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Friday, September 10, 2010

How Do I Write My Blog ?

A new blog reader who wanted to know how I can write so many interesting articles about swiftlet farming.

"Pak Harry, how do you come about with so many interesting stories and where do you get them?"

An interesting comment from the new blog reader.

Well to be frank I too find it unbelievable that I can write so many interesting articles that not only record my findings but also help others who are new in swiftlet farming.

My real secret is actually my desire to expose the so many interesting things about swiftlet farming.  I was once an idiot who took swiftlet farming for granted.  I depended so much on my "Sifu" and in the end I was very dissapointed with what he did to me.

Once my mind was set up to expose everything about swiftlet farming I keep towards that goal. 

I first set my objective on why I wanted to be a blog writer. 

My objective: "I wanted to help all newbies who needed help in running their BHs.  I wanted them to be successful.  I wanted to minimize the failure rate by at least 5%."

I will stay away from politics, I will not critisize my fellow bloggers, I will not be agry if I receive negative comments, I must listen more, I must take as many photos where ever I go, I must make lots friends not enemies, I will use my engineering background to evaluate any strange behaviours of those birds, I will continue to search for more interesting news that will eventually make BH owners successful in their BH venture.

Every new finding is a blessing to all my blog readers.

Every new gadget, aroma, sound, design of BH and internal arrangements of BH that will help to improving our BH is an asset.

We need to be 100% sure that we are doing the right staff.

Remember the fate of our BH depend on us and not a third party.

My wish is that there will more newbies that will find this blog and with all the strange findings I wrote will make them a better person.

I believed that are still many more hidden things that can help all BH owners and I will continue with my mission to find more new things and try myself.  Once the works well I will expose to my beloved blog readers.

Have a good weekend and hope all of you enjoy reading my findings.........

1 comment:

popopo said...

Pak Harry,

I hope you'll also write about all the numerous ways unscrupulous contractors have used to con newbies, e.g. installing old recycled items but charged items as new, and etc. Thank you.