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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Mutiara Aroma Is Working Well In Vietnam !!!

Those who have not tried to use this aroma, I named as Mutiara, please read these email and sms messages from some of my users:

For what i learned from you. I device aroma into 2 kinds:

1 is stingy aroma eg. Mutiara aroma,etc. 
1 is perfume aroma eg. LP, etc

Both are useful but how to apply them to be effective is more important. For example, Sometimes we are enjoy to eat food that stingy more than a nice smell fry fish. 

Last 3 days, I had big fight with my nearby neighbor BH. The Master from HoChiMinh city came over to have battle with me about attracting the bird. He put a lot of what i call perfume aroma, with very strong ext Sound and some revamption inside. 

Firstly, all the birds come all over his BH. I started to hang up my new invention for water spraying on the roof. And, i made mutiara aroma right outside my BH. The smell come all over place. For the roof water spraying, i turn on every 5mins on 5mins off continuous whole day. 

After all, i won the battle, 200 birds around my BH from 8am-2pm, neighbor was only with 20 birds and sometimes none. Very few birds stay to be my new tenants, but i am sure when their place got wrong, they will come to my BH. Very bright future!

Thats why i think your Mutiara aroma is very very good. 

It is your great invention. 

I am very respect you!

After winning the battle with 2 masters in Vietnam. 

I am get more confident about swiftlet farming. 


Another interesting message from Kuala Trengganu:

Good morning uncle Harry. 

Just want to say happy birthday to you.  

Wish you all the best in this blessing year and healthy.  

You Mutiara aroma is great and it did attract the birds to go in for long time.  

Thank you. 

These two messages simply wanted to let us know something about these birds behaviour and at the same time giving positive comment about aroma.

Those wild birds do have some weakness towards a "Hamis" smell or "Fish Gel" smell.

We have to accept this fact that Swiflet have a very sensitive nose.  When they smell something nice, i mean to them, they will fall for it and will behave a bit unusual.

So from now we need to ensure that you need to put some kind of aroma if you want your BH to be more attractive to lure more birds from your rivals.

To those who refuse to accept this special phenomena, best of luck to you.

To  those who accept this new findings you must evaluate the most effective aroma suitable for the birds species found in your area.

My sincere advise to you is try to learn how to manufacture these aroma yourself.

The key point is that if you know how to DIY it will be much cheaper and you also can use other raw materials to test for their effectiveness.

Sea weed is one of them and you can try others like cuttle fish, sea cucumber, ikan bilis, fresh water fish fillet, fruits and etc.

Those who would like to learn the basic method, please call 017 755 1318.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Revolving Swiftlet Lure In Operation !!!

Something that I wanted to share with all my blog reader.

The revolving swiftlet lure.

If you are faced with summon by the local authority to stop playing those bird call sound just try this special technique.

It mike work but  will not promise any miracles that you are hoping for.

It will be something to pull the attention of those wild birds into your BH.  Watch them using your CCTV camera and adjust the speed to the most attractive speed to those birds.

In the event those wild birds ignore the gadget in total just remove them from the entrance hole.

You can now play the external sound only inside but not outside.

About 40 Potential New Swiftlet Farmer In The Making !!!

 I was up North on July 28th, 2001 giving five of my favourite papers about "How To Be A Successful Swiftlet Farmer.

The talk was organized by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar Pulau Pinang.

There were almost 40 participants and I am glad to be one of the speakers.

Main topic of the day was on Good Animal Husbandry Practice and the next was on :How To Apply your Swiftlet farming license.

Once the two main papers were presented the floor was mine.

The organizer wanted me to wrap the day by 5:00pm and I did that nicely.

The five papers were translated into Malay and managed to get my message across.

After the last paper I drove down to Bidor, Perak to continue with my Grand Masterpiece.

I was glad to play a small part in educating this new group of newbies and I am sure they will be a successful farmer in the near future.

The lunch was good and the walk away with a certificate which will be useful to apply for swiftlet farming license.

