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Friday, March 13, 2015

Rompin BH: It was completed and I hope those birds will love it !!!

After almost 16 days the three floors were done with.

Yes the Rompin BH was completed and tested.

The hardest was to install those nesting planks about 3000 feet long.

Initially I only planned for two floors however I discovered that the number of planks left was a bit too high.

With that I told the owner to proceed with the top most floor renovation.

He agreed and even before he said yes my boys were already half way through.

Among the best features found in this project are the followings:

1) I have two bazookas installed on the roof areas just above the main entrance door.

2) Beside the two I also installed a hexagonal tweeter.

3) The main entrance hole (more like a door) was too big and I reduced it size to about 3 feet wide by 7 feet tall.

4) The top most floor was with two Lubang Antara Lantai (LAL).  I shut one of it to reduce severe light pollution.

5) The BH came with a number of air holes that were a bit too many.  The only way out was to shut them off using cement boards.

6) The 3000 feet nesting planks were adequate for the three floors.

7) The cement ceiling on the 1st floor was not straight and it was a big problem when you install those planks.  A lot of wide gaps and need to cover them.

8) I invented this hanging Mutiara aroma bottles in one of the nesting room.  I hope it work and keep dripping.  Have look at this new idea.  I used this drip valve which cost me about 5 ringgit a piece.


A very interesting project and I hope those birds will like the BH.

Let us hope that there will be some bird shit markings on the floor.

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