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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Specific Application of "Super Pheromone".

We know with pictures to support that this newly invented cannister spray, "Super Pheromone", works well in Sabah, Sarawak and Vietnam.

For other places we are hoping to announce their effectiveness once we receive the test reports.

The key point is that it works well in Sabah, Sarawak and Vietnam.

I believed that the bird species in these three locations are a pretty attracted to the spray.

My advise to Sabahan, Sarawakian and Vietnamese who owned BHs please look at this spray as your final weapon to easily populate your sick or empty BHs.

It is a kind of blessing that we have discovered something that will benefit the industry.

We can now say that it is easier now as compared to those days when we have very little tools to use in luring those wild birds into our newly build BHs.

To others who own BHs and located in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Cambodia, Thailand and others please be patience.

There are a couple of users and I personally have started to test the product in Peninsular Malaysia to see if the spray is well received.

Yesterday alone I have entered three BHs and applied the pheromone.

I hope three to four weeks from now there will be something to report.

What I like about this miracle spray, since it work, is that we now encourage these birds to build their nests on straight nesting planks surfaces.

The 180* shape nests will fetch a much higher prices, used to be RM1000 higher,  as compared to those 90* shape.

It seems that consumers prefer the 180* as compare to those 90* or 130* shapes.

To me this miracle spray is my latest findings and those of you who own BHs please take note on this.

We are getting closer and closer to finding ways to improve or increase the nests population inside our BHs.

If there are more things of similar nature that can help us to zoom towards this direction, we should say "Thank you God".

Those of you who wanted to give a try in using the magic "Super Pheromone" please let me know at

The cost now is RM 150 per cannister exclusive packing and freight.

Buy at least two cannister and try for about three months.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Make Sure The Top Entry Is Facing Or Nearer To The Flying Path !!!

This is something special that I wanted to share with all those who wanted to build a dual entries BHs.

Before you clear your piece of land it is better to conduct a proper observation and determine the right direction where those birds are flying to in the evening.

You need to know the exact direction where these swiftlet are flying towards in the evening (5:30pm till 7:00pm).

This is a very crucial information.


If you should ignore this you will have a lesser chances of getting those swiftlet to be your tenant.

I was talking to an old buddy who have just purchased a piece of agricultural land in Telok Panglima Garang, Johore.

"Pak Harry this will be where my sixth BH will be located.  It will be my latest design with all the latest gadget and design.  I will be using a dual entries."

His previous experiences told him that the dual entries is far better than a single entry type.

In addition to the so called dual entries, the proper location of your top entrance hole must be precise.

"Pak Harry you must ensure that the top entry be towards the flying path first.  Do not put the monkey house first because it will block those swiftlet from finding the top entrance hole. Please write it in your famous blog."

It make a very good sense and I was happy that he wanted this information be shared will everybody out there.

He continued:

"Pak Harry I already have five BHs and the best is still the dual entries type and trust me the one that the top entry is towards the flying path is the most productive."

"I will invite you to visit my new BH as soon as I started its construction.  Currently transferring the land title."

I can sense that he was very sincere in his word to convince me about his observation.

Those of you who would like to visit his BHs please let me know.

I will be meeting this person in late March 2012.

Call me at 017 7551318

Monday, February 27, 2012

You Need To Use Those Nesting Plank Pheromone Properly !!!

After posting those pictures send by a user using "Super Pheromone" sprays, I received a number of emails that wanted my advise on how to apply these spray properly.

Let me give my personal opinion about this "Miracle Portion" first.

This special portion was introduced to me by a friend who wanted my help to market the product via my blog.

I was given a number of boxes at introduction cost to test it.

I applied inside my BH in Kuantan and Kepong.

The result was okay but I was not very confident until one user from Sabah called indicating how successful her BH was after using the "Pheromone".

She wanted additional cannisters and I told her to help me to show as many photos as possible on the result she got after applying the pheromone.

I was totally taken back with those pictures send to me yesterday.

I am of the opinion that this "Miracle" spray works.

It is very rare to find a product that can produce result that fast.  Within less than one month the birds started to make marking on the sprayed area especially on the styrofoam fake nests.

Before we jump into any conclusion I need to caution newbies that you need to make sure the following are followed:

1) Your BH must be proper and those birds do enter your BH.

