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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twin Power Tweeter Pictures !!!

These pictures are taken just before my workers install the TwinPower Tweeters in Kuala Krai BH.

My idea was to install a reasonable number of these tweeters on the rooftop, both the BH affected and my neighbour.

Each set will be facing the direction where most of those birds are either flying home or on their last leg of hunting for food.

To minimize the noise pollution I have instructed my electrician to connect the cable connecting these set of tweeters to the allocated amplifier with a Hager digital timer.

The some will be set to be switched on from 6:30pm until 8:00pm.

A very interesting innovation which need some testing works.

I am not very sure how effective it will be but let not unturned those rocks.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A True Story About How A Dead BH Was Re Activated !!!!

You need to read this very interesting email from someone from Bangil, Indonesia.

His BH was dead for almost 10 years.  Only 20 nests after 10 years but after reading my blog, bought a few good sounds and revamp as per my recommendations, he got the BH back its life.

Just read this email and view all the latest pictures he provided:

Dear Harry,

I will inform you the progress of my dead BH in Bangil (10 years just max 20 nests) after revamping on Mei 2011.

I studied the methods you described in your blog and  found many mistakes on that BH.

The temperature was to low (24- 26) , humidity (65-75%), and too bright  and i have found many2 geckos...

I used your Blackcloud and SuperBabyKing after that. and install styrofoam and Duck egg above and around the tweeters.

I am surprised with the results. although i have not harvested yet, but i have already seen the improvement. i see many new markings and new Nests.

Yes, my BH is alive again.

Let look at  the pictures attached.

Thanks for the infos, you share in your blog. I appreciate it very much.

I hope to inform you again on Nov 2011 after harvesting the nests.

Thank you very much


What do you think I can say?

Good for your Doctor and I hope it will continue with lots of birds until they are full to the maximum.

May God Bless you venture.

All of us are looking forward for your next BH visit report.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Paracetamol, Antibiotics and Cough Syrup !!!

While revamping the Kuala Krai Swiftlet Ecopark BH I intentionally called one of my student who happened to be a practising Doctor in the local Hospital nearby.

He was so excited to receive my call and decided to join me for lunch during his lunch break.

"How are you Pak Harry and I am glad that you called.  Been thinking of talking to you for sometime."

I can feel his excitement and I was pretty sure he got something interesting to share with me.

"Yes Doc, how are you and how's your new BH progress?"

He gave me a wide smile and I know there was something interesting to tell me.

"Pak Harry, after attending your Seminar, purchased your recommended sounds, keep reading your blog at least two times, carry out my own modification and so forth, the result so far is encouraging. Two months into operation and I have about 40 bird shits spots."

Wow that's a very good result and you should be very happy with that, I told him.

What sound combination are you using?

"Black cloud as my external and superbabyking as my internal."

"I have this interesting discovery that I wanted to share with you.  Remember that article you wrote long ago about why those BH above clinic are doing well?  You said that you suspected that those smell from the clinic store rooms with files, drugs (antibiotic, pain killers and cough mixture) and some other things can be the reason why those birds love the place."

"Well after reading that article I started to make some observations in Kuala Krai BHs that are located just above those clinic.  The answer is yes, you are right."

So what happened after that?

"What I did was to do some research.  I managed to collect a reasonable amount of those expired Panadol and antibiotics and I stored them inside my data room.  You know what happened?"

Yes please tell me !!!

"Most of those bird shit spots were just beside the data room facing the wall that I stored those expired medicine."

Wow wow wow, that was a very interesting story and I hope my reader enjoyed it.

So why don't you drop my your Doctor's office and ask for those expired medicines?

I think I need to ask my wife to collect some from her clinic.

If you wish to try please let me know.  Will try to get some expired medicine for you at a price.

he he he.......

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Revamp Of A BH in Kuala Krai EcoPark !!!

(Power Twin Tweeters)

My current project is at Kuala Krai Swiftlet EcoPark, in Kelantan, Malaysia.

The BH was purchased by a local who has little knowledge on how to convert and manage his new investment.

Due to some misadventure the unit was converted by someone who seems to have very little knowledge about swiftlet farming and after 8 months the house has only two bats.

A very common mistake and you should try to avoid it.

I was asked to inspect the BH about three months ago and after submitting a 10 pages report the owner wanted my help to revamp the BH.

Four days ago packed some relevant items and workers to Kuala Krai.  The work done is currently about 50% done and hopefully by this coming Thursday it will be completed.

The area of concern were:

1) The bird house was a bit too bright.
2) The original entrance hole was not properly used.
3) There was no VIP room(s).
4) The nesting planks were too dirty with foot markings.
5) The type of tweeters used as internal sound were not suitable.
6) Tweeters installation were incorrect.
7) The front wall facing the morning sun was to hot.
8) The nesting planks installation were a bit too wide with little crossings.
9) The house floors were too dusty.
10) Now humidifier was provided.
11) The type of sound used was not very attractive.
12) The walls colour was a bit to bright.
13) The house was a bit empty with nothing to lure those wild birds.