No fee and no parking fee to be paid.

Have a look at some of those pictures taken.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Garbage Woman With Excellent Golden Heart !!!

Read this and perhaps you might want to copy her style of helping those who needed helps:

Li Yukun, Garbage Collector with a Heart of Gold

(  Sanitary worker Li Yukun, 64, sweeps a street in Wendeng city, East China's Shandong province, Dec 22, 2010.)  
64-year-old sanitary worker and garbage collector Li Yukun has long passed her retirement age of 50 in China but she begged the Wendeng environmental protection department to let her keep her job because she has more than 10 students  to support.

Since 1998, Li has helped 15 students from poor families.

(  Kang Yujing (L), a senior at Qufu Normal University in East China's Shandong province, burst into tears in Li Yukun's arms after learning it is this 64-year-old grandmother who has been giving her 1,000 yuan each year, at their meeting April 19, 2010.)  
Kang Yujing, a senior at Qufu Normal University in East China Shandong Province , is one of the 15 students helped by Li. She had been receiving 1,000 yuan from the kind-hearted grandmother yearly over the past four years. But she never imagined her "Rich Uncle Liâ" would turn out to be a sanitary worker and garbage collector, or even a 64-year-old woman, before meeting her in April.
Sanitary worker Li Yukun, 64, sorts thank you letters from students who received her donations, at her house in Wendeng city, East China's Shandong province, Dec 23, 2010.  
After finding out the identity of her "Angelâ" the Year Four undergraduate of Qufu Normal University decided to visit her. When she saw Li sweeping the Wendeng street, Kang ran towards her and held her tightly.

(In her thank-you letters to Li, Kang addressed her as "Uncle Liâ"before their meeting on April 19.  A thank you letter Kang wrote to Li shows she addressed it to Uncle Li.)

She burst into tears, as she had never imagined that the money given to her was from such a humble old woman doing such hard work.

I had always thought that the philanthropist was a rich man called "Uncle Liâ"

Li, whose colleagues call "Iron Feet Liâ" has always spent all her money helping the poor and the underprivileged. She leads a very simple life and lives in a crude home with an old donated TV set as the only appliance.

Wendengâ construction bureau has given Li 50,000 yuan for living expenses, but she has donated all of the money, against the advice of her colleagues.

( Li Yukun, 64, sorts her collected garbage at her house in Wendeng city, East China's Shandong province, Dec 23, 2010.)

She also decided, after discussing it with her two married daughters, to donate her organs after her death.

Li has also donated 100,000 yuan to victims of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and to other charitable causes.

(  Li counting her money before donating to a victim of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake at a post office in Wendeng city ) 

Li may be just a poor garbage collector but she has a heart of gold!

It is people like her that makes our world a much better place.

If you really wanted to be a successful BH owner you need to pass this test.  Be kind to those people around you especially the poor and those without proper or no parent.

While in Can Gio city recently I met Mr Lee, the most successful foreigner into swiftlet farming there.

We have a long chat and after a long talk I pad his shoulder and sincerely told him his real secret was his good heart.

Nearly all his BH build by him for himself were successful.

"Mr Lee after listening to your story I know you are a kind man and that is the real reason why you are very successful in your swiftlet farming activities".

He was quite for a short seconds and blurt out something which he could not understand why.

"Pak Harry I have been trying to help this guy with his BH.  He is a very shrewed man and make other people's life difficult. Similar to an Ah Long.  No matter what I did the birds simply refuse to enter his BH."

"Now I understand why.  Yes you need to be sincere and helpful than only your BH will be tenanted."

Oh My God Look At What I Have Created !!!

I turned a "Pussycat" into a "Tiger".

Woke up in the morning and read this awesome email send by one of my Vietnamese blog reader who took off to learn more about swiftlet farming recently.

He came to Kuala Lumpur and attended my one day Swiftlet Farming Seminar.  After the seminar he stayed back to follow me wherever I go.  He just wanted to learn from me and do any work that I asked him to.