2) The BH internal temperature and humidity are within range. Make sure the nesting room temperature does not exceed 31*C and the humidity is around 85% RH.

3) The sounds that you chose to play must be a good combination.  The external sound is able to lure those wild birds inside and once it is switched off the internal sound will take over to ensure that those birds do not simply run out.

4) The nesting room should be installed with a suitable number of fake nests.  About 100 fake nests will be sufficient.

5) Run your BH for a few weeks and observed where those swiftlet loves to stay.  Check where you have the most number of bird shits on the floor.

6) You now need to chose the ceiling zone where there are plenty of bird shit and prepare pheromone spray. Remember the Pheromone is expensive so you cannot be applying the spray on every planks in your BH.

7) Once you have selected the zone with lots of bird shits on the floor, you now plan on how to maximize the use of the spray.  You have about 50 applications per cannister.  You cannot effort to waste not even a single pump.

8) You now concentrate on those selected planks and fake nests that are inside the selected zone.  Try to give special attention those those areas or fake nests that are located very closed to the internal sound tweeters that have lots of bird shits on the floor below them.

9) Each selected location shall be sprayed minimum once but if you can two spray.

10) Once done you need to mark all these areas with a coloured sticker (white coloured) that you have put the date that you applied.

11) Inspect these locations during your next visit.  You should visit about three to four weeks after application. Try not to enter your BH everyday.

12) If those birds are visiting your BH and stay inside every night there is a very strong chances that they will start spitting their saliva to form those markings.

13) During your next visit, try to bring another cannister, and try to spray one time spray on those areas that shown some saliva markings.

I am sure if you follow the above steps you will see nests within a very short period of time.

Remember the pheromone is still under evaluation but so far the results have been promising.

Those in Sabah, Sarawak and Vietnam will have a greater chance of success.

I have a strong feeling that the swiftlet species from these three country have a special liking to the spray.

Others who are from states or countries with no track record yet you need to try and do some tests.

If you have a good response please email some report plus pictures so that we can share with each other.

You reply will help me to find the right portion that will help to improve our BHs.

Remember we need to work together to find every gadget or pheromone to quickly populate our BH.

I can only help in everything that I could but it will be your responsibility to share the result of any gadgets being used.

Call me at 017 7551318 or email to me using

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Super Power Swiftlet Lure Pheromone !!!

I followed up with my blog reader who used the "Super Pheromone" swiftlet lure spray.

The user is from Sabah and she was gracious enough to send some of the photos taken from his BH this morning.

This BH, if I am not mistaken, is made of cement board.

After following my advise on how to use the Pheromone, less than one months, the result is "A Miracle" according to the user.

"Pak Harry, it is very effective and a Miracle to me."

She first ordered two canisters and later added two more.

I happened to know that the same "Pheromone" works well in Sarawak and Vietnam.

In Vietnam the user indicated that after using the "Pheromone" combined with Mutiara Aroma, his BH nests population increased by 30% within just one month.

I am conducting my own research in Peninsular, Malaysia.

So far not so bad but cannot be compared with those in Sabah and Sarawak.

My advise to those who owned BHs in East Malaysia and Vietnam try this special product.

Make sure there are birds entering your BH.

Select those areas where those birds prefer to stay. You can easily know where by looking at those bird shits spots on the floor.

If you want it to be more effective try to install those Styrofoam fake nests as shown in the pictures.

You need to spray twice.

It you have used and no result, you need to give yourself at least one or two more chances.

Keep spraying for at least 3 times.

Maybe you can look into combining the use of this "Pheromone" with Mutiara Aroma, last tango and a good set of internal and external sounds.

Those who wanted to try please call 017 755 1318

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Take It As A Blessing In Disguise !!!

With the current raw nests market price, below RM 2,000/kg, many are no longer keen to invest or even talk about swiftlet farming.

I can see that most newbies are sceptical about this business and with lesser people getting excited the price of swiftlet farming there will be a drop of prices on properties (agricultural land & operating BHs).

There are lesser people who even respond to attending courses related to the industry.

While most people looks at the negative sides there are others who take advantage of the whole scenarios.

Let us look at the bright side of the current happenings:

1) Due to raw nests low price, many BH owners are not harvesting their BH nests. This action will help to increase the number of young birds in the air.  Most birds can now recycle their untouched nests.  Within less than 10 days after their young flew off they can immediately start a new breeding cycle.

