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Friday, August 9, 2013

A Dead BH Finally Wakes Up !!!

 (Used to be 'Dead' like this picture.  See how many birds flying above or around the monkey house.)

I was back in Sungai Patani during the Lambaran or Heri Raya holidays on August 8th to 10th, 2013.

Well since I was a bit free I took a short ride, about 45 minutes, to Bukit Selambau to view this once upon a time was dead.

The owner decided to reactivate it and now it seems to be very much alive.

The person who put the soul back to this BH was "who else' the famous Pak Harry.

When I was about to reach the BH I can see the heavy activities on the roof top.

Once I was about to reach I detour to the side road so that I can watch from the most perfect angle.

Managed to snap a few video clips and lots of photos.

Let me show you some very interesting pictures and clips.

Once you have watch them let me know what do you think about my statement that the BH used to be dead now wakes up.

Unbelievable but is the truth.

Just relax and watch these pictures:

 (Now after awaken from a long coma. Thanks to Pak Harry)

If you think you have a dead BH may be you should start thinking deeply on why you should pick up your phone and call 017 7551318.

It will be worth a gamble.

He is good, responsive and can put back the lost soul into your dead or in coma BH.

His charges is simply the most affordable.....

Call him now.

Let see this video clip taken on the same date:

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