I took him to Bidor and soon after to Setiawan Perak.  He was given the chance to enter a BH with 2000 nests and help me with my Grand Masterpiece too.

I think I will be creating lots of Tigers who will learned all the things that are needed to be a good swiftlet farmer.

Read this message:

Dear Sifu,

Thanks a lot for the shipment. Happy birthday to you for 2 days ago!!! ^_^

I will process the payment 400 RM to you shortly next week.

I was busying to make lots of things for my BH. I am very angry to you that you taught me so many things, that makes me crazy about swiftlet farming and doing lots of jobs, but sorry I love it ^_^..haha

 I just success to make Mutiara aroma with 10 days fermented! The smell that so awesome stingy...-_-! I just finish my revamp all tweeters at the entrance hole and way in , insulation for temperature and humid, prevent light bright, put up some walls to change the structure of my BH. Then, I apply Mutiara aroma with Super 208. Totally result is 1 word: PERFECT!!!! 

200 birds visited my BH in the morning, tonight 30 new tenants in my BH, that is extremely awesome. I am pretty sure will lots more coming tomorrow and stay. I will recorded everything in my CCTV camera and send them to you (inside and outside). I think they can help you do a great advertising! Thats the only thing I can do to repay you ^_^!

 Thanks for everything Sifu, base on what i learned from you, now I am so confident in swiftlet farming. 1st, I success for my BH. 2nd, I already beat neighbor BH to dead!!!
No bird at all meantime my BH always with birds. I am so proud of myself...haha!

I will let you know more interested news soon!

Have great day with birds!
Best Regard, 


I am very happy for him and I hope more and more people need to realize that the only way to be a successful swiftlet farmer is to get the right knowledge from right people.

There is nothing to be shy about.

The way to go is to learn every single thing that you need to know and practice them one by one.

You cannot blindly DIY without any clue what are you trying to achieve.

You need to ask yourself why?

Come and join me with my  activities and I am sure you too can be or will be a "Tiger" too.

  Call 017 755 1318 and ask for more details

Fake Nests: How Important It Is For A New BH !!!

I have covered this subject about fake nests inside your BH before.

This article is a bit more to punch something new that I have discovered recently which I hope will give you more ideas and confident on why fake nests are important to your new BH.

The idea of installing fake nests have something to do with the birds breeding or copulation or sexual intercourse.

You see if the female allows her male partner to ride on her and insert her penis plus those sperms she will have about 8 days to lay her first egg.  I assume that once she is impregnated the sperms will fertilize her eggs within a few short minutes or hours.

After the first egg is laid she will lay the second egg on the second or third day after the first.

So if you are her, the female birds, ask your self with this question: Will you allow him to f**k you when your nest is not yet ready to receive your first egg within 8 days after the incident?

To a male bird, he will not be bothered but she does.

The only way to get his sexual desire accomplished he got to take the initiative to build a nest for her.

He will start the construction, with some help from her, until such time the nest is about half way build.

He will then asked her to check the nests and wait for her to give the acceptance test.

If she approved than the sexual act will begin.  She feel safe that her 1st egg will have a place to be deposited and at the same time she will also have less stress while making love to him.

Imagine if the nest was not accepted by her?  He need to start all over again and get her to retest the new nest.  The same will be done if the second nest he build was still being rejected.

So what if we, the BH owner, provide him with fake nests?

What he need to do is to locate the right fake nest, far away from the roving area and safe if they bring up their family.

He will pretend to put some of his saliva on the brim of the fake nests and ask her to test if she feel comfortable with the new found home.

If she say: "Yes darling I think this is proper and safe, let start our love making !! "

Oh yah if I am him I will be delighted that I put very little effort and just a small amount of saliva and got my wish to fuck my darling comes true.

Don't you think your fake nest is working for you in getting the population of birds inside your new BH?

Normally if you have about 100 fake nests, one or multiple types, you will easily have 20% occupancy within less than 4 -6 months.  Of course your BH must be perfect in its micro environment, darkness with effective sounds played.

