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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This Is What Happened When You Play SuperBabyKing On The Wall !!!

I was a kind of shocked to see how powerful is the internal sound called "SuperBabyKing".

This BH owner came to know about my expertise about two years ago.

He in fact attended my "Swiftlet Farming Seminar" and during the course he purchased my "SuperBabyKing" internal sound.

Well I remember telling him how I invented this very powerful sound and of course I related to him what happen when you use the sound.

Let me recall the history about this sound.

This particular sound was first tested in Yong Peng Johore above 4 years ago.

A BH owner called me and told me about his very big problem.

"Pak Harry how come nearly all those birds that entered left my BH immediately after the external sound was off at 8:00 pm?"

He said that he counted about 95 birds entered and the moment the external sound was switched off all (90) left and only 5 stayed.

At that particular instant I just completed modifying a new internal sound which I coined a new name : "SuperBabyKing".

It was actually Babyking which was modified with a longer or extra baby sound.

I told him that he should try my new sound which I post laju to him on the very next morning.

Upon receiving he tried it and immediately called me with something interesting.

"Pak Harry your SuperBabyKing is very effective.  On the first day after using the sound the number become reversed.  Out of 95 that entered only 5 left and 90 stayed.  What a miracle". he said.

It makes me feel very comfortable and from then on I keep telling all my followers to try this miracle sound and make sure it is used as internal sound.

However two years ago this Tanjung Karang BH owner forgot what I said and he used it inside his BH but on those tweeters that were installed on the walls and the room doors with this powerful sound.

After two years 50 % of the installation were found to be so attractive that those swiftlet build their nests on the wall & tweeters next to the tweeters.

Unbelievable and it proved how powerful it is.

Please have a good look at these pictures taken today inside the Tanjung Karang BH:

We should not think bad about them building their nests on those walls but if you look at the bright side you might want to learn something new:

1) We now have the most power sound to make these wild birds to build their nest where ever we want them to.

2) If this is how the SuperBabyKing works we might want to use our BH walls as their nesting place.  So next time if your nesting planks are all occupied try to focus on the walls.

3) The sound must have a very profound effect on those young birds.  The moment they listen to the sound they will get matured much faster and wanted to mate quickly.

If you have never own this sound please arrange to get them from me at 017 7551318.

With this special sound you might get more nests inside your BH. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Segamat BH: Before And After My Revamp Operation !!!

The revamp operation of a BH located in Segamat town was completed and very glad that everything went well.

I took about 8 days to complete the two floors.

I took a number of pictures inside the BH.

While looking at the many pictures taken I do wish to share some pictures that shows you what was done.


(The nesting planks arrangement were simple and very bare)


(The first thing to do was to reorganize the cross woods, added cluster tweeters corner covers and those waste wood corners)

(The internal sound tweeters were in placed plus those fake nests)

(You can see the kind of thing that will help to quickly populate a BH)

The top floor arrangement was changed to force all those birds to fly above the LAL hole and the same time two VIP rooms were created:



My new arrangements will force all those visitors into this floor to fly above the LAL.

This is the only way to pull them downstairs.

This BH seems to have about 150 nests on the top floor and only 10 on the lower floor.

My renovation idea is to increase the nests population of the lower floor by at least 300 -400 percent within the next 3-4 months.

Let us wait and see the result and I will be happy to report about its progress.

If you are new and your BH is not doing well call me at 017 7551318

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Something New At Segamat BH !!!

Let me share some interesting ideas that I installed at the revamped Segamat BH.

One idea which I considered new is the use of two hexagonal tweeters playing two different sounds.

It was first used in Lenggong Perak and now I wanted the same idea to be installed in Segamat.

The only thing that you need to be careful about is to use the right sound combination.

For Segamat the red hexagonal tweeter used KingkongDewaMax while the brown using KingKongDewa.

Both were modified and tested prior to this installation.

The two seems to combined very well and the number of birds playing on the rooftop is super charged.

I set the red hexagonal tweeter to play three times everyday (7:00 am-9:00 am, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm -8:00 pm).

The selected time seems to be the busy time of the day.

Almost all the time when the DewaMax is played the rooftop are filled with birds.

I hope that withing 3-4 months the new nests number will be at least 100-150.

The internal sound deployed was the SuperBabyKing.

The most reliable and can entice those young couples to quickly mate.

If they should stay for a night I can say that they will not leave the house.

My objective to deploy this new method of getting more birds into a BH is get more and more birds into any BH.

Once they are lured inside we should install those gadget that will attract them to be our tenant.

The two sounds concept will be a common features of all future BHs that are under my care.

You need to try this new idea and see how you can quickly multiply your nests population.

If you need any additional information please contact me at or whatsapp to my phone 017 7551318.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Segamat BH Revamp: Finally Over !!!

After 8 days toiling with the revamp operation I feel so glad that the revamp operation of this Segamat BH was over.

The owner came to view what was done and he was very glad with all the things that were done by my workers and me.

The most important was the activities above his BH rooftop.

"I have never seen so many birds flying above my rooftop for a very long time, Pak Harry" he said.

I told him that if he wishes to see the activity over and over again he should change the external sounds (two sounds) every 3-4 months.

I gave him two more sets of my good sounds.

The best that I heard from him was on how he found me to come over to help out.

"You are a God sent to me, Pak Harry.  I am a Christian and one day I prayed for God's help to let me find the solution to my very sick BH.  The following day while searching for swiftlet sounds on the web I stumbled to your blog.  After reading all those articles that you wrote I feel that you are the right person for me.  That was when I contacted you and invited you to come for the BH inspection."

His story was interesting.

I was sent to him by his God.

I might be the Angel (Swiftlet Angel).

Anyway the good news was that I finally completed his BH and after reviewing all the things inside his BH he was so happy and thank me for all the things that I have done.

I was there nearly all the time.

I put a lot of my personal touches to guarantee that this BH will be another masterpiece.

I gave the assurance that his BH will have at least 100% increase in nests numbers within 4-6 months.

Yes he took 4.5 years to reach 200 plus nests but I will take only 4-6 months to realize the same number.

I told him that if he is lucky plus with some Fung Sui he might have more.

Told him what to do and wait for my instruction for the first visit inside the BH.

"Next week please drop by and check if all your amplifiers are working but try not to enter the nesting rooms." I asked him.

I will try to drop in Segamat about 30 days from yesterday September 26th 2014.

If all are well we will see a lot of new markings on those fake nests and floor (lots of shits).

I know that I did the best to populate this sick BH and I am sure it will okay within a short period of time.

If you have the same problem with your BH please call this number 017 7551318.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Segamat BH: Why I Go For More Cross Woods !!!

During the first inspection of this BH I noticed something that can easily attract more birds into the house.

The owner must have not noticed it but my long experience with swiftlet farming tells me a lot about this 4.5 years old BH.

The owner indicated that the nests numbers seems to be stagnant.

After 4.5 years only about 200 nests and he cannot understand why.

This prompted him to call me for my expert opinion.

During the 45 minutes inspection I kind of discovered a few interesting things like:

1) He is using top entry type of entrance hole.

2) Nearly all his external sound tweeters inclusive of those DIY hexagonal tweeters were dead.

3) Most of the nests were on the top floor and only 10 nests were at the lower floor.

4) The most interesting was that on the top floor nearly 90% of the nests were at those corners either on those nesting planks at the walls or at the crossings.

There were a few more findings but I think the crossings might be something that were attracted by these city dwelling birds.

You can see their bird shit markings on the floor in rows and all were below those crossing or closed to the walls.

I asked the owner "How about we increase the number of cross woods?"

Most of the 90* corners were taken and by installing new cross woods we can easily create more attractive areas for your visitors.

This will be my main focus.  I plan to increase the number of cross woods and provide the most attractive thing that these Segamat swiftlet love the most.

I instructed my workers to create more cross woods and no matter how many additional nesting planks are required I will get them the supply.

These pictures will tell you what I was trying to explain.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Segamat BH: Work In Progress !!!

(Trial Run After Installation of Two Hexagonal Tweeters)

The revamp operation at Segamat BH is doing fined.

As at yesterday September 21st, 2014 the following were completed:

1) The installation of two hexagonal tweeters on the BH roof areas closed to the top entry hole.

2) The top entry hole opening was installed with 5 water proof external sound tweeters.

3) Also installed an AG 35 tweeter connected to internal sound line.

4) The connecting door between the top entry area and the top floor nesting room was relocated and it size reduce in width but increased in height.

5) The door of this door was lined with 2"x 3" wood frame.

6) A set of pole tweeters were installed facing the top entry hole.

7) One major partition was erected to create the top floor VIP room.

8) Two of the existing partitions were modified to block those bright light and at the same time to guide those birds to fly above the LAL.

9) The nesting planks were installed with crossed woods.  A total of about 120 feet were used.

10) Once the crossed woods were installed the cluster wood corners were nailed to create the cluster shape.

11) Each cluster corner a new internal sound playing tweeter was installed.

12) Once these tweeters were in place those fake nests were screwed precisely on the nesting planks facing the flying path.

13) A number of waste wood corners were installed to create more 90* angle.

A lot of work but the BH now looks more like a good house.

Before my intervention the BH was a bit to bare and not attractive to those swiftlet.

During every test the number of birds flying in into the top entry hole were exciting.

On the first day I think the BH was so busy with birds and it was impossible to count how many.

Maybe they came to play around but I am sure that once the BH is completed they will enter and adopt this newly face lifted BH.

I am looking at doubling the current number of nests by 100% within the first 4-6 months.

The owner claimed to have 200 nests and I am predicting 400 by 4-6 months.

He took 4.5 years to get 200 nests and I am looking at 4-6 months to get 200 more.

Have a good look at some of those pictures taken yesterday September 21st 2014:

(re positioning of the main connecting door)

(Erection of a wall to create a VIP room on the top floor)

(Installation of cross woods)

Installation of cluster corner woods)

(Used waste part to create waste wood corners)

(Installation of internal sound tweeters and fake nests)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Segamat BH: The First Day And They Keep Coming !!!

After collecting those materials ordered from a Hardware Shop closed to the BH, we started the revamp operation.

I need to focus on the main entrance areas and the BH roof top areas too.

What I did was to instruct one of my worker to get the two hexagonal tweeters ready to be installed at the selected locations.

One on the roof shoulder and the other just beside the top entry opening.

Beside the two tweeters I zoom on those water proof tweeters.

The location must face to the most effective direction.

We installed about five of these special tweeters.

The connecting door were re positioned and smaller in width but taller in its height.

A set of pole tweeters were installed on the door frame.

By the time the installation were done it was already 5:00 pm.

I told my two workers to stop work and let me do some test.

The moment the external sound was played this was how the activities on the roof top looks like:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tikam Batu BH: A Very Strange Observation !!!

During my recent visit to Tikam Batu BH I saw this very strange happening.

The ground floor which was almost 250 feet away from the main entrance hole do have signs of birds staying.

In the beginning I feel very strange however upon closer inspection of the BH I then discovered the reason why.

Let me describe a bit more about this wrongly designed BH.

The owner claimed that he was attracted to having a BH about four years ago and dump in about RM 400,000 into his dream BH.

However after four years into operation and two famous consultant came to arrest the BH problems he got only 5 nests.

How unfortunate and no investment return so far.

One great error about this BH was the way it was designed especially where the Lubang Antara Lantai (LAL) were situated.

The so called consultant came out from his "learning" from a very popular Sifu located in a neighboring country that the LAL should be located on the opposite site of the main entrance hole.

Which look some thing like these sketches:

To reach the ground floor the birds will require to fly almost 240 feet finding the three LALs located at the end of each floor.

Can you imagine the amount of light at that location when the house is with only the main entrance hole was opened?

To me it is impossible and strange.

However something I saw on the third floor came to light to me why.

After failing to attract birds into his BH the owner engaged another consultant who claimed can solve his BH problems.

This new consultant started to shut the main entrance hole (a the monkey house wall) and opened two new entrance hole below the monkey house area and the second on the 3rd floor side wall.

Look at the attached photo.

The second opening allow enough light to guide those birds to fly out in the morning.

Without this new hole there is no way there will be enough light to reach the ground floor areas.

This new discovery is something interesting and I told the owner that with a wrongly designed LAL holes positioning this new thing might help to populate the lowest floor.

Well still the BH is with no nests improvement.

Still with 5 nests but with some traces of bird shit spots on the lowest floor.

I plan to modify and revamp this BH once I complete my work in Segamat, Johore.

An interesting new thing that will help me with the next BH located in Padang Serai.

The same consultant was engaged to erect the BH there.

Exactly the same problem and the BH owner was so pissed off with him.

He was given a warning that if he continue building failed BHs one day some one will chop his leg.