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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pontian BH: Visit For The First Time !!!

Another BH that is critical and need some expert help.

Owner claimed that after almost 3-4 years the person who took charge went missing.

He need to force his way into his own BH when he can no longer traced the person who promised to deliver the BH with 10 nests.

Maybe due to design failure those birds simple refuse to enter and stay.

Right now if I am not mistaken the number of nest might be about 5-8 pieces.

Critically ill and more or less in ICU state.

After viewing inside I think I know the reasons.

I need to crack my head on what to be done if the owner wanted to see more nests.

My biggest concern are the followings:

1) The BH is with not water supply.  Its due to its distance from the water supply line.  The owner claimed that there is a stream nearby but I doubt his words.  The only wise solution is to harvest the rain water..

2)  Another short coming is the power supply.  There is no power supply except a solar power system.  The use of battery store energy has a lot of limitation.  For example how will my workers run those power tools during revamp operation.  Also the power in the three batteries might not be able to operate any water spray system or pumps.

3)  This 3rd item is what I hate most.  The ceiling height of each floor is about 12 feet high.  Its difficult to work on those nesting planks like installation of tweeters or fake nests.  I don't dare to climb up those ladders or racks.

4) Nearly every partition walls found inside this BH are made of bricks.  If I wanted to remove any of the walls I need to hack them down and lifting those broken brick to the ground floor will be a major task.

I guess I need to firstly write a full report and submit to the owner.

Once he read them perhaps he can decide what he wanted to do with it.

Keep your fingers cross.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Tikam Batu BH: What Happened When You Have The External Sound Tweeters Properly Placed???

I was not surprised what happen to Tikam Batu BH the moment the external sound was played.

The birds flew into the LMB and followed the sound until the furthest room on the top floor.

Why was it so easy for them to fly into the LMB and straight to the back of the building?

The answer lies with the way those external sound tweeters were installed.

The moment these birds passed each tweeter there will be another follow up tweeter that will pull them further inside.

The sound will be continuous this make them not to make a U turn towards the LMB.

Its how those tweeters were installed.

Just look at the way they entered and moved inside.

If you are facing problems where those birds are not entering the nesting room just call 017 7551318

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tikam Batu BH: Using Two External Sounds Seems To Be More Attractive !!!

With one external sound only
With two external sounds playing.

The Tikam Batu BH (TBBH) is currently running with two external sounds.

The first external sound is running on the 2 bazookas and 6 Power Tweeters mounted around the Monkey house roof areas.

The left side went to the two Bazookas and the right hand line went to the power tweeters.

The Bazookas is slightly louder as compared to the Power Tweeters.

The second sound is pushing the second external sound to all external sound tweeters at the LMB, inside the BH and the hexagonal tweeter.

The volume at the LMB is slightly higher as compared to those sounds inside the BH.

To practice this method you need to carefully plan your cable connections to all your external sound playing tweeters.

Firstly I planned how many bazookas will be installed on the roof top, how many power tweeters, how many hexagonal tweeters and how many external sound tweeters.

Once they are installed I will instruct which cable must be connected to which tweeters.

They have to be specific line and separated.  Also need to pull them into the data room.

Once that is done every cable must be properly identified and labelled.

The next stage is to prepare two amplifiers to activate the selected sound.

The labelled cables can be connected to which amplifier chosen for the sound selected.

The use of dual external sounds seems to attract more birds as compared to using only one.

The above clip seems to be the proof.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tikam Batu BH: The 10 days List Of Things Done Outside and Inside !!!

I wanted to share the list of things that were carried out in this Tikam Batu BH.

This BH after my site visit the owner refuse to allow me to prepare a proper visit report.

I worked on the proposed budget  on what I thought of doing and the owner instructed me to move over.

He refused to wait for the report and the reason was obvious.

"I have suffered long enough and I can no longer wait for my bh to be revamped similar to the one you did in Lenggong Perak"

The exact words from his mouth.

My articles about Lenggong BH that was revamped almost 3 years ago:

I took it as a compliment and accepted his revamp job.

It seems that he met the Lenggong BH owner and heard a lot of progress after my revamp works.

Immediately after that he realized that his BH needed my personal touches too.

These were the list of things I did in his BH:

1) Removed the roof above the monkey house.  My main reason was to have access to those areas where I wanted to install external sound tweeters (hexagonal, bazookas and power tweeters) and light.  The monkey house already have a cement slab above it.  My full team took almost 2 days to finish the demolition.

2) Relocate the main entrance hole so that it will facing the Padi field areas and at the same time reducing the light polluting the nesting room.  I choose a spot on the wall of the monkey house and opened a smaller hole about 2.5 feet wide by 3 feet high.  The current entrance hole was totally closed since it was located directing facing the main entrance door and make the top floor too bright.

3) Due to wrongly placed LAL hole, a new opening was created.  The new LAL hole was about 6 feet wide by 7 feet long.  I took almost three solid days and 2 workers to hack it up.  Once hacked the steel bars were cut and the hole mouth were smoothed finished.

4)  One very crucial operation that were carried on the 2 floors (only revamped 2 floors) was the erection of walls that will force those wild birds to 100% fly above the LAL hole and block those bright lights.  Each floor was with at least 2 VIP rooms, one roving and the other for the LAL hole.

5)  All old tweeters were removed together with those cables.  These old tweeters were burned and a new set of internal and external sound tweeters were installed at various strategic locations.  Main objective is to pull those wild birds to the VIP rooms and once they stayed there they will feel at home.

6) Once the roof of the monkey house was cleared, a number of tweeters inclusive of Bazookas, power tweeters and hexagonal tweeters were set precisely around the monkey house walls.  Main objective is to push two external sounds to pull as many swiftlet as possible to the BH monkey house rooftop.

7)  Before tweeters installation, I removed almost all corner covers.  Those that were facing the flying path were taken down and burned.  Found out that a number of the 90* corners were infested with cockroaches.

8)  I did some cleaning of all these nesting planks using salt water spiked with two cupfuls of Tanali vinegar.  Main reason is to remove those thick dust and spore accumulated on the plank surfaces.  The sale and Tanali helps to prevent fungus from growing.  The plank surfaces now smell cleaner after the cleaning.

9)  After tweeters installation I did installed about 500 pieces of fake nests made of styrofoam.  I used knife and a hot wire cutter to shape it to my liking.  These fake nests will be like a bait when you do fishing.  I can assure you that nearly 80-90 % of the new nests will be found on these fake nests.

10)  To make the BH wet the top floor was installed with a 15 nozzles mist pump.  Perfect from a floor of about 70' X 20' size floor.  More nozzles were installed inside the VIP rooms.

11) The second revamped floor was installed with two chicken coop humidifiers activated using a timer.  I set it at 30 minutes Avery 2 hours.  Tested and both humidifiers performed well.

12) The cables connecting the bazookas, power tweeters, external sound tweeters, hexagonal tweeters and all those internal sound tweeters need to be pulled into the data room.  This was messy and each cable need to be tagged.  However it was done without any problem.

13) The next scope of works was to install the four amplifiers, they were saperately attached and controlled by hager timers.  There were two external sound playing amplifiers and 2 for the internal sound playing tweeters.

14)  The most painful work to do was to remove all those sisa woods, dust, cement boards and etc.  Managed to engage a local worker to clean up the left overs.  He was very happy to clear all of them.

15) I did the sounds selections. Two best and most attractive sounds for the external sounds and one type of sound for the internal.

16) Also installed an owl trap inside the monkey house.  I advised him to buy and install two more to be on the safe side.  Every evening there were at least 2-4 owls prowling on his BH roof top.  These owls must be those who used the top and monkey house areas as their nests before.