If you install 300 pieces, you will stand a chance of having a total of 60 couples in no time.

Remember these fake nests will only function if your BH have visitors stays back after 8:00 pm.

There are many types of fake nests that you can install and the best will be those plastic type, gell type, wood, styrofoam, coconut shell and etc.

Try to install them closed to your internal sound tweeters.

If you are a bit more hard working try to combine these fake nests installation with duck egg solution.

Prepare the white egg one day in advance and once inside your BH try to locate the most attractive place to get the young birds to like the place.

You can apply the duck egg (white only and fermented for one night) to the selected location, about 4" wide and about 6" long.

Once that is done screw the fake nest in the middle of the applied area.

Once in place you need to apply a layer of the duck egg onto the installed fake nest.

You might want to try a few for the first time and if this method gives result, you should proceed with installing more.

Again I must remind you that you need to have enough visitors inside every night.

If your BH is not being visited than no matter what you do or installed it will not work.

Have a good week end and trust this article do stimulate your desire to get more birds into your new BH.

 If you are not sure of any of the above instructions please call 017 755 1318

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Have A Good Laugh: Oh Watch Out !!!

A mother took her five-year-old son with her to the bank on a busy lunchtime.

They got behind a very fat woman wearing a business suit complete with pager.

After waiting patiently for a few minutes, the little boy said loudly,
"Wow, She's fat!”

The mother bent down and whispered in the little boy's ear to be quiet..

A couple more minutes passed by and the little boy stretched his arms out as far

As they would go and announced; "I'll bet her bum is this wide!"

The fat woman turned around and glared at the little boy.

The mother gave him a good telling off, and told him to be quiet.

After a brief lull, the large woman reached the front of the queue.

Just then her pager began to emit a "beep, beep, beep"
The little boy yelled out, "Run for your f*****g life, she's reversing!!"

Friday, July 22, 2011

Trapping Those Young Birds Inside Your BH !!!

One of the bird's characteristic when they are inside your BH will be to use your BH external sound to fly into it but they need sun light to guide them out of the BH.

Remember they use your external sound to fly into your BH straight to the VIP room and early in the morning they will use those light from the morning sun to fly out of the BH.

That is why I keep saying that if you can try to have your entrance hole to face the east.  Remember the sun rises from the east and move towards the west.

During the day, your BH will be pitched dark.  The moment these birds entered they will switch to their echo location sound mode to ensure that they will not hit any of those partitions or walls you have constructed.

They cannot see in total darkness but they use those echo sound to guide them while they fly inside.

To identify their nest they will use their sense of smell.  They usually will embed at least one or two of their feathers onto their nests. These feather shall be re embedded if their smell are no longer strong enough.

It was mentioned somewhere that swiftlet sense of smell is 1000 times more sensitive as compared to human.

Beside their sense of smell their ears will be used to hear the external sound, internal sound, baby sounds, any intruder inside the BH, the call of their partner and etc.

So we know that when morning comes their will rush out of the BH to find food using those sun light to guide them to fly from the VIP room (example) out of the entrance hole.

What happened at night?

Assuming a young couple entered your BH for the first time after being attracted by your external sound.

Both of them flew in from the entrance hole into the roving than into the roving room and slowly find their way into the last room of your BH, the VVIP room (example).

They hang around the chandelier and stays there up to 8:00pm.

What do you think will happened when your external sound suddenly stop for the night?

This will be the most critical moment to all of us.  They will have three choices:

1) To stay put at the chandelier, the last position just before your BH external sound being stopped.

2) To move their position to those internal sound tweeters or

3) They will find their way out of your BH and this will not be a good thing to happen to a BH.

Just imagine if all those young couples entered and stay until 8:00 pm and later all of them will fly away just after the external sound were off.

You will have an empty BH forever if they continue to behave this way.

How can we stop them from going to the 3rd options?

My recommendation is to firstly choose the right internal sound.

The best will be my SuperBabyKing or the BabyKing or the SuperNBU.  You need to have all these three sounds.  Choose the one that will make the maximum number will choose to opt for choice no two.

