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Monday, March 30, 2009

If Your Are Not Sure Why Don't You Ask???

It is nice to DIY and your BH blooms.

The trouble with swiftlet farming the chances to make mistakes are great.

The best is to ask some one who knows the ins in outs of swiftlet farming for his advise or guidance.

You can minimise your risks and continuously get his expert advise until your BH is full of those nests.

There is nothing to be shy since this business is new in our country. Most BH owners are still using those old techniques and what you need are new scientific methods to maximise your success rate.

Don't be like a blind man trying to be so smart and see what happens:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Distorted Gene Syndrome !!!

You have seen those pictures of white colored swiftlets.

According to many people the white color of the feathers are due to lack of black colored pigments. This might be due to many reasons but the most common is due to distortion of their gene.

Crows, which are usually black, also face the same pigmentation problem.

Have a good look at this picture and you can see that even their beak and feet are affected.

They term the phenomena as albino.

How to Detect A Successful and Those Unsuccessful BHs !!!

The above picture can tells you that business are very bad and everybody including animals are suffering.

BH operation is nearly the same.

You can easily determine whether the BH in operation is successful or failed to deliver.

One of the easiest method to judge are the number of birds that are circling above the BH roof top. Their numbers will give you the rough indication on the wellness of the number of birds inside. The best is during a cool day especially after a good shower of rain.

If you wish to check on the exact number of birds entering the targeted BH, you need to count their number when they return home. This varies but the best is to count in the evening one hour before sun down. To be more accurate you should use CCTV camera placed at the entrance area where you can count every birds that enters the hole.

You can use the same way in judging if the treatment you used was working. Good example, if you visit the BH every three weeks and you apply those aromas on the walls or the floor or the nesting planks (preferably in the late afternoon, you might be able to see the result just before sundown.

If they like the aroma you applied, you will see lots of different from the day before. The number of birds flying in and out will increase, yes if they like the aroma, or the other way round.

Take note that some aromas need more then 24 hours to show their real effect. In this case it is better for you to put someone on the ground to observe the roof top activities after the 24 hours fermenting period.

The effect of a good external sound is nearly the same as a good aromas. The number of birds roving above your BH rooftop will normally increased if the new sound played are effective.

If you are smart you should consider to combine a good external sound with an effective aromas in one go. The two in one will surely bring more young swiftlets into your BH.

Bird Nests in Ventilation Holes !!!

If you do not cover those ventilation holes properly those wild birds, not swiftlet, will make their nest in them.

This is something that is not encouraged. They will messed up your BH, internals, and totally block those air from entering the BH.

I was in Merlimau Melaka for a visit to a newly built BH in an agricultural land.

The house was pretty new and set in operation for only three weeks.

While conducting my inspection I saw a trash on the floor just below one of the PVC pipe used to divert those bright lights to the floor.

I told the owner those Mynah mush have occupied the hole.

He quickly pull the grass and suddenly three green color eggs were on the floor.

This is something that you need to avoid. The hole must be properly covered with something which will prevent those birds and will not rust. I normally recommend the use of those sieves that you use in your toilet which are made of plastic.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elongated Bird Nest From Alor Star, Kedah !!!

Something that I wanted to share with all my blog readers.

The above picture was forwarded by a BH enthusiast located in Alor Star Kedah.

The nest was successfully used by the birds for one season.

The funny thing is the shape. The base of the nest was about a foot in length and very unusual.

We do not know the real reason why they built such a long base but it works.

I believed the bird must be a very new couple and maybe the choice where they select to built were not even or not on the nesting planks provided.

What If There Are Lots of Feathers On The Floor !!!

What if there are lots of feathers on the floor together with the bird shits spots?

This is something that tells you that the birds are ready to built their nest.

The more the feathers the better the chance that you see those markings of even nests above those spots.

The reason being, those couple have started to mate. Remember if they mate they need to get their nest ready. The female need to have a nest to lay her eggs on the ninth day after starting the corpulation .

Sex in AF life is rough and will normally go on for at least 8 days and nights. The male seem to have all the energy to chase after the female and every opportunity that he has he will try to copulate. While doing so there will be some sort of catching and pulling of the female feathers.

