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Friday, September 30, 2016

Taman Anggerik BH: This 5 Years Old BH Need 2 Entrance Holes !!!

The owner of this Taman Anggerik BH (somewhere in Kuala Kangsar Perak) shut off the whole sound system and wanted to stop operating his BH.

While on his business trip to Ayir Tawar Perak he met a friend who run the same type of business of selling kapchai motobikes.

The two discussed about BHs and this was where my name was mentioned.

Upon getting my contact number he called and asked me to meet up with him.

He was lucky since I was on my way up to his hometown revamping the Kubang Pekan BH.

We met and he took me to view his BH.

He confessed that after more then 3 different consultants and operated for more then 5 years nothing happened.

There were about 3 small bats staying inside.

Upon inspection I discovered one simple reason why his BH was not populated.

It was something to do with the positioning of the door or perhaps the walls were not erected properly.

The BH entrance area configuration force those birds to turn very sharp corners.

The rest were the same as nearly all BHs.

All the floors were wide opened without any VIP rooms, tweeters were not many, wrongly placed tweeters and so forth.

After agreeing with him to take his chellage to revamp the BH I came out with this idea of opening two entrance holes.

A new one at the back of the BH and the current entrance to be installed with a monkey house enclosure.

This new way of attracting birds at the back and the front will be a more drastic method as compared to just operating one entrance hole.

The back entrance hole will be designed to populate the top floor while the front will be for the middle and the ground floor.

At this juncture I have about 30% more to go.

The monkey house construction was outsourced to a local contractor.

My boys did the followings:

1) Removed the old wall that was blocking the birds flying in path in total.

2) Opened a new entrance hole on the back part of the building facing the hills.

3) The top floor will be designed to attract birds from the back window and not the front.  A few walls were erected to block the bright light and created 2 VIP rooms.

4) The internal sound tweeters will now be increased and faces the flying in path of those birds coming from the new entrance hole.

5)  A set of external sound tweeters will be installed to lure those birds to enter from the back and pull to the end of the VIP rooms.

6) The ventilation holes that were using those white colored pipes need to be upgraded.  The light emitted have to be controlled.

7) My boys opened a hole to pull those birds to fly to the middle floor.  This new hole (LAL) is about 6 feet wide by 7 feet long.  The edges being smoother and covered with planks.

8)  The middle floor now will have some new rooms to make those wild birds welcome.

9) All internal and external sound tweeters will be arrange to lure those birds when they flying in via the LAL hole.

10) There will be two set of external sound system. One for the main entrance hole and