My second recommendation is to play the internal sound a bit louder.

Yes during the day time you may want to play the internal sound using the first amplifier at a slightly lower volume.  Just before 8:00 pm (switch off time of your external sound) say 7:45 pm you should start the second amplifier to play a slightly louder sound volume as against the 1st internal sound amplifier.

My next recommendation is to choose an appropriate design with proper placement of those partitions to block the sun light from polluting your nesting room.  My idea is to create a kind of room partitioning so that these birds will not find their way out or make them hard to find their way out of your BH.

Remember they need those light to guide them out and by 8:00 pm there will be no more sun light to guide them out.

Once the decide to move out of your BH they will have very little choice but to use their echo location to locate the doors that your created and find their way out.

What if we make it a bit difficult for them to find the exit window?

I was in Bidor last two days and during one of the evening I did the sound test.

A couple of birds entered the BH and the design of the masterpiece have these various partitioning to prevent those lights and at the same time  prevent the visitor from leaving the house after 8:00 pm.

This idea is something new and I am sure there are many other ways that we can force them to stay after 8:00 pm.

I remembered a friend from Kuala Trengganu who uses those automated gate to shut the entrance hole using a door without any holes for the whole night after 8:00 pm. Yes he will shut the entrance door just before the external sound were switched off.

They can only fly out of his BH once the auto gate is opened at about 5:00 am. They were given little choices but to stay for the night and it they keep staying every night they will get use to the BH.

There are a few pros and cons using this method but there is nothing to stop you from installing such a gadget.

All you wanted is for the birds to enter and stay for the night.

If you wish to learn more my recommendation to you is to come and visit this "Grand Masterpiece" by calling 017 755 1318.

Today Is My 59th Birthday !!!

I turned 59 years old and one more year I will be in the 60th.

I never imagined that one day people around me will be calling me Uncle, Pak Chik and  Tauke.  The day will come when they will start calling me Apek, Latok or old man.

What ever my age is right now I am still the same person who started blogging on swiftlet farming since 2007.

I have accumulated and share many findings and inventions with all my blog readers.

Those who are lucky to stumble to just tell yourself that you are some lucky people.

At least you have a place to learn more about swiftlet farming.

I remembered during my early days no one wanted to share their findings.  They keep their findings to themselves until their graves. They left nothing for the next generation to practice on what they have already discovered.

How very unprofessional and greedy.

With my regular writing you can see there will be more people who will be happy to share their findings.

Each person will have different ways of interpreting their discoveries but if they can teach us something useful to our swiftlet farming activities.

I have discovered so many new things and every day there will be something new which will be able to improve the industry.

I am very happy to be in this industry and I will always play a part to help the industry.

While driving in KL received a call from Mr Ang from Butterworth asking my help to deliver some talk this coming July 28th 2011.

"Pak Harry would you be kind enough to come to Butterworth to deliver your talk to about 40 participants this Thursday?. The organizer will be calling you shortly."

Well I was very honored to receive a call from a Lady who told me that she was organizing a talk at Jabatan Veterinar.

"Pak Harry, Due to our very low budget can you accept our invitation to hold a one day Seminar at our office in Butterworth?"

My answer was yes and I told her that as long as I can help the swiftlet industry I will be very honored.

So tentatively I will be occupied on Thursday July 28th, 2011.

Participants will have the opportunity to get more detail about 1GP guideline and local council  swiftlet farming license requirements.

After the talk all participants will be entitled for Jabatan Veterinar certificate of attendance.

Remember you need this certificate to apply your operating license.

I am not sure how you can participate but my best bet is to call this number: +6045084368 or +6045084369 or +6045084370.

Seats are very limited and I am not sure how many been taken up (40 seats only).

According to my source it is free of charge.

My hope after this collaboration with Jabatan Veterinar I will continue toward giving more talks in other state so that we can help to improve our Swiftlet Farming Industry.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grand Masterpiece Is Taking Shape !!!