The male (I assumed) will grab the female feathers and hang on until she drop together to the floor or those feathers gave way. If they drop both will quickly fly back to the location that she love to stay and the male will continue harassing her.

The defect due to the lost of this feathers will make the female fly less faster thus allowing the male to catch her much easier.

The lost feathers will grow back within the same season.
So the moment you discover that there are lots of feathers on the floor together with those bird shits, you can be rest assured that the birds have finally decided to be your permanent tenant and they will stay for life.

How Significant Are Those Bird Shits Spots On The Floor ???

To those BH owners who are already successful and with lots of birds occupying their house, bird shits signs on the floor are not that significant.

However if you have just started a BH, the present of a single bird shit on your new BH is crucial.
There are many reasons why but the most important are:
1) They Like The House.

If within three short weeks, after operation, there were many spots on the floor, you know for sure that the young birds do entered the house and they are staying. A very good signs and you might have hit a jack pot.

You can safely says that the flight path, from the roof top to the nesting areas, of your bird house was is okay.
I would safely says that you have done a good job in lining those sounds properly from the outside to draw the birds to the back of the BH.

2) Where Those Spots Happened.

The locations where those spots are located in the house can also tell you something.
If the spots are below those external sound tweeters at the far corner of the BH you know that they like those sweet sound that you are using.

You can also see that beside the spot below the external sound tweeters there will be some below those internal sound tweeters.
What might have happened was that once the external sound were switched off, usually at 8.00pm these wild birds will move to those internal sound playing tweeters.

3) The number of Spots.

The number of birds entering and staying for the three weeks in operations tell you roughly how many birds were there in the house.

If there were 10 spots, you know that there might be a total of 20 birds (maximum) in the house.
Each spot normally refer to a pair of birds in the house. Those birds might change their locations to sleep at night but it is alright to assume that they are in the house and the maximum is 10 couples.

4) How to Count The Growth.

You might want to count the number of new birds coming to stay in the house.
The best method is to use those cardboard about 10" X 15". Place these card boards papers onto those spots that shows the signs and count their numbers.

During your next visit, if there are new spots, not on the cardboard, then these are probably new comers.

Their number will gives you the rule of the thumb that what you applied is working and you need to continue with the application of those aromas or play the same sound.

5) Differentiate the color of those old and fresh shits.

Fresh bird shits shows more of those white colored spots. Old shits are normally black colored. I believed the white spot turns color after a few good weeks.

What you want to look at are the fresh shits.

It is advisable to change those card boards after every trip.

6) Bird shit on the Walls.

If you observe carefully those birds do shit on the wall. The most common will be at the entrance areas and the roving.

It is not easy to throw those shits during flight but they do that for a reason.

My believed is that they wanted to mark their territory.
The more there are these shits on the wall the better it is. You know that they like the house and the number of spots indicated that their numbers are increasing.

7) What if the spots are not multiplying or going negative?

When the numbers are decreasing you know that the do not like the house for some reasons.

You need to quickly find the reasons and take the necessary actions. These could be due to humidity, temperature, darkness, the aroma or the sound.

Once identified make the necessary corrections and if you cannot determined the reason, I suggest that you call your "Sifu" to give a helping hand.

If you let the negative number continues in no time your BH will be empty.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Something Unusual Observed At Raub BH !!!

While I am happy that the Raub BH birds population are continuously increasing there were something unusual that caught my attention.

Note: Last three weeks I carried out the "Shock Treatment".

The birds seem to occupy only the middle part of the BH.

There were none at the back and the front zones. Not a single bird shits spot.

The owner wanted to know why??

Hmm ...... it looks simple but this is very unusual and I took some time to provide in with some logical answers.

My best answer was the sound from the internal sound must higher then the other two zones. The middle zone was nearest to the data room and probably the sound signal is the strongest.

If I can remember I did make some recommendations to increase the number of tweeters in the BH. I specifically provide the BH owner with the brand that gave high quality sound as compared to those cheap tweeters installed by his "Consultant". These new tweeters must have been installed in the middle zone.

The best is to conduct a sound volume test during my next trip. I will include this as one of the things to do during the next visit.