2) This phenomena if continues will help to allow swiftlet to generate more young swiftlet.  This will on the long run increase you chances of populating any new BHs that are being constructed or converted.

3) The price of all swiftlet farming related properties will come down and there will lots of people who wanted to get out of this business.  To those who are experience and have high knowledge about swiftlet farming this is the best time to pick and choose the right opportunities.

I have came across a number of people who looks at the current scenario as a blessing.

They are buying more agricultural land or focus of those operating BHs for sales.

They are looking are experimenting with latest BH design using sophisticated technologies that they said are better than their previous BHs.

There was another group who seems to unstoppable.  They received many offers to purchase operating BHs.  They pick and choose those that have a high probability of doubling the nests population within one year or less.  They choose those that are located below the flying path.

To them this is a time of plenty and to them the market will eventually be back to normal one fine day.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Was Not That Those Birds Are Getting Lesser !!!

It was the lack of knowledge to lure those birds that causes the number of nests are going downwards.

About 8 months ago I was invited by a BH owner who owned a BH in Bagan, Seberang Prai.

"Pak Harry, my problem is that the nests are not moving and I think they are getting lesser.  Can you come down and inspect what is wrong with my BH."

I remember these words from him and his son.

During one of my trip home to SPatani, Kedah I decided to take the challenged to evaluate the BH and put forward my opinions.

After 3 hours together I submitted to them all the things that I believed will help to reactivate the house.

Well after some eight months, I wish it could be earlier, I received this email that I think confirmed what I was trying to say in my first sentence of this article.

Read this:

Dear Pak Harry,
How are you recently? Must be very busy with your coming seminar on March and other BH's project right.
FYI, after get your inspection for our BH in Butterworth 8 months back and we did some modification after get your share knowledge with us, it seems our BH nests  and birds have improve a lot. We will give you some feedback after we do our harvest next month. Anyway, we would like to thank for your valuable knowledge with us.
By the way, we need to order 1 unit of "Hexagonal Tweeter" from you. This unit is for our friend, hope you will able to give us better price for doing some trade. We can collect direct from you, if you coming back to S.Petani.
Thank you.
Best regards,

The message is very clear that after implementing my recommendations the BH came back to life.

The lesson from this incident is that if your BH, for some reasons the nests inside stops increasing, there must be some reasons.

You need to carefully study why and find the right solutions.

If you could not pin point the reasons, get a qualified third party who can.

You should not sit on it by doing nothing and expect things to get better by itself.

If you cannot get anyone to give an opinion perhaps you can call 017 7551318

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What You Need To Know About Nitrite Syndrome !!!

Most people in swiftlet farming industries are feeling the heat about the nitrite issue between Chinese Authorities and the Malaysian Producers.

It looks like the issue will not be resolved within the next few weeks.

According to a reliable source the Chinese Authorities are sticking to "zero" part per million(ppm) nitrite content while the industry have difficulties is meeting this requirement.

The normal nitrite level in most birdnests produced in BHs is within 50 to 250 ppm.

Cave nests can be as high as double or triple the amount.

Remember these nitrite occurred naturally due to those ammonia gas produced when those birds faeces rots.

My understanding is that there are some kind of bacteria that feed on these ammonia gas and their excretion resulted into a kind of nitrite.

The higher the ammonia gas inside your BH plus high wetness will encourage the bacteria to multiply and produce more nitrite.

The amount of nitrite is said to be proportionate to the colour of these affected nests. The red coloured can contain as high as 700 ppm

These nitrites are soluble in plain water.

The only way to remove them is to soak these nests inside a pail of plain water.

The problem is if you soaked them for too long these nests will be too soggy thus difficult to get them back into those bra cup shape.

What happened to other valuable minerals,protein, collagen and etc. that are valuable to end product?

These portion of the nests that are soluble will also be dissolved.  As such the so call beneficial value will also be lost during the soaking operation.

Based on a reliable source the Chinese and Malaysian Authorities is currently working on a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on how to produce nest with minimum nitrite contents.

There is no specific time frame but if these so call SOP is acceptable plus some relevant procedures followed the nitrite will be raised to 30ppm.

A very difficult period for every BH owner.

We can only wait for announcement that will breath some fresh air into the industry.

What happened between now and when the SOP is confirmed?

