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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kepala Batas BH: How To Keep Those Crows Away !!!


If you observe this video clip carefully you can see a black bird on the top of Hexagonal tweeter,

This black bird was a crow.

The moment they observed lots of swiftlet playing around the rooftop areas they will stand at those locations where they can plug the birds.

I was having a kind of nightmare on how to prevent them to hang around the BH.

The only method that came to my mind was to apply those rat glues above the hexagonal and the rest of the areas where they might perched to snap my swiftlet.

So who is going to climb up onto the roof?

The only solution was to bring my worker who is not scared of height.

He came and I provided a few tins of rat glue.

He went up and applied to my desire.

Look at this clip:


Now I can see that the chances of having crows on the top of the monkey house is slim.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Trying Out The Use Of black Cloth As Wall Materials !!!

Side wall to block those light

Look at the materials used as a wall in Kepala Batas BH.

I have experimented on the use of black cloth as the walls.

The cloth will reduce any light and at the same time soft and will not injure the BH tenants in the event they hit the wall.

VIP room wall.

from the back


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kepala Batas BH: Testing The BTB

I have been informed and observed this powerful method on how to lure your neighbor's birds into your BH.

Please study this article:

Last week decided to test the phenomena in Kepala Batas BH.

The entrance hole was reduced to only one and at the same time the main entrance hole was reduce to only about 1.5' by 1.5'.

While the LMB was reduced in size the floors were modified by additional walls, tweeters and fake nests.

This is more like doing an upgrade to welcome the new year for those swiftlet.

Will report of its progress after a few months into operation.

This was the initial flying in which takes about 4-5 minutes of heavy activities.

This was what happen when the main entrance hole was reduced.

The smaller LMB hole will force those swiftlet to get into a kind of que.

This longer then usual que will generate a kind of sound which can attract other birds that are passing by or from your neighbors.

The que will get longer and longer once the number of birds inside your BH increased.

The longer the que the more will it attract those wild birds.

Need to see its progress after a few months.

Used to be this large size:

The original LMB size

The same hole was reduced to force those birds to que in the evening when they return home to roost.

Reduced in size.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Your BH Is Hosting Too Many Bats !!!

They maybe cute but if they occupy your BH you might need to clear all of them.

I was on a chat with a newbie whose father passed away and he was given the task to manage his BH.

One of his biggest nightmare was the present of many bats inside the BH.

Well the first thing he asked was how to remove these bats.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Masai BH: Truely Amazing To See Them Returning Home To Roost !!!

They started to return home almost at 7:30 pm.

During the 5 days they were no where to be seen during day time except on a Thursday when the sky was with black clouds.

Initially I was not very convinced that there were about 600 plus birds inside this BH.

The only signs were those nests and nest markings on the nesting planks plus the fresh bird shits.

The owner cleaned the old shit and carried out some harvesting works just before I came to carry out the revamp operation.

On the second everning I waited for them to return.

I was hoping to see them just after the evening prayers call (7:15 pm)but nothing happen for about 15 minutes.

They started to show up and became heavy until 7:40 pm.

Once the clock hit 7:45 the number of birds started to trickle.

The number of birds was around 500-700.

I am hoping that the reduction of the LMB will attract more birds to join the crowd during every evening when the crowd ques to enter the hole.

This action I called it as bird's pulling birds.

Need to monitor this BH progress on a regular basis.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Masai BH: Completed Yesterday Jan 14th 2017 !!!

Move into this Masai BH on Monday Jan 10th 2017 with one worker.

The owner wanted to upgrade his 10 years old BH with about 300++ nests.

He mentioned a few complains and wanted my best solutions.

I discovered a few very weird thing about this BH.

One of it was that it was in a 3 stories shop house building however the BH was only one floor.

The weird thing is to know that it was on the middle floor and not the top floor?

A very strange thing.  The more you think the more you will get confused.

He must have some strong reasons to opt for the middle floor.

Well he claimed that he was the first to start the farming before his neighbors started doing the same.

They lured many of his young birds and now he wanted to fight back.

This was where I was asked to inspect and recommend how to bring back those young birds.

The number of nests, according to him, was stagnant and the time have come for him to take some action.

When he called for help I was about 20 minutes drive away at Ulu Tiram.

I stopped over and review what was wrong with his BH.

I only wrote a few things that I feel need to be done.

After handing over the brief report he called asking for what is the cost to carry out the upgrade.

I thought he wanted to carry out the works himself.

No Pak Harry I want you and your workers to come over and do precisely what you have recommended.

Oh ya ya.