Half Day In Bentong And Raub, Pahang

Today visited two BHs. One in Bentong and the other in Raub, Pahang.

The Bentong BH owner, Mr.C, requested my present at Bentong to view his newly built BH. The new unit is a stand alone and currently 3 stories high.

Have a good looked and gave Mr.C some tips (FOC) which I hope will help him with his new BH.

Immediately after that I continued my journey to Raub.

Mr.C wanted to buy some Red Meranti from some one I introduced to him sometime back. I wanted to check the Raub BH which three weeks ago I carried out the aroma shock treatment.

Upon arrival have lunch, fish head curry and Mr.C followed me to check the Raub BH.

The good signs were all over the floor.

Looks Very Strong That The Birds are Permanant Tenant !!!

Yes lots of bird shits accumulated on those white piece of manila board I placed on the floor three weeks ago.

There were also lots of good signs on the nesting planks. There were two nests with two eggs in one and one egg in the other. There were also three nest markings.

Those shits collected by those white boards are previous tenants while those on the floor are new tenants. There were at least 6 new tenants.

Managed to replaced those white board with pink board for next three weeks inspection.

The Shits Density is heavy. More then one couple I assumed???

Beautiful signs and I was very excited to apply the new aroma and adjusted the sound to be played. Lengthen the playing time for the external sound.

I am very sure those birds entering the house will increase.

Old Spot With White Paper

Once the new aroma were applied and those beautiful sounds were set, I stayed until 7.45 pm to observe the actions on the roof top.

The number of birds flew into the house is at least 60 to 80 birds. The best actions time was just before sundown.

Marvelous and I keep telling the owner his BH is a gold mine. Just let me continue with those aroma treatments.

"Oh Yes Harry, today my friend called me to inform that there are many birds on the top of my BH. I replied to him that my "sifu' is in town."

The owner admitted that he received a call from his friend who owned a BH on the next row of shophouses.

His good friend was doing his evening check on his own BH and saw heavy activities on Mr.L BH.
He was suprised with the activities on the roof top and called Mr.L to let him know that there are lots of birds on the roof top of his BH.

He did not realised that I was applying those aromas and adjusting the external sound.

Before leaving have a good dinner with the owner and his B-I-L.

Fresh Spot Without Any Paper (New)

They were all very happy with what I have done and I told them that's the best that I can do...

Remember this house was with not a single birdshit after eleven months in operations before I was asked to revamp.

Fresh Without Paper (New spot)

Small Feathers Marking on the Nesting Planks
Marking on the Plank (Saliva)

Fake Nest Being Occupied with one egg.

Nest with two eggs.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bentong And Raub Visit !!!

I allocate every Friday as my outstation visiting day.

Today decided to drive to Raub and along the way meeting a blog reader who is building a BH in Bentong.

He called and wanted to have lunch once I have a good look at his BH.

I told him that will be fined and hope that he will be successful with the new house.

He might want to stopby in Raub to order those meranti planks from someone that I introduced to him some time back.

My intention to be in Raub is obvious. The BH in Raub, which I am looking after, need to be inspected and applied with the special aromas.

I hope to see some new things in the house. Hope to see more nests and new birdshits spots.

Sabak Bernam Local Council Will Hold A Meeting Soon !!!

Something that I came to know.

There will be a discussion on the Swiftlet Farming Guidelines in Sabak Bernam, Selangor soon.

I was informed that YB Ronnie Liew, Selangor EXCO member, might be attending the meeting.

I might be invited. If it happen I will put everything down to attend this special discussion.

I am sure I will be vocal on issues that will help the Swiftlet Industry.

No firmed date but I am looking forward for the invitation letter.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bird Nests Moisture Checking Tool !!!

I saw this interesting hand held gadget that can measure the moisture content of papers.

When looking at it I was curious if it can be used to measure moisture content of raw or process bird nests.

Good example on how to use the tool:

When you purchase any process nests you can be rest assured that they are not crispy dry. They are usually sprayed with distilled water to give the suitable strength so that they do not break easily while transporting.

The water also make the size bigger.

The only problem is how can you be sure that the water content is right?