17) One additional works inside the monkey house was the erection of a sloping wall to cover the cement extension slabs.  My workers decided to cover it with cement board.

The BH was put to test for a number of days and they looks fined.

The owner after paying his final visit was very happy with what was done inside and outside his BH.

He confessed to me that I was the fourth consultant and I am the best.

After handing over he paid all the balance dues.

I was happy for him and I told him that if he take good care of his BH and no attack by those owls he will see the changes soon.

He smiled and thank me (halal) for all the works that was done inside and outside.

Best of luck to him.

I am 110% sure this BH will be doing fine.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Tikam Batu BH: Found Two Predators Both Inside And On The Monkey House Roof !!!

About to remove the wooden trust of the monkey house roof.

It was very obvious the main reason why this 8 years old BH was not performing.

I found out that the BH housed four owl nests.

Two inside the monkey house latch and two on the roof of the monkey house.

While trying to figure out how to install those external sound tweeters (hexagonal, power tweeters and bazookas) I came out with a drastic idea to totally removed the roof of the monkey house.

It ceiling was already covered with cement slab so the function of the asbestos made roof was redundant.

I instructed by workers to find their ways up to the roof and dismantle the wooden trusts and the asbestos.

It was during this time they found out that the roof was with two owl nests.

One of it was with 4 fresh eggs.

Well this was nothing new since this BH is surrounded with padi fields and more often the agri department encourage padi farmers to release those owls.

Another surprised was when my workers was trying to open a new entrance hole inside the monkey house.

The monkey house was with this 1/2 cement slab that was used as a working platform.

However due to some reason it was occupied by another two owl nests.

This make me feel that if the owner know how to tackle this owl issues his BH should have been well populated.

What I suggested for him to consider was to increase the number of owl traps.

I already installed one and I suggested that he install a few more (may be another 1-2).

Another predator that were not considered serious were those cockroaches.

To my surprise this BH has an acute number of nesting areas of those big fat cockroaches.

Their favorite were in between the nesting planks and the cement walls or slab.

They also seems to love those small triangular shape hole created by corner covers.

BH owner should be aware about cockroaches in their BH.

Wise to spray the BH with insecticides on a regular basis.

If your BH faced a similar problem please call me to inspect and tell you what to do.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Tikam Batu BH: My Next Project Will Be on This BH !!!

After three weeks with the Telang BH I will be moving my attention to his BH located at Tikam Batu BH.

The BH is located somewhere on this map.

A three stories building located facing a padi field.

The BH was erected about 5-6 years ago and due to some reason it was not performing well.

Based on what I was told the number of nests was below 100 pieces.

I was called to inspect this BH in 2014 however due to some reasons the owner aborted my skill.

He did not call me to explain why however about 2 months ago he was begging me to revamp.

A sudden change of heart and I think I know why.

He stumbled on old friend whose BH was erected by the same consultant like his.

This owner informed his about his BH progress after being revamped by his "Sifu".

His sifu happened to be me.

Right now I told him to get ready to house my workers and at the same time help me with some of the revamp operation.

I need at least 10-14 days to complete the revamp operation and I assured him that he will see the changes.

A list of things that I need to do will be posted in my next posting.

Let me share with you all how bad and what happen once the revamp operation will change the life of this BH.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

May 13th Swiftlet Farming Seminar !!!

Very proud to transfer knowledge to a group of participants who plan to own BHs plus a few who acquired BHs recently.

A total of 10 participants and one that attended half day.

Topic delivered were as follows:

1) Why swiftlet farming is special.
2) How to chose the right location for your BH.
3) Basic design of a BH.
4) Important swiftlet characteristics which you should know.
5) BH aromas and how to use them.
6) Predators that will damage your dream.
7) Wet your BH floors.
8) The most effective method of using your bird sounds.
9) Are you ready to buy a BH?

Please enjoy these pictures.

Call me if you are interested to attend my next swiftlet farming seminars.