Been at the renovation site and my "Grand Masterpiece" BH is taking shape.

About 95% ready for the top floor and the works on the lower floor has just begun as at today.

Today a blog reader from Kulim came down to view the masterpiece.

He took more than 3 hours to arrive and his comment after with me for almost 4 hours was :"Pak Harry, It was worth all the effort to drive down."

"I read all your articles twice now and after attending your last seminar plus todays visit I am very glad to know you, Pak Harry. It was you who taught me so much about swiftlet farming and I will remember you for life."

Prior to his visit there were three others who dropped at the BH.

Yesterday a newbie from Teluk Intan gave me no choice but to get him in.

"Pak Harry I am downstairs.  Can I come up to see you?"

What you did not call and now you are downstairs?

I was in the middle of fixing those chandeliers and kite tweeters.

Since he was downstairs I came down to personally see him so that he will get what he came for.

"Pak Harry my main aim is to visit your masterpiece and wanted to get the Mutiara Viagra aroma from you. Sorry for not making any appointment."

I took half of my working hours to be with him and provided him all the things that he came for.

He was very happy and I am very pleased to see more local blog readers dropping by just to have a glimpse of my "Grand Masterpiece".

These are some pictures that you might want to have a good look.

You will not see these in any other BH except this special BH owned by a Bidor resident:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Try To Avoid Big Water Pool But Go For Mini Water Pond With Flowing Water !!!!

I was recently asked about having those big pond(s) on the roof top area.

I am totally against the idea since I have visited more than 50 BHs with these pools and nearly 90% leaks.

The water seeps through those micro cracks that are not easily seen with our naked eyes and floor the ceiling area.

They will then wet the nesting planks and once wet the nesting plank will be soaked and start breeding those fungus plus their spores.

When exposed to the fluctuating temperature these micro cracks will turned into mini cracks and soon after they will become big cracks.

When that happened your 250,000 ringgit BH will be worthless.

The only way out is to ensure that these ponds are properly made perhaps using those fiberglass box manufacturer or maybe use a mini portable pond.

What I think that will help your BH is to use a small pond about 4 feet X 5 feet X 1 foot big plastic container and try to install a floater that can regulate the water depth.

To make it more attractive to those wild birds you should install a submersible pump to push the water up to about 4-5 feet hight using a standing pipe.

Put a small tap at the bottom of the pipe so that you can regulate the water flow size.

The submersible pump need to be properly timed using a digital timer.

Run the pump for about 5-6 hours a day.  The best is during those peak hours where there are lots of visitors at your BH.

The dropping water will attract birds to come for a drink and you will be surprise to watch them coming for a sip.

They fly with little movement, similar to those Hummingbirds sipping nectar, to sip the flowing water.

This new feature will draw a bit more crowd to your rooftop as compared to your neighbors.

This is just an idea that was implemented at a BH somewhere in Kuala Kedah.

Monday, July 18, 2011

You Should Minimize Those Mistakes And .......

The only way to compete with your neighbors is to accumulate more knowledge, modify your current BH and use latest sounds.

This was my frank advise to a newbie who happened to own a BH with a reasonable number of nests.  Ever since his neighbor, a few unit away, started the new BH all his birds flew away and ignore his entrance hole.

"Pak Harry what do you think is the problem?"

I told him that there can me more than 1000 reasons but first of all who did your BH conversion and how much is that person knowledge about swiftlet farming?

He started to describe to me how successful his sifu was and how many BHs he owned.

Well than how come you are facing this problem?

"Pak Harry he came to fine tune my BH a number of time but the same thing keep happenning, where all those birds are attracted to my neighbor's BH."

The point here is that the owner is pointing his fingers to his "Sifu" but not to himself.

"How much do you know about swiftlet farming? I mean have you attended any courses and have you owned a set of good sound yourself?"

The answer is no.  Never attended any courses or owned a set of good sounds and the BH he owned is totally not the way it should be designed.