Some seller might want to take advantage and add more water. In this way they sold to you lesser then what you have actually ordered. So you are being cheated for being ignorance.

There must be a tool to measure this moisture content.

With this gadget you might be able to detect the water content of the goods ordered.

The only sad back is that it can only measure a range of 2% to a maximum of 42%.

Very interesting and informative and I hope you like it.

Cost only 95 ringgit.

Something That I Heard During The Meeting With The Minister !!!

While waiting for the Minister to turn up for the briefing I overheard Dr Fathilah saying that the Sarawak state wanted to adopt a similar guidelines prepared by Federal Government.
This is something that might be good for all Sarawak BH owners. The current method of shutting down those operational BHs are cruel.

I was going through the draft and I found something very exciting.

I remember voicing my concern over the way the Perhutanan Department in Sarawak remove those nests and tweeters during the second meeting on the Garis Panduan in KL. They never make any attempt to look after those baby birds. I suggested to JPBD that Jabatan Vetarina should come out with a proper procedures to handle those young birds in accordance to their "Protected Species Status".

This was included in article number vii under syarat syarat lain. This was the exact sentence used:

Pengosongan premis burung perlu dilaksana mengikut tatacara yang ditetapkan oleh Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan Malaysian dan Jabatan Hidupan Liar Malaysia.

(Method to vacate any operational bird houses must follow the procedures provided by the Jabatan Haiwan and Jabatan hidupan Liar.)

I am so glad that at least what I put forward was accepted and included in the draft.

I understand Dato Beh and those BH owners associations Presidents met the Menteri after the meeting was over. I believed they wanted the Menteri to be convinced on the current issues.

This was what I was trying to say in one of previous article. The associations must come forward and do their part.

With Dato Dri Ong Ka Chuan at Mesyuarat Isu Perusahaan Sarang Burung Walit !!!

Today attended an official meeting with Menteri Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan at Pusat Bandar Damansara Office.

Three days ago received a verbal invitation and could not turn down the offer since it has to do something about swiftlet farming.

I was not informed that Dato Seri Ong Kah Chuan was the Chairperson.

The only thing I know was that I need to voice something relevant to the industry.

My plan was touch on any subject that were not yet covered by those attendees.

By 10.45 am I was at the meeting room and Dr Reduan was already there and before the Menteri arrived there were more Government officers entered the room.

There were at least 20 people and to my surprise Dato Beh of Kedah was sitting beside me. Told him that I did cover something about him in my blog and he smiled and told me to do whatever I can to support the swiftlet industries. Beside Dato there were at least 6 others who are the president of the states BH owners associations.

The meeting was more like discussion and to let the Minister know as much as he can before he adopt the Garis Panduan.

Once the paper was over the Menteri gave the floor to voice their feed back.

Dr. Fathilah was the first to comment about the number of species of swiftlets (8 and not seven).
She iterated on the tests conducted by her department, the history on swiftlet farming in Malaysia and etc.
Dr Fathilah of Department of Vetarinar

The use of sonar as the alternative was spoken and after lengthy discussion it was decided the Health Department to evaluate on the repercussion to the surroundings.

Dr. Reduan was quick to support the industry. He assured the Menteri that the industry is bringing in at 1 billion ringgit a year, the chances of flu is minimum, the Kementerian should support the industries and so forth.

Dato Beh was personally invited by the Menteri to say a few words. His concern was more on the requirement to shift the current BHs from town areas to gazetted areas. It is impossible since the birds are wild and they are not chicken. If we do so 80% of the current export, which comes from town areas, will face a serious problems. Dato requested the Minister to re think on the matter. Dato Beh also put forward the idea that all BH owners must be made compulsory to obtain the association "Surat Sokongan" for them to apply their licences. In this way the house owners will be manageable.

I quickly seized the opportunity to voice my concerned on those bi-laws that are giving lots of unnecessary wastage's and problems to those developers who are helping to open or develop Eco Parks. My idea was that if the local council stop any new players then they should be given a fair chance to buy units that are built specially for Swiftlet Farming. There must be a separate bi laws for buildings that are constructed for Swiftlet Farming. Those exit signboards, sprinkler system, covered staircases, excessive number parking bays, areas to assemble people for fire drills and so forth need not be required. These items are redundant and the cost to remove them after obtaining certificate of fitness (COF) for birdhouse conversion are great waste to the owners.