To summarise the BH was not ready for occupation.

The way to go is to upgrade the BH with some new equipment, gadgets and erect a number of walls.

The sound system will be changed to a newer type of amplifiers and both the external and internal sounds will be a more effective.

This new masterpiece will be installed with about 8 sets of twin power tweeters all around the BH and shall be operated between 6:30 pm till 8:00pm.

Let us do some research on how to get your BH to be the most active in a densely populated BH area using those twin power tweeters.

If you need to purchase a set let me know.

Each set is only RM 120 without any postage cost added.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Home Computer Was Done For A Couple of Days !!!

I was out of action for a few days when my home computer connection was out.

It seems that the modem supplied by TM unify was a bit overworked and burned.

Yesterday a new modem was installed, a much larger with more ventilation holes.

There were a number of new activities that I have been busy with.

The first was to assemble my workers to pack and move to Kuala Krai.

The second activity was the monitoring of a BH in Karak, Pahang.

The base of a 30'X80'X3stories was about to be ready.

The site supervisor seems to be facing with too much rain.

The construction was a bit slow and the owner is not very happy with the progress.

Have a look at these pictures and you will see the progress.

Those who wish to visit the site please let me know.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ayer Kuning: Four Days And The Results So Far Is Exciting !!!

The Ayer Kuning BH owner was very pleased to see about 25-30 bird shit spots in his recently revamped BH.

I took some time to drive up to Ayer Kuning yesterday to install two cool mist machines that was delivered two days after I put the BH into operation.

The most exciting was to see more than 5 bird shit spots on the ground floor. the lowest and most unusual place of the BH.

Prior to my revamp works there was not a single bird shit spot on any of the floors.

I think he knows very well that those birds have started to enter and a few have stayed as his permanent tenants.

"Pak Harry, I think the revamp works are working and every evening I can see a reasonable number of birds entering both the old and new entrance holes."

What is so special about this BH was that it was situated between the pig shit pond, a big water reservoir and a chicken farm.

I noticed that these swiftlet will travel from the pig farm and the chicken farm on a kind of rotation basis.

They will focus or start with the chicken farm and after that will fly in a group to the pig shit pond. When doing that routine they will be passing the BH in operation.

I am sure there will rotate their food hunting for at least three to four time in the morning and later part in the evening.

At times they will fly to the reservoir to hunt for insects but will also skimmed on the water surface for a sip.

After counting the number of bird shit spots the owner quickly rushed me to a newly build row of shop to check if their are any sign of birds.

I brought along the test gadget and conducted about 20 minutes test call.

There were at least 30 birds responded.

"Pak Harry, what do you think?  Should I buy one of the unit?"

"If you are confident enough why not?  If you are the first I think you have a very good chance.", I told him.

I think after seeing his Ayer Kuning BH progress he now have a higher confident level.

I am sure he will be calling me to renovate the new shop house soon.

Good luck to him and I know now he is a much happier person.

He keep saying that he was very lucky to have met me.

Prior to this his BH was empty for almost 6 months.

This was his story on how he got my contact:-

One day when attending a GAHP (Good Animal Husbandry Practise)  Seminar in Ipoh, I was the last person arrived, he recalled.

There was an empty chair at the back row.  I quietly took the seat beside this old man.

At first we were quiet but after some time we introduce to each other.

I told him about my predicament about an empty BH of mine and this old man asked me to contact you Pak Harry.

He gave your phone number and told me that you are in Bidor revamping a BH there.

I immediately called you and drove to Bidor to meet you.  I never have that guy phone number and how I wish I could say thank you to him.

At first I was very scared to meet you alone.  I brought my wife.

"In case I don't come out within 45 minutes please call the police, I told her."

After viewing your work I think I met the right person.  That was when I invited you to come over to look at my troubled BH.

I am so glad that without any hesitation you took some time to drive up to Ayer Kuning and reviewed my BH condition.

From the report you submitted I know you are a good man and that was why I pushed my partners to allow me to appoint you to revamp our BH.

My partners now are very happy with me and with you.

Now every time they visit the Pig Farm they can see lots of birds playing at the entrance hole.

My comment to him was:

"Mr Chin I am just a passionate swiftlet farmer.  I am nothing and nobody. What I did was to help you with your problems.  If you know about these wild birds I am sure you will be better than me.  Try to look after your BH properly and if you face any problems let me know."

Inside me I feel very good and accomplished. I have done my best with his BH and the success is dependant on the location and the understanding of the wild birds.  You also need to have a good set of sounds.

Good luck to him.