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Monday, May 6, 2013

Harian Metro Report On Swiftlet Center Of Excellent In Serdang !!!

An interesting article by Harian Metro Dated 7/05/13.

Found at :

I am proud to be working with UPM, Serdang and I hope the Swiftlet Center of Excellent will be useful to the Malaysian Swiftlet Industries:


Reach price of RM10, 000 per kilogram

By Mohd Sani Md Sabran

While taking just 10 minutes to climb the hills in Dengkil, Selangor, recently, it was enough to have body sweats writer. What least, when the sun rises over the head.

But it said the most appropriate time to 'peek' swiftlet houses in the area because it's just back to the nest in the evening, usually from 6 pm till dusk.

Travel with a photographer and scientist Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) to swiftlet house is three stories were accompanied by the operators, Datuk Mustafa Abdul Rahman and bloggers, Pak Harry.speaker system modified Pak Harry installed at strategic locations in the bird house some break through the atmosphere around as if a new nest with bird back to the nest.

Twitter TOOLS installed black swiftlet draw.

Mission to the swiftlet house in order Entrepreneurship Network Development Division and the University Community Transformation Center (UCTC), UPM, monitor changes after home improvements completed two months ago.

Project supervised deputy director, Assoc Prof Dr Azhar in partnership with Sir Harry Kasim as smart partners from the private sector to rehabilitate and improve the performance of a swiftlet farm.Among UCTC activity is down and meet swiftlet farm operators who are not satisfied with the performance and production yield their bird home. 

Historically, swiftlet most exotic menu of specials only for the royal family enjoyed 'emperor' in China. Results bird migration to Gresik, Indonesia in 1808 allows the 'royal menu' that extends its use in local communities. 

The industry worked quietly over 200 years, and then spread to the country as a result of migration of a group of Indonesian businessmen. suitability of this country for swiftlet farming prompted the operators to use the idle buildings in Setiawan and Taiping, Perak, as host swiftlet. 

Population local 'inhaling' swiftlet house construction and then take advantage of the lucrative industry operate until the total now stands at 50,000 units. Perhaps many equate swiftlet species of swiftlets that often seem perched on electric wires in many volumes.

 Actually both two bird species have significant differences from each other by virtue of swiftlet dominate the health aspect. proof, saliva produced species 'aerodramus fuciphagus' is in high demand among consumers in China with the market price may be more than RM10, 000 per kilogram.

 Commenting on the differences, Dr Azhar said the swallow is a seasonal species and migratory birds. said the swallows are in the country within a certain period before migrating to other countries, but some did not want to return to their country of origin. 

"The black color on this bird with bird nest, but the flight is quite different way. "kite bird will flap its wings up to the chest, as well as movement in the air fluctuations. Swiftlets have action 'gliding' and flapping when flying in the air. 

"Even swiftlets have short legs and relies heavily on her nails to hold on," he said. Birds nest is a very unique species as would float in the air for 12 hours . Dr. Azhar said, from the start of sunrise and sunset, the birds will nest in the air. 

"This species only download two or three times to the nest to feed the children. "sharp eyesight allows the animal to catch insects at position 1,500 meters above sea level, "he said. Birds nest are found flying in the vicinity of Cameron Highlands, but the affected location was used as a nest for food and not due to the cold environment. 

According to him, there are two main species of swiftlets type 'aerodramus fuciphagus' and' aerodramus maximus'. "Aerodramus fuciphagus has many sub-species, especially the differences in shape and color of a nest. This species nests are white and have a higher commercial value, as well as less hairs. "For aerodramus species maximus, darker in color because it has more wool content. 

This is because it makes cave species as a host, "he said, adding that each species is believed to have different characteristics including distinctive voice. fact, he said, is not always available in swiftlet swiftlet Dengkil equal in Perlis or Kedah. 

"Maybe operators new in swiftlet farming industry does not know swiftlet species bred them, but eventually they will know also, "he said. His advice to entrepreneurs that do not 'own shock' because if it happens, do not run the industry targeted goals. 

"Operators need to communicate more and make friends with other players or get the services of experts, "he said. said birds nest has many benefits, especially in the medical field. "In scientific terms, the swiftlets have good skin health. 

Research on birds nest too many do. In Japan, for example, studies on the content 'sialic acid in birds nest helps in brain nerve health. "Even also found a child's brain development for the better if given the material at the baby," he said. 

Besides, he said, the material glucosamine found in nests is also good for joint health. "Glucosamine is a natural component of healthy joint tissue. So, it is important to senior citizens who have a problem.The study also found that birds nest into antiselesema, "he said. Meanwhile, Sir Harry said, besides humans, birds nest are applied to rearing horse racing in the Middle East. 

"It used racehorse breeders in the country. 
As a result, the best fed birds nest extract, found the horse speed increases, "he said.Overall birds nest proven to have health benefits such as making the skin more smooth and elastic, promote brain development, strengthens memory and connector between tissues.

 UPM help entrepreneurs:

Swiftlet nest production industry faces challenges when nearly 70 percent of the farmers cultivated less productive birds. Failure farmers understand the bird species, plus the house is not systematic management were identified as the cause of the animal did not enter the house provided.

 Accordingly, the Center for Community Transformation University (UCTC), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), which was established on March 14 is ready to help solve the problems faced by those involved. 
Deputy Director of Network Development and Entrepreneurship UCTC, Assoc Prof Dr Azhar Kassim said the election result UPM expertise in agro-based industries in particular nest ."We recognized the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Research Centre of Excellence as Swallow. "UPM is known as an expert in the livestock, crops and aquaculture. 

Thus, the industry has identified impacts related field is swiftlet professionalism. "It is estimated that about 50,000 swiftlet farm in Malaysia's worked with many of the birds, less productive and no birds," he said. Based on the problem, the potential for income generation is still no, but it does not appear. 
The university worked with some smart friends in recovery work and improve the performance of the bird house."Coupling UPM with smart partners not only to increase the confidence entrepreneurs swiftlet houses, but establishing close cooperation between operators with scientists in research. 

"Some of these things work rehabilitation and improvement of swiftlet house was treated to the collection of scientific data can be simplified for the purposes of scientific research, "he said. discovery of new scientific results from this study are expected to be shared with industry partners so that the industry can be boosted to a higher level. 

"Working improvement involves coupling UPM-smart friends already shown promising results can be proud of. "Which district is involved in a joint venture is Sungai Petani, Kedah; Dengkil and Hulu Langat in Selangor," he said. Dr. Azhar said, if the problem can be restored house, bird house operators the potential to earn returns. 

"There are 1,001 root associated with swiftlet house with little or no productive. Among the first step in a movement practiced UCTC work with his smart, perform a thorough investigation. "root of the problem will be identified and the operators will receive a detailed report with cost estimates for rehabilitation work excuse," he said. most challenging situation in implementing recovery activities when the swiftlet house bird house built not in line with the concept of starting a nest. "For example, the home nest was built in a location that is rarely seen birds. 

Process to increase the number of nests made ​​after recovery generally takes a long time, "he said. Individuals who are interested to know more about the solution to the problem can join courses Adds Production Method Swallow Bird Nest UCTC organized to be held on 29 and 30 May. 
Speakers were among smart partners and scientists UPM.

Entry fee is reasonable.

Further information can be obtained through the course by contacting the secretariat 03-89471807/1814/1816/1819.

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