The Menteri thanks all who have attended and gave their opinions and he indicated this is not a meeting a adopt the draft Garis Panduan but this is just the beginning. He wanted the Garis Panduan to be properly scrutinised and assured that the Billion Ringgit industry will not be badly affected.

I stayed back to have lunch with the Menteri and felt very happy being invited to play a small part in the swiftlet farming industry garis panduan discussion.
I was honoured when the Menteri asked, how I got myself involved with swiftlet farming?
"Dato Seri, I am married to a pure Chinese girl and what else can I do?"
My simple answer to him.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heritage Building Turned Into A BH !!!

This picture clearly shows us that there are some people who will convert any of their properties into BH.

In this case is an old heritage house being converted to a BH and now looks like being abandoned by the owner. The house looks ugly and not blended with the surrounding. There were no sound and birds flying around during my visit.

The house was at a junction beside a newly constructed bridge on the way from Simpang Pulai town to Ipoh.

The owner have the right to do what he likes but what do you think the local council decision?

This might be a strong reason why the JPBD have to come out with a guideline to streamline the use of proper buildings and land for swiftlet farming.

Simpang Pulai Trip !!!

Yesterday was in Simpang Pulai Perak.

Received an invitation from a newbie who wanted my personal opinion about a piece of land which was offered to him to built a BH.

Met him for the first time at Jentantas Sungai Buluh and after a quick meal proceeded to Simpang Pulai. The trip was about 1.45 hours.

Upon reaching Simpang Pulai toll gate we turned in towards Ipoh town. We were at the site about 5 minutes from the junction.

He took myself into a Marble Cutting Factory. Stop his car inside the factory and told me that "Harry this is the place."

Hmm ..... interesting. I have not visited a marble cutting factory for years. The last visit was in Langkawi Kedah. That was about 25 years ago.

The cutting and grinding noise was quite disturbing but there were no smoke or dust in the air. Most of the grinding works uses water.

After about 15 minutes the owner of the Factory turned up and took us to the appropriate site where he told us that "Do what you want."

The site was okay. Closed to a old tin mining pool and currently being used to store those waste marble slabs,

I looked at the sky for any AF and there were some but unfortunately most of them were the Gigas. Occasionally those Martins will fly low finding their food.

Hmm...... not that encouraging. I told them no matter what the bird call test will determine the exact decision.

Since the time of arrival was 3.00pm I told the owner that we should drive to the nearest successful bird houses in the vicinity.

We went out from the factory area and proceeded to Ipoh main town. While driving out I saw a waste water treatment plant in a housing area. I quickly commented that there will be lots of birds at around 5:30 till 7.30 pm at the treatment pond.

We visited a few BHs and stop for Ipoh White Coffee. At around 5.00pm we drove back to the Factory.

Took the test kit and tried to lure those wild birds with Duress count.

Surprisingly not a single bird responded. After about 15 minutes decided to pack up and move out.

While on the way out passed the treatment pond and there were about 100 birds flying around it. I told the driver to stop and have a good look. Yes there were a mixture of Martins and those AFs. Not many but my prediction was right.

"Harry since there are birds here do you thing there is still a good chances?"

I sketched the area showing where the ponds, the targeted land and Ipoh town were. Unfortunately the land was not below the flying path from the pond to the town.

Well they learned lots of things from me and I am sure the trip, though not that successful, was worth the effort.

At least the got better ideas what to look for before pumping in their saving in a BH project.

I keep reminding them to try and find a better location. If p below the flight path where there are at least 250 birds during the 20 minutes bird call test. Once the test result was successful continue the test for a couple of weeks and try to choose the time in the morning evening and rainy days.

The most number will be the number to be used.

Never to be carried away and dump in their money without taking due considerations of all those surrounding I have explained to them.

They were very happy with my explanations and I am glad that I can be of help.

Monday, March 23, 2009

How Trees Can Effect Your BH Population !!!

A story that was told to me by a good friend from Sungai Bakap.

He was given the task to populate a stand alone bird house on an Agricultural land.

After finishing the internal he told the owner to cut down those tall palm oil trees which seem to be blocking the bird's flying path.

It was well taken and everything when well for about 4 to 6 months.

Then he received a frantic call saying that they birds are no longer entering the BH.

"Did you cut the trees in front."

Yes I did but they came in only for the first 4 to 6 months. Now they refuse to enter.

'Okay let me drop by as have a look at your BH again."

When he arrived for the scheduled visit he asked the owner.

"How come those tall trees (palm trees) are still there?"

Aiya, I only cut their leaves and now the leaves are back. You know those palm fruits are very precious to me. Every 30 bunches is a Metric ton. So I cannot effort to cut the trees. I can only cut the leaves.
It seem that he only trim the leaves and now after four months those leaves have grown and started to block the bird's flying path as before.

"Which one do you prefer? To be a swiftlet farmer or a palm oil owner? Those trees are too tall thus blocking the birds flying path toward your house and you need to bring them down."

"Well if you still wanted the palm oil, please cut those old and tall trees and replant with new shorter trees. The moment their heights are taller then your BH you need to cut them down and replant with new trees."

This is the kind of mentality of some BH owners who wanted both benefits.

I hope this simple story will teach all those who wanted to built their BH on an agricultural land to learn something.

Busy Weekend and I Enjoyed Every Minute!!!!

I went back to SPatani for the weekend and I am sure all of you out there knows what I was up to.

Busy with those birdhouses. My BH padlocks was taken down and the main electrical fuses were stolen. Luckily the house was not broken into.

Overall the BH is in good shape and there are reasonable number of birds staying in after those hot season.

The next day was in Bukit Mertajam looking at some shortcomings on the BH at Tanah Liat.

The owner reported to me the status and wanted some minor adjustments to draw the birds in. The house main problem was the two openings that allows the birds to enter one hole and immediately exit at the other hole.

Make a very close observations from 6pm till 8pm. Their entering patterns were the same where they enter one hole and exit at the other.

The best was to shut the opening on the top to stop them from running away. At the same time the internal lighting can be 100% darker.

One more observation was that those birds have a very consistent flying pattern in the evening.

The first batch at about 4.30 to 5.30 pm they tend to fly very high. The the second batch flew in a slightly lower at around 5.30pm till 7.20pm. The final batch is the most exciting. They flew just above the BH roof.

I was contemplating of installing the steel bazooka that I brought along with me.

Since the owner was away I told myself to be there on Monday.

On Monday morning visited Sungai Bakap and met an old friend active in swiftlet farming. He seem to be progressing very well. Started bird nest processing business beside his current optical shop.

On the way to BM stop at Juru to have a good look at a shop house under renovation. The owner met me about three months ago and was toying the BH conversion idea. I told him that I will be very glad to be of help.

Last week he broke the news. "Harry I have gone ahead with the conversion and please drop by for some advises."

After listing those pertinent points left for BM.

My helper was there to erect the steel racks and lucky this time the owner was around.

We went ahead as planned to rewire the tweeters, cover the top opening and install a hexagonal tower.

Set the sound system and told the owner to observe what happened.

On the way back to KL called back for latest development.

"Harry it works. I am so glad that you came out with these special ideas."

I told him to keep track with the development. I might be back this weekend.

I was thinking of pushing those insect breeding barn ideas and perhaps upgrade the aroma that I have been using for the house.
My main problem is who is going to absorb the cost to contruct those barn?

Nice To Hear Those Good News !!!

Just arrived from SPatani and saw this email from a guy I met only one time.

He was just a store keeper with TNB Kuching Sarawak.

I remembered I was on route from Sibu to Pontianak and stop in Kuching for one night. Mr Musa make the effort to drop by the small hotel where I stayed and we chat for almost two hours.

He showed me some photos of his single story building with one tall manggo tree at the back.

He gave me the house dimensions and I quickly sketched what he needed to carry out.

I calculated the number of tweeters, amplifiers, those sounds, the aroma and so forth.

I was suprised that he place the order on the spot. Remitted some money and asked me to ship them across as soon as I am back in KL.