He took some trouble to sketch his BH outline and sent over to me for some comment.

After looking at the sketch I told him to do something drastic.

Pack your back and come to KL for a few days and stay with me.

Join my workers to do the renovation works in my on going project.

Look at the design and see those beautiful gadgets installed. Collect a set of good sounds from my collection.

Try to learn as much as you can and bring these ideas home to improve your BH.

All you need is some guts to learn from some one who knows and willing to teach you.

There is no used to complain about your neighbor that his BH is better than yours but try to improve your self.

I hope after being with me for a few days he will be a better swiftlet farmer.

To those who have the same problem try to think carefully.

There is no use to keep torturing yourself by thinking that your BH is not good but take the right steps to improve your BH so that it will be better or far superior than your neighbors.

Call 017 755 1318 now and let's talk about your BH problem.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Half Day Visit To A BH in Sungai Sedili, Johor !!!

A birdhouse that was accidentally build when the local authority refuse to approve a Manufacturing license.

That was the story behind this very huge BH facing the Sedili river.

It was initially constructed to be a factory manufacturing those insulation materials.

After idling for almost two to three years the owner decided to transform the building into a BH.

Tough two to three years after conversion but after attending some seminars and applying some new gadgets and new ideas the number of birds started to increase.

The owner now have at least 700 to 1000 birds inside with about 200 nests.

I was invited to have a look at the BH and make some comments on how to improve and increase the number of birds and their precious nests.

The first thing I realized was the birds nests were mainly inside those rooms just beside the roving area.

My prediction was that the entrance hole was facing the west.  I was damn right.

The owner was fascinated with my prediction.

"How do you know that PaK Harry?"

As usual I gave him my beautiful answer.

They need those morning light to get out of the BH as soon as they can.

Once inside I gave them the list of things that they should do if they wanted those birds to move inside the other rooms further inside.

First thing is to open a new hole about 3' X 2.5' facing the east.

The next was to identify the right room to start with.

Try to split the BH into two separate projects.  They can use two separate sound systems playing different sounds for external and internal sounds

For each BH try to concentrate on one or perhaps two rooms to focus on.  Try not to populate the whole BH.  It is too big to handle.

Try to create a VIP room with at least 150 to 200 new tweeters.

The door to be floor up to the ceiling and there must be at least two external sound tweeters on the door frame and two chandeliers inside the VIP room.

I was taken to the other side of the building and it seem it was a DIY job and it was very bright.

I know for the fact that it you allow someone who have no inkling idea what those birds likes and dislikes the erection will be near to a disaster zone.

They were lucky to have invited me to come over to give my frank opinions.

I tested a few sound and among the many Super208 was the best.

Upon playing the birds got a kind of crazy and cue like school kids taking a bus.

They were pleased with all the recommendations, the new sounds and I hope they will see some good results within the next few weeks.

Bidor Grand Materpiece About To Be Ready !!!

Just arrived from Sungai Sedili, Johore above two hours ago.

Pretty tired after the 4 hours drive.  Lots of cars and luckily there was no rain and no road accident along the way.

Today I wanted to focus a bit about my Grand Masterpiece in Bidor Perak ( Bidor Grand Masterpiece). Been working on this BH for almost 1.5 months and it is getting there.

The top floor is about 90% completed and I am now giving some final touched up.

I hope by this coming week my boys can start the second floor.

I will be in Bidor from Tuesday till Thursday to finish up the floor.

My plan will be to complete all the wiring and shut the top floor for aroma treatment.

By Thursday I can focus on the 1st floor to ensure the BH be completed by mid August 2011.

You might want to come a visit to learn some interesting new gadgets that I created.

You are welcome but there will be a small visit fee of RM 200 per head.

You will be allowed to take as many photos as you like and ask as many questions as you wanted.

The best is to climb up to the roof top to view the entrance hole area.

An opportunity that you should not miss.

Once put into operation mode you will no longer have a chance to enter this Bidor Grand Masterpiece.

Have a good look at these pictures and visualize the transformation: