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Friday, December 30, 2016

Ulu Tiram BH: Finally Completed And Back Into Operation !!!

The BH before revamp works

I took about 8.5 days to complete the revamp operation of this BH located about 15 minutes drive from Ulu Tiram town center.

The owner saw what I did and right now he is more motivated to look after his BH.

All this while he left the fate of his BH in the hands of those so called consultants.

Among the three consultants he engaged before me the third was the biggest culprit.

He changed the BH entrance hole and causes nearly all the 50 nests to become empty.

The BH was not properly managed, the planks were under severe attack by termites, the main entrance hole was no longer facing the flight home direction and many more.

But I need to say that the interest showed by the owner was not there.

He should realized that the money came from his hard earn effort and he should be more responsible to ensure that his BH is proper.

There were a number of things that were carried out during the 8,5 days and these are some of them:

1) The main entrance hole was relocated to the monkey house wall that is facing the swiftlet flying home direction.  Previous entrance hole was facing the North and not directly towards the swiftlet flying home path.

2) The new entrance hole now is elongated from top to bottom and not size way.  The dimension used was 2.5' wide by 3' high.

3) The old entrance hole was semi covered.  The half closed action is to allow the current tenants (2 nests) to return home from the window which they are familiar with.

4) The BH hexagonal tweeter was replaced with a new unit made of AG 35 tweeters.  The new set was precisely located and about 2.5' high above the monkey house roof surfaces.

5) A long range Bazooka SL 1000 was install on the roof facing a water pond where those birds hunt for food in the evening.

6) A set of 6 power tweeters were lined on the monkey house roof.  These tweeters allows the BH to operate with two set of external sounds.

7) The monkey house room was reduced by about 1/4.  A wall was erected to reduce its size.

8) All nesting planks were checked for termite attacks and those that were seriously attacked were replaced with new nesting planks.

9) The BH nesting planks were added with two rows of cross woods.  The two lines uses about 250 feet of additional planks.  The cross woods reduce the box sizes, increase the nesting areas and more important is the creation of 90* corners.

10) All internal sound tweeters were replaced with new set and this time the number was up to about 180 pieces.  Their locations are now precised and attractive to lure those new tenants.

11) A number of walls were erected and old one were removed and reinstalled with new doors.

12) One of the brick wall was hacked to create a passage door about 3'X7' wide.

13) The BH now is equipped with a number of external sound tweeters inside the nesting rooms.  I called them chocolate tweeters.

14) The BH now have one VVIP room, two VIP rooms and one roving room.  The place which I think will be heavily populated will be the VVIP room.

15) A new set of tweeters were installed at the main entrance hole.  Now it hold 8 new tweeters.

16) The BH now has two owl prevention gadgets. One those spikes at the entrance hole area and an owl trap installed on the monkey house wall (inside).

17) This BH now will run using two external sounds and one internal sound.  The two external sounds will be carefully chosen and the internal sound inside the VVIP room will be louder as compared to those in the VIP rooms.

18)  I personally installed about 300 fake nests at those strategic locations.  These will be those new tenants preferred locations.

This BH if it runs without any disturbances should be with a high number of bird shit spots on it floors.

Let us wait for about 3-6 months to know the exact situation.

Best of luck to the owner.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pedas BH: See How This NKS Works !!!

I introduce this very interesting idea on how to quickly get any new tenants to erect their nest and lay at least one egg.

The method I termed it as Nest Kick Start = NKS.

Today entered the Peras BH and carry out NKS.

I know that it will work but I am not very sure if my blog reader will agree with me.

Okay today December 20th 2016 at Pedas BH I carried out a test to proof that this method works.

Four spots were carried out.

First I will look around for those bird shit spots on the floor.

Once discovered I will climb a ladder to indentify those couples are sleeping.

They will usually will usually make some markings using their saliva.

Once those saliva markings are located I will install a fake nest.

Since there were on the corner covers I opt for fake nests made of sponge material.

I used two screws to anchor each fake nest just below the marking signs.

Before leaving I sprayed each of them with Super pheromone.

Allow them to come back and I am sure within the nest few weeks there will be a nest every fake nest installed.

Will come back within a week or two to inspect the four.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sg Tiram Estate BH: Will Start Mobilizing to Site Tommorrow

It looks like the owner of this BH like my visit report.

I was asked by him to visit his BH and after 3 days I submitted to him nearly 35 pages of report.

After reading my report he told me to mobilize his BH as soon as I can.

I know very well that once he read my report he will be fascinated with all the observations made and all my recommendations.

Do you know why those who read my visit report will immediately call me to mobilize immediately?

The answer is simple.  No other "Consultant" will take the trouble to sit down and write a full report like I do.

Together with the report I will come out with sketches, dimensions and pictures telling the owner what precisely he should try to do.

This Sg Tiram Estate BH owner already used 3 consultants.  Not one of them provide a report on what they saw and what should be done inside and out side the BH.

They did not have any clue and they simply try their luck.

My explanations why this particular BH experienced a drop from 50 nests to only one nest was well accepted by the owner.

The consultant open a new entrance hole, wrong side, and at the same time shut down the old entrance without allowing those old tenants some time to find the new way in.

The BH sound system was not operational when the owner decided to take over the BH.

His trusted consultant no longer pick up his call.

A mess and highly stress environment.

Luckily he discovered my blog and call me to assist him to reactivate the one story BH.

I will me mobilizing my staff and some equipment tomorrow.

Need to finish the job before year end.

Will report the BH progress next year for you all to follow.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Kubang Pekan BH: After 2.5 Months Back Into Operation !!!

(The first nest after almost 5.5 years after erection)

Yesterday inspected this BH located on a land beside a forest reserve in Kuala Kangsar Perak.

After about 2.5 months ( back into operation on September 24th 2016) the signs on the floors were encouraging.

It used to be occupied by those fruit bats and was not operational almost 5 years.

Once revamped and put into operation, just 2.5 months the good news are as follows:

1) The number of bird shit spots was above 8 spots.  Many were submerged due to water on the floor.

2) The number of nests was 2.  Both were on the triangular shaped styrofoam fake nests.

The owner was not aware about the two nests when they were at the BH.

I am sure after 5 years of waiting the two nests will be like  Christmas gifts.

I think within a couple more weeks the two nests will be with eggs.

I was not surprised with the development but not very happy that the rest of the bird shit spots were not with any saliva marking.

I told the owner to be grateful and at the same time look after their BH carefully.

These pictures were taken during yesterday's  morning trip.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ulu Tiram BH: Some Very Strong Points About This BH !!!

I finally submitted my visit report to the Ulu Tiram BH owner.

As mentioned in my last posting the one story BH was with one nest after almost 6 years into operation.

Main culprit was the 3rd consultant who reduce the size of the monkey house size and change the main entrance hole location.

I believed those tenants (about 100 birds) were not able to find their way into the BH and decided to move on.

The so called consultant was not very experienced.

If he wanted to relocated the main entrance hole he should have shut the old entrance hole in stages.

Well the damage was done and right now how to get the BH back in action?

From my short visit I told the owner that there are many reasons why he should reactivate the BH.

I wrote a very long report (36 pages) for him to digest and I hope he will follow all those recommendations provided in the report.

These are the positive points about this BH:

1) The BH is located at a very strategic location.  If is on a piece of land where there is a huge oil palm plantation towards the east of it.  The total acreage is 2000.  This BH is below those birds flying back path every evening.

2) There is no other BH that is erected towards the east of it.  As such if they should return home they need to pass the land where this BH was erected.

3) The bird call test conducted using "Duress" sound resulted in 500-600 birds circling above the gadget.  The number which is above 300 birds is encouraging.

4) Somewhere to the east and the south there are a number of rivers and water reservoirs.  Can easily observed via google map.

5) Nearly all swiftlet that came to circle above the bird call gadget were quite large.  The tip to tip length exceed 10 inches.  This tells me that the food supply in the area is adequate.

6) It used to house more than 50 nests according to the owner.  This is already a good sign.  6 Years ago I am sure that the number of birds responded to the duress sound is small.

Based on the above factors I encourage the owner not to give up but do his best to reactivate the BH.

I have listed my recommendations.

I hope he will carry out all the things recommended.