I did the shipment with nothing less then a responsible person and the rest I left it with him. Everytime I receive his call I will always advised him what to do. At the same time I reminded him to advise me if the project does well.

"Pak Musa please cut down the Manggo tree at the back of the house."

Yes he did and today I received this very nice email from someone who knows how to appreciate those who provide some small advise.

Good for him and I always hope that I will alway be the same. No matter who you are I always treat every one the same. Even my enemy I will treat the same too....... but this time I will get ready with my bill .... he he he

Title: MYFirst Bird Nest

Salam sejatera Pak Harry:
(Good day Pak Harry)

1.Setelah beroperasi selama 3 bulan kini saya dapati ada 8 biji sarang pada bird house saya
(After in operation for 3 months now I found 8 nests in my birdhouse)

2.Terima kasih Pak Harry kerana tidak lokek berkongsi maklumat dan tunjuk ajar
(Thank you Mr. Harry for being so generous in sharing your knowledge and advises)

3.Saya masuk ke dalam bird house pada pulul 2 petang nak tengok sarang, saya dapati walet tu dah masuk balek maybe nak jengok sarangnya.
(I entered my birdhouse today at 2.00pm to check on the nests and I found the birds came in too. Maybe she also want to see her nest)

4.Saya lupa nak ambik gambarnya!
(Sorry I forgot to snap some pictures)

Terima Kasih Pak Harry
(Thank you Pak Harry)


You migh want to talk to him and learn something. His contact number is 0198885840. Note he is located in Kuching and your phone bill might be ........

Friday, March 20, 2009

Figs Delicious Fruits !!!

I was at a friend house and while waiting read a book about this delicous looking fruits that are very commonly found in Malaysia.

They call it "Ara" Fruits.

It looks very juicy and trust me they are good for your health.

They have a high content of sugar and they cure lots of dieases. The best is its curing capabilities for piles (Buasir).

I plan to do more research on this fruit and what it can help us plus our swiftlets.

This Weekend Plans !!!

I have decided to travel to the North for my bi-monthly trip back to my home town.

There are a few interesting activities happenings up there and the best is to be in Juru.

A blog reader called and wanted me to drop by to look at his new BH unit under renovation.

"Harry my new BH is half way through, can you drop by and make your evaluation? I need to make sure the BH will be successful and your help will be most appreciated."

Well since I am up there I told him that I will be happy to be at the site on Monday.

Beside Juru, I was asked by a BH owner to find a suitable buyer to buy a ready made BH with 30 - 50 nests inside.

"Harry I need you to find a genuine buyer for the unit. If you can find a buyer I have one more empty shop house for you to look at."

I am sure there will be lots of newbies who wanted to start with one and getting a BH with some nests is better then to start with zero.

Yesterday I met a new enthusiast and he wanted me to help him in the development of his land in Labis, Johor. He has five pieces of agri land and is looking forward for me to drop by and conduct a bird population evaluation.

The lands are freehold and if you wish to move out to those agri land please give me a call.

Mr K of Kelantan SMS indicating that there is a BH in Kuala Trengganu town with more the 580 nests, three stories going for 1.5 million.

I do have a few blog readers who wanted to buy empty shop houses in the vicinity of Wilayah Perseketuan about 1 hours drive.

Those who have any empty shop houses please contact Harry for help to sell or to convert to a BH.

Some Good News On Raw Birdnest Prices !!!

The price of raw bird nests are moving up ward.
This was what I was told yesterday.

This is a good signs for all birdhouse owners. During the last 6 months the prices went spirall downwards to as low as rm 1,400 per kilogram. Now the price have started to climb upward touching rm 3,000 per kilo. (Full cup, 180* and 3 fingures in size)

I am sure it will move up towards the benchmark of rm 3,500 soon.

There was no specific reasons given but there were rumors that the buyers are back. Two group of buyers and it seem they are competing for the raw nests.

I wonder who they are and hopefully they will not push the price too high until were are no longer competitive.

There will be more processing centers affected and more will be out of job.

I wish to have the capital to start this downstream activities. If you have your own BHs and some good friends you might want to learn how to clean these bird nests.

The income from the processing works is lucrative but the core is where to sell them to.