My advise to all are:

1) Try harvest your house birdnests on a regular basis.  Do not allow these nests to be exposed to those ammonia gas for too long.

2) Once harvested, try not to keep them inside your BH.  Find a suitable place to keep them.

3) Never allow your birdnests to turn colour.  Make sure they are white without any traces of turning into yellow or red.

The above have something to do with the nitrite level inside your swiftlet nests.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking Back To Those Days .....

I remembered when I received a call from my blog reader who have a high respect to me.

"Pak Harry, there is a guy who love to criticize every thing about you.  He seems to hate you for being so honest to help others."

I told this person that my objective is set and I will not be derailed just because a bloke wanted to make  fun of me.

After a few months the hate blog shut down by itself.

Just before shutting down he started to hammer me on Low Yat Forum.

A few supported him but there are many who told him off.

I received many calls on all those bad things that was written about me but I told them that I am not going to be intimidated for I have a mission to expose the so called swiftlet industry.

I kept my mind focus on what I wanted to achieve and today I have make a huge leap in exposing everything about swiftlet farming.

I have experiment with many gadgets and aromas.

I have spend hours in choosing the right sounds.

I have invented many interesting gadgets that can help to lure more birds into any BH.

All that I have discovered are for all who read my blog.

I have also conducted many Seminars.

I ran from one place to another to help those who need my helps.

All in all I stayed focus to my objective and never miss the road to where I am today.

We, yes we, are lucky that I did not fall into a trap set by those who hate my blogging activities.

If I should have chosen to fight and stop writing, we have nothing to discover.

There will be more failed BHs.

At least now we have this blog that we can use to learn on how to be a successful swiftlet farmer.

My advise to all my blog reader, learn from what I did.

Be focus on your objective and never be intimidated by your enemies.

I feel good after writing this article.

God bless me !!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

How I Transformed Those Ceiling Planks: You Might Want To Copy !!!

I just wanted to show you all a few pictures on how I transformed a typical sick BH ceiling into a better place for your birds.

First let have a good look at this picture before any make up works:

The nesting plank is more like a woman face without any make up.  No toning powder, no mascara, no lipstick,  no proper eye-liners, the hair not shampoo and cut and so on.

In bird house sense :  not enough tweeters, no crossing woods, no fake nests, the nesting planks are dusty, the corners are covered in total and etc.

Let me show you what I did.

First I install those crossing planks.  I than installed those 45* corner covers to get ready for my cluster tweeters.  They are arranged on a random basis.

Look at how I did my work:

After cleaning the nesting planks with raw nest water mixed with salt, I decorate them with those claster, kite, chandelier and single tweeter.

I also installed as many fake nests as I can.

This should be how a revamp BH under my care will be transformed.

It takes a lot of my precious time but it is worth every penny.

This is not the finishing touch.

I still need to add those waste wood corners.

Look at these pictures:

A hard work but it pays off.

I created additional nesting areas plus new corners (90*) both during the installation of those additional crossing and my waste wood corners.

Only a crazy person will think of all these things.

I can bet with you that no other person will think of all these fantastic ideas except those who read my blog.

You could be one of them.

Please copy this idea but try not to claimed that it was your ideas.   He he he....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Special Invention The Kite Tweeter Is Adorable !!!

Among the many inventions that I encourage BH owner to install is the Kite Tweeters.

It is just a set of 6 pieces of  2"x5" arrange in a row and looks like those Kite.

This invention was discovered about two years ago and I never have a second though of applying it in my revamp BHs.

If you use this special gadget, your BH will increase the number of birds inside.

The area closed to these Kite tweeters will be densely populated.

Those birds will fight for their right to own these kite tweeters.

If you do not believe in what I said just read this SMS messages just received:

Feb 16th, 2012 11:50 am:

"Uncle Harry, how are you recently? Just wanted to ask about the pheromone spray. How many coat on nesting plank? The birds loves your kite tweeters.  I think they fight for it because I saw lots of feathers just below the kite tweeters."

Feb 17th, 2012, 9:57am:

"I watch through CCTV there is so many of them.  Plan to make more kite tweeter for them."

I am asking him to send me the video clip as soon as he can.

We will try to share what he observed in his BH so that we can find as many ways as possible to improve our BH nest population.

Those of you who have no idea on how to built this gadget come and attend my Seminar.

This was the video clip send by the reader:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Let Me Share With You a Very Interesting Email !!!

I was curious about a blog follower who flew to KK just to ask for some advise.

I remembered he met me at Palace Hotel and I advised him on what he should do with his miserable BH.

He bought some of my good sounds and tried out and attended my Seminar.

Read this email from him received today (February 17th 2012):

Dear Harry,

        Greeting, Harry. i am very glad that you call today to follow up my progress over here. it is a blessing to know a friend so willing share knowledge and concern about their investment. I already test your super 208 and marvelous cloud once i get back from your course from. the result are amazing,  there almost hundred of them flying looking for the entrance hole, it very obvious that they could not locate the entrance hole due to the over extension of zinc cap. i immidiately stop every silly thing i going to do and start learning, it took me  2 weeks to read through all your blog and discovery. it open  my mind to look the BH establishment from swiftlet need rather that human need. currently i contacted my contractor to revamp my BH, now in the process  disassemble  existing roofing to make way to raise the surrounding wall for monkey house. Here is the task that going to take place.

He seems to be doing all-right and I hope by now he realized his mistakes.

The good thing was that he happened to read my blog and after going thru for almost 2 weeks he knew more than attending all those courses.

At least he now have a good friend.....

Seminar On How To Fix Your Sick BH !!!

While in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah recently I have a little discussion with Sarang Putri Birdnest Industry owners.

During the discussion a question pop up was " Is there any other ways that we can help Sabah BH owners especially those with sick BHs?".

Hmm..... what can be done to help Sabahan with their sick or failed BH?

"How about organizing a special seminar to focus on how to revamp sick BHs?"

Not a bad idea and I listed some of the topics that I can touch during the seminar.

The seminar will be suitable for those who own BHs but have very little success with them.

I need to teach these owners on how to identify their mistakes and plan a correction methods.

Most BHs that failed to take off after launching were due to some basic mistakes that the owner did little to avoid them.

You will be surprised that most of it is due to the BH is actually not ready to be launched.

Good example:

1) The design of the BH was not proper.

2) The entrance hole is not facing the flying path.

3) The nesting rooms are too bright.

4) The temperature inside the nesting rooms are above 33*C.

5) The external sound are not proper.

6) The internal sound also not properly selected.

7) The amplifiers were not properly set.

8) There are nothing to lure the birds to stay.

9) The nesting planks are full of fungus.

10) The nesting rooms are big with no partitions.

11) The BH have been visited by owl.

12) The trees beside the BH is too closed and blocking the entrance hole.

13) The entrance hole is being blocked by those roof extension.

14) The flying path from the entrance hole to the nesting room are too sharp.

15) The sound loudness is not proper.

16) The smell inside the BH is too cement like.

17) The LAL not properly located.

18) The tunnel is too big and too high.

19) The owner enter the BH too often and many more.

How do you tackle all these so called defects?

In the first place how do you recognize these defects?

If you are staying somewhere in Sabah and owned a sick BH please try to remember this date:  March 11th, 2012, Palace Hotel

I think there is a very strong chances that I will be in KK for at least three days.

Come and be my student.  We will share all the experiences that I have and maybe share some of yours.

Contact Mr Affendi at 0198707744 or Dayang at 0168031577 for more details.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why Fake Nests Can Help To Increase Your Birds Population !!!

One very common characteristic of all those sick or failed to produced nests BHs were their emptiness.

Emptiness in the sense of no partition(s), little internal tweeters, no external sound tweeters in the nesting rooms and no special gadgets to lure those wild birds to be crazy with your BH.

The special gadgets I am referring to are those fake nests and some other things that can get those birds to hang on to when they falls asleep.

I have introduced so many of these gadgets but I would say that until today there are so many BH owners that could not be bothered to try to understand their benefits and how these gadgets can help to populate their BH.

The rule of the thumb is that for every 100 fake nests you install about 20-30% will be occupied once your BH is put into operation.  Remember the sound must be proper and the environment inside are within the required ranges.

I was with this Karak BH owner two days back and he was facinated with my effort to install a reasonable number of fake nests in all VIP rooms.

I personally installed not less than 200 fake nests on the upper floor.

There were two types.  The plastic and the paper types.

Both were made up of 90* and 180* shape.  The 90* were for the angled while the 180* for the flat surfaces.

I have used both types before and both gave me a very high degree of success.

The birds tends to use these fake nests so that they can start their mating activities faster. If they wanted to built their owned nest on their own using own salivar, it will take at least 12 - 18 days to be semi ready.

Remember the female birds will not allow the male partner to have sex with her until and unless their nest is semi ready ie. can receive the two eggs.

Remember once eggs fertilization takes place in her body she has only 8 days to lay her eggs.  She need to ensure that he nest is ready before getting into love making mode.

This is why installing those fake nests will help to quickly make the pair into love making mode.

Once the male checked in and proved to his partner that there is an "instant nest" she will have no problem to get into her love mode. In another word allow him to have sex with her.

To those who believed in this little unusual story my advise to you is to try and install some.

You can use those Styrofoam, paper, plastic or wood. Some uses coconut shells and steel plates.

Another interesting advise to you is to make the smell of these fake nests to be as closed as a real nests. They not only looked like real nests but also smell like one.

Yes, what you can do is to prepare a portion using blended raw nests plus some salt.  Soak about two raw nests for one day and blend it using a blender.  Ferment it for at least one more day to make it smell better.

Apply the thick soup to those fake nests and dry them up to prevent possible fungus before installing them onto those nesting planks.

Try to learn how to install these fake nests at the right place.  It must be as closed as possible to your internal tweeters.

Have a good look at these pictures and I am sure you know what I was trying to share.

Those who wanted to have some to try and already laced with raw nests water please call 017 755 1318

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today's Top Stories !!!

Today is Valentine's day and I was in town to be with my wife.

She was busy with her Dental Clinic in the morning but in the evening we have a small meal together.

I took some of my time in the morning to meet an old admirer who told me that he bought a sound from me three years ago.

This time he wanted me to deliver to him the VLT gels which I wrote in my blog.

Well he has more than collecting those gels.

"Pak Harry, actually I have two BHs and both are not doing well.  What can be the problem?"

Opp I was surprised with his remark.

It seems that he put his BHs into operation a few months back but nothing happened.

I could not give a proper diagnosis without having a site visit I told him.

He was keen to go into JV with me.  What I did was to brief roughly to him what were the gist on the terms and conditions.

I can only agree after a short visit and have the confident that the BH is at the right location with a reasonable number of birds around, I told him.

Than after the breakfast meeting I took some time to view the Kepong BH which is under my care.

Entered the BH to change the sound.  It seems that the sound used during the evening was cracking and I do not understand why it was behaving as such.

What I did was to replace the thumb drive and put in a new sound.

Also adjusted the morning sound to be played until 3:00 pm and increased the volume slightly.

The morning sound was my Pandora while the evening was Marvellous Cloud.

Both seems to be perfect and any birds that came back for a rest will enter the entrance hole for some reason.

It might be the sound, its volume and perhaps they are the permanent tenant.

This BH is progressing.  It was with less than 10 nests and now climbing up to more than 100 now.

I told myself to push the total to 200 by year end (2012).

What I wanted to do will be as follows:

1) Carry out a force harvest at least one time this year and I need to select the most appropriate time in order not to cause any harm to those young birds. This action can easily multiply the nest by about 30%.

2) To install at least 100 fake nests laced with fermented raw nest water.  Based on my experiences out of 100 fake nests 20-30 of them will be occupied within three months.

3) To reinstall a mist maker.  I shut it down due to complain from the owner about water leaking to his lower floors.  This time I need to ensure that those pipes are properly tightened. The mist will cool the nesting room plus increase the room's humidity.  This will encourage those young birds to return to where they were hatched.  I estimate around 20% will return per cycle.

4) To spray the walls with Mutiara Aroma on a regular basis.  The smell of Mutiara will spurs new birds from next door neighbours to come and stay. My estimate a 10% contribution will be fair.

5) Plan to do some plank cleaning using concentrated fermented raw nest water with some salt.  This will not only clean those nesting planks but also prevent the growth of fungus. Once the fermented water dried the smell of all the nesting planks will be good for those new birds to be out tenant.

6) Need to add some crossing planks and increase the number of cluster tweeters. They love cluster tweeters and this will easily push the number up by at least 15%.

7) I wanted to push the idea of starting an insect generating system in the roving area.  This might be rejected by the owner.  Let see if I can ask his permission to try for one cycle.

8) The tweeters on the roof areas needs to be upgraded.  I need to find a method to stop those crows from catching those swiftlet when they were attacking the roof tweeters. This method will easily pull my neighbours birds towards this BH.

