motivated to win votes in the coming general election.
Datuk Dr Looi Hoong Wah, a consultant physician with 40 years of interest in nuclear medicine and particle physics, said the anti-Lynas activists had been brainwashing the people here for the last two years despite the fact that there would be "absolutely no radiation waste or any toxic waste whatever" from the plant.
Lynas' safety was verified by six independent bodies, including the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the world's highest authority for atomic energy.
"The substance they bring in is just nothing but rare earth oil containing a tiny bit of weak radioactive thorium 232.
“That is an extremely weak sort of radioactive substance and it has a very long life of tens of billions of years.
"And all this anti-Lynas people say...oh our great-great grandchildren are going to suffer for 14 billion years. This is absolutely rubbish," he said. Dr Looi said if one were to look at the half-life of radioactive material (the time required for a quantity to fall to half its value), the longer the half-life, the less dangerous it would be.
"For instance, if half of a house is burned down in 14 billion years, will it cause any problem? No, it won't cause any problem because there is only a tiny fire, whereas if it is burned down in 40 minutes, then a lot of people will get killed or injured.
"The same thing with lead, the one we use in our car batteries. It has a long half-life as well of 19 billion years. “Because it has such a long half life, it is practically non-radioactive when you use it in your cars. So thorium is very weak radioactively," he said
Asked how he got interested in nuclear science and particle physics, Dr Looi said he developed an interest when he was a medical student in Manchester about 40 years ago as one of his tutors was a nuclear physicist.
He said he had put thorium in his hand without any side-effects till today because thorium, when released outside connected with electrons to produce helium gas, just like the one used to fill balloons, which was completely harmless. Dr Looi reckoned that it was purely for political reasons that the Opposition was trying to work everybody up about the Lynas plant in Gebeng.
"The thorium 232 or decay products produce only a tiny bit of electron, which is electricity.
“It doesn't cause any problem. You find that Lynas' radiation, once you are outside of the boundaries of the plant, the radiation is zero.
“There is no instrument on this earth which is sensitive enough to pick it up," he said.
Dr Looi said the disinformation on the Lynas bordered on ridiculous assertions because even in a human body there was radioactivity as well due to potassium, which doctors give to patients to control the intake of salt in hypertension and other cases.
"Even in our body, we have about 4,400 becquerel (Bq) whereas the Lynas waste and ore contain less than 6 Bq per gram.
“This is already 124 times more than the Lynas worst case scenario. So why complain about a Lynas plant in Gebeng here where there are 124 Lynas plants in your body producing radioactivity?" he added.
Asked on the effects on workers, he said what they could possibly get was only less than 20 percent of the permitted dosage. Dr Looi also quoted Dr Nick Tsurikov, the international radiation specialist, as saying that there was no radiation risk whatsoever as far as the Lynas plant was concerned.
He also said that opposition to the plant should take into account that more than 1,000 quality jobs were at stake and these are people with families for them to put food on the table.
"Once you have a rare earth plant around, (other) companies will come, like Siemens (which) is planning to come in and make use of the rare earth. They will produce thousands more jobs because of the spill-over effects," he said.
Dr Looi appealed to non-governmental organisations and the Opposition to "wake up" and realise that the Lynas plant would be of great benefit to the country.
"You can brainwash people for some time but you can't brainwash them forever," he said. - Bernama

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Many Birds But Not Many Nests Syndrome !!!!

A burning question about why there are too little nests even there are some many birds inside your BH.

I was driving to Seremban with a BH owner who came from Dungun, Terengganu just to be with me and told me about his weird problem.

"Pak Harry after implementing most of what you taught me I managed to draw about 200 birds into my 6 month old BH.  However the number of nests was only about 10.  What can be the possible reasons?"

I told him that usually those young birds needs some time to get matured once they flew off from their nest.

You might need to get them to quickly mate but creating the right or should I say romantic environment.

You need to play the right sounds.

You must not play your external sound inside your BH after say 9.00-10.00 pm.

The moment I mentioned this particular word he was a bit taken back.

"Pak Harry you mean we cannot play the external sound after 10.00pm?  I have been using the external sound for 24 hours.  I did this because I visited a friend BH and he plays it for 24 hours.  Why Pak Harry?"

Now you know why his BH was facing the problem of "Many birds and not many nests Syndrome".

I explained to him that sounds do give some kind of effects to those swiftlet.

As a BH owner you better try to learn how sound will affect your birds.

If you pay very little attention to these effects you will usually make stupid mistakes like the above.

In this particular occasion the owner plays external sound for 24 hours.

The external sound played were so good he draws in lots of birds into his BH however they refuse to pay their rental fee (never built their nest).

If you play the external sound for 24 hours those birds will be so excited to the tweeter so much so that they will not mate with their partner.  If I am not wrong they go to the extent to mate with the tweeter.

The best thing to do is to stop the external sound to about 9.00pm to 10.00pm and let the internal sound take over the responsibilities to seduce them to mate with their partner.

You must ensure that your internal sound be correct.

Try to choose the internal sound with more of those baby and mating sounds.

The best would be the Super Babyking or the Babyking.

Beside using the right timing and the right sound, I suggest you look into the use of Fake nests laced with Super Pheromone to induce them to quickly lay their first egg.

The moment the couple laid their first egg they will you tenant forever.

He was so glad with my explanations and will promised to get them adjusted immediately.

So those of you who happened to face the same Syndrome try the above idea.

I am sure you will see an immediate surge in the number of nests inside your nesting room.

For more details please call 0177551318

You will get more knowledge by attending my coming seminar.  Call now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Any Preference Fake Nest Types !!!

This particular article is about Swiftlet's Fake Nests Preferences.

I remembered being asked about which type of fake nests that swiftlet will prefer?

In the market today there are many types of fake nests that varies in its price.

Some are made of plastic, some silicone, some aluminium, some plastic covered with cloth, some are in pine tree leaves and of course those made from cut styrofoam.

So which one will bear faster result or shall I say which one will be a prefered type?

From the many BHs visited and various types that I have used, my conclusion is that these swiftlet have no special preferences.

As long as there is a place to cling to and easier to start making their nest they will use any of those fake nests.

However I observed something.

Those that are located closed to internal sound playing tweeters tends to have a higher degree of occupancies.

I believed when those first time birds that entered your BH in total darkness they will usually find their way inside your BH by following the BH external sound.

Once the external sound is switched off they will move to those internal sound tweeters.

Once they have found a suitable internal sound tweeter they will start to use the chosen as their prefered location.

They will laced the selected tweeter with their body smell and will use the location as their prefered location when they entered your BH the next time.

Usually they will stay at the location for a few nights and when the time have come to breed they will start to hunt for a suitable location to build their nest not far away from their prefered location.

This is why you need to install your fake nest closed to these internal sound tweeters.

My recommendation is not more than 2 inches or preferably 1.5 inches away.

Once they have found the fake nest, the male will check the nest suitability and if this new home is comfortable and safe from predators he will start applying his saliva for markings.

To make these fake nest closed to the affected tweeter more attractive my next recommendation is to spray those "Super Pheromone" on and inside it.

This first step by the male bird will eventually leads to inviting his partner to confirm his finding and when she accepted his selected home, she will allow him to start the love making activities.

The love making will last for about 8 days.  During this love making period both will help in applying their saliva to strengthen the nest.

On the 8th day after the successful penetration she will lay her first egg.

This will be your lucky day.

The moment the first egg is laid both bird will be your permanent tenant.

They will usually stay in until they die unless your BH is not well looked after.

The use of those fake nests is for your to lure them to stay and lay the first egg.

Once that is done the fake nest served its purpose.

My next recommendation is to remove the used fake nest once your tenant have used it for at least one time.

My preference is to allow those wild birds to use the fake nest for two cycles.

You can remove the fake nest and install it at another location a bit far from the initial location.  My advice is to move it to the other floors.

Among the many types of fake nest type I choose the silicone type as my first choice.  The second will be the aluminium and the third will be the styrofoam type.

My reason for using the above are as follows:

1) The silicone is soft and easy to install.  It is also easy to be removed.

2) Silicone fake nests comes in two shapes the 180* and 90*.  I can apply both places if I choose to.

3) The aluminium is simple to use too.  When you installed one, you are actually installing two fake nests.  The aluminium fake nest have two seats.

4) The most exciting will be the used of styrofoam fake nests.  It is cheap and easy to install to.  You can install as many as you like and it cost about 20 sen a piece.

So if you are observant plus have the mission to quickly populate your new BH please consider the use of these fake nests.

To make them more effective try to choose the right locations and use "Super Pheromone" on it.

You will see some difference once you follow this special advice.

Trust me because I have tried nearly all the types available in the market and I totally believed in fake nests.

If you wish to try any of these fake nests let me know.  Call 017 7551318

Monday, October 15, 2012

Comparison Between Two Swiftlet Farmers !!!

Yesterday, October 14th 2012, I was with one of my participants who now owned a BH with about 200 birds after less than 6 months.

He was with me for almost the whole day.

"Pak Harry, can I follow you around for the day?"  he requested.

I told him to hop into my car and we went around town to visit two BHs.

The first was in Seremban and the second was in Hulu Langat.

Along the way we chat about things that we have done and discovered and I was very pleased with one of his real life stories.

" Pak Harry I have a neighbour who by some chance managed to get a few swiftlet in his make shift containers at the back of his shop.

After seeing a few couples he went into constructing his three stories BH.

I told him about attending your seminar and he says that he knows what he was doing.  He rejected my invitation.

I came down alone and attended your seminar.

After learning all those new ideas and new sound I came back to install all the things inside my BH.

His BH was about 100-150 meters away from mine.

What happened now is that he realized that my BH now have more population than his.

One of the most important comment he made was "You think the birds are deaf?" when I played my external sound a bit loud.

After a few short months my BH was having more visitors as compared to his.

Now he started to play his BH sound louder and realized his mistakes.

I now have about 200 birds coming in while his was less than 20 birds.

I still continue to learn more new things and this special meeting with you is to get more ideas on how to improve my BH birds population."

These few words from a newbie is have some important things that you as a newbie should learn.

Try not to think that you know so much when you can get more from learning from Pak Harry.

Come and attend my Swiftlet Farming Seminar and your will have the right knowledge after listening to what Pak Harry have to offer.

His technique is very practical and most of what he will teach you are proven.

All you need to do is to follow his method of how to draw those wild birds to your BH, pull them into the entrance hole and guide them into your nesting rooms.

Once they are inside the nesting rooms they will have all the gadgets that will make they love to stay as your tenants.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Maggots Lining Up: Something Which You Never Will Think Of !!

When they are ready to transform to pupa they will find a suitable dry place to hide and begins the transformation.

This is what each insect maggot will do once they have reach the right moment after feeding those insect soup.

Something strange was observed during my recent insect generating operation.

I used two layers of old newspaper to cover the soup and within less that 5 days they were all over the place.

Most of these maggots take a special liking to hide below the first layer and get them stuck to it.

The weird thing was that they seems to make a kind of line with their head facing in on direction.

The rest will follow suit and it is interesting to observe them crawling all over the place to find that right spot.

Once the spot is found their will actually stop moving and the transformation will take place.

They will first turned into pupa and later into flying insect.

Have a look at what I have captured and enjoy the pictures provided.

My point here is that these so call insect generating powder works and they can help to generate fruit flies within less than 5 days.

If you follow the right recommendations they will last for about 60-70 days.

After that you need to replace the waste and prepare a new batch.

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