That was the history of how I got myself over for 5 days.

The list of things that were carried out are as follows:

1)  The main entrance hole or LMB was reduced in size slightly.

2) Now the LMB is lined with wood so that those tweeters can be easily installed.

3) I changed the old external sound tweeters (3 pieces only) with my trusted AG 35 tweeters.  I installed 4 pieces.

4) With many reighbors staying opposite I have decided to have a dedicated line for sound management.  This 4 pieces of tweeters will only be activated twice a day about 1.5 hours each day during those peak time.

5) The roving room entrance window was converted into a door.  This door will allows those birds to fly in not only from the top but also at the bottom.  It tends to be bright but necessary precautions were carried out to reduce those morning sun light.

6) The second door that connect the roving room with the main nesting room was slightly reduced to cut down the bright light.

7) All the wall surface of the roving room was painted with black colored paint.

8) The main nesting room consisted of two part.  The main was to wide so I erected a wall to introduce a VIP room.

9) The second room on the left was turned into the 2nd vip room by erecting another small wall.  The BH now is with two VIP rooms that are currently the most populated.

10) I brought about 200 feet of nesting planks to close those wide boxes on the ceiling.  I introduced about 9 rows of cross woods.  These cross woods created more 90* corners (300 of them) and at the same time increase the nesting surfaces.

11) The whole house now is with about 180 pieces of new internal sound tweeters.  The old was too few so I have decided to remove all of them and introduce a new set.

12) To pull those birds to the back of the VIP rooms a number of chocolate tweeters were installed.

13) The amplifiers were changed however one of the old were still used to play the sound for my kite tweeters.

14) I introduce 4 pieces of kite tweeters.  This is a very interesting gadget where it will help to bring more net in between the two tweeters.

15) Both the external and internal sounds were changed.

16) The kite tweeters plays an external sound for 18 hours.

17) The floor was installed with two humidifiers and set to operate 5 times a day.

18) Managed to spray the nesting room floors with sea weed water and bird shit water before I left the BH.

It is now perfect and I assure the owner that within 8-10 month he will see some changes.

I reminded him to call me to come over to check his BH every 2-3 months.

I hope he will follow all the instructions given.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ulu Tiram BH: Unwanted Visitors "Hornbills"

While taking pictures during a test run, a Hornbill couple stopped on the monkey house roof.

This is not welcome and I can assure you that when the number of birds staying inside is large enough the same couple will visit this BH on a frequent basis.

Main reason being to catch those swiftlet when they come closed to those tweeters.

The hornbill will feed on them or perhaps take home to feed their young one.

I am not very sure what to tell the BH owner to do but ........

The fate of the two black birds will be in the hand of the the BH owner.

I can only give in the pros and cons.



Saturday, January 7, 2017

Test Run Of Ulu Tiram BH !!!


This was the test run conducted after the revamp operation was completed.

Not that bad especially when they came to attack those bazooka , hexagonal tweeter and the power tweeters.

You can also watch them flying in straight into the new entrance hole.

The old was half shut to allow the current tenants (2 nests) to enter using the old hole.

Looks okay but below my expectation.

The BH now operated with two external sounds and one internal sound.

The bozzoka and power tweeters are with one external sound while the hexagonal and the rest of AG 35 tweeters at the main entrance hole and inside the BH are running the second external sound.

Need to install three new amplifiers.

Two new amplifiers were found not functioning during the start up.



Friday, January 6, 2017

Cross Woods Preparation For Masai BH !!!

Yesterday collected freshly prepared cross woods for Masai BH.

The supplier agreed to cut the nesting planks into 3-4 feet long so that they can be easily fit my Camry car boot.

After collecting decided to clean the wood surfaces and apply SP pheromone liquid.


This applying of aroma before fixing is something which I think should be done in your BH.

The wood will be more attractive to those wild birds.

Once clean I applied a layer of the liquid and wrap them with plastic sheet.

In this way the wood surface will be free from any dirt or sweat during handling.

The prepared wood will be taken to Masai and installed as cross woods.

Beside the SP aroma I plan to apply blended raw nest mix with white duck eggs.

Will monitor the outcome and should it be well accepted the same procedure will be carried out in all future cross woods installation.

Do enjoy these pictures and clips taken.

BH Inspection Services !!!

If you happened to own a BH and for some reasons the nests population are not growing or zero after months into operation, there must be something not right.

This is where you can use my expertise.

Give your BH a "medical" check up and get Harry to carry the inspection.

For every inspection you will be provided with a full diagnosis on your BH "health" status and how to get it back to normal.

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