Well these are some of my plans.  Do you have something like this for your BH?

The lesson from this article is that if you wanted to increase the number of nests inside your BH you need to come up with a suitable plans who what to be done and the percentage of nests that you expect to increased.

For as long as you do nothing, usually nothing will improved.

If you have no inkling idea what to do my advise is get some one like Pak Harry to come over and plan together with you.

Finished Fixing The Crossings, 45* Corners and Cleaning With Raw Nest Water !!!

The Karak 1 BH revamp is running smoothly.

The monkey house revamp works and tweeters installation was completed today.

While my workers were fixing those tweeters on the rooftop, I took some time to clean the nesting planks with fermented raw nests water added with some salt.

The owner dropped by and was very surprised to see me helping my workers with those cleaning works.

"Usually I will clean these planks myself since I want it to be properly done.  It is tiring and sometime can cause  neck pain, I believed in perfection.  I usually will do this works my self.  The next thing that I would like to do will be the installation of those fake nests."

He was amused with my explanation.

"I think you are right Pak Harry.  I can see how precise you clean those planks with the raw nest water."

The crossings on the nesting plank in the VIP rooms were completed yesterday and prior to the internal tweeters, clusters, chandeliers and kite tweeters installation I prefer to clean the planks.

It will then be dried and ready for the tweeters installation.

Once the raw nest dried the smell of the planks will be attractive to those wild birds, I told the owner.

We shall see how those birds reacted once the BH is into operation mode next week.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Nothing Like Being Appreciated !!!

My day could not be better than today.

I received a message from a blog reader who came to attend my Seminar last year and after that invited me to visit him in Vietnam.

I was in Vietnam for one week coaching him on what to be done with his new BH under construction.

I took the task to push him towards using the dual entrances concept that I believed will entice more birds as compared to one hole. According to one Sifu, about 30 years in swiftlet farming, the rate of population increase using dual entries, is almost 3 times as compared to single entry.

Both entrance holes should be facing the flight path, I insisted. This method allows those birds to hear the external sound much faster since your tweeter's nozzles faces their flight direction home.

I strategies where to erect those partition walls floor by floor. I told him where the entrance doors on these partition should be. The main function of these walls is to block those bright light but will not disturb the birds flying path towards the nesting rooms.

I push him to use those cluster tweeters since they can increase the chances by 300% of being populated compared to only one tweeter at those wood crossings. This is a proven method in nearly all my BHs or those BHs I revamped.

I taught him the right way to mix those Mutiara Aroma and how to apply them.

I shipped to him two boxes of those "super pheromone" nesting plank aroma and told him how to use them effectively. Something new which have a very good track record.

I also taught him of the use of those bottled perfumed garden. A fun thing to add to make your BH more interesting.......

And the result  so far !!!!

Better than what I expected.

He was so excited that after applying all those techniques the outcome is far above his expectation.

This was his message:

Dear Sifu Harry,

Attached hereby are some photos taken in my last maintenance.  My dual entrance BH now has more than 80 nests just after 4 months in operation.

Every technique you taught me were implemented in my BH and proved its effectiveness.  Cluster tweeters installation method did great.  More than 80% birds in my BH choose the corners having tweeters build their nests.  30% perfume bottles were occupied by those birds.  The sound and aroma are excellent as well.  I am using your aroma therapy, the combination of Mutiara aroma for walls and super pheromone for nesting planks.  Number of nests increased 30% since last 3 weeks.

I feel lucky to have you as my Sifu.  Hope you continue your great contribution to swiftlet farmer community.

Thank you



Dear Sifu Harry,

Attached hereby are some photos taken in my last maintenance. My dual entrance bh now has more than 80 nest just after 4 month in operation.

Every technique you taught me were implemented in my bh and proved its effectiveness. Cluster tweeter installation method did great. More than 80% birds in my bh choose the corners having tweeters to build their nests. 30% perfume bottles were occupied by those birds. The sound and aroma are excellent as well. I am using your aroma therapy, the combination of mutiara aroma for walls and super pheromone for nesting planks. Number of nests increased 30% since the last 3 weeks. 

I feel lucky to have you as my sifu. Hope you continue your great contribution to swiftlet farmer community. 

Thank you,


Have a look at some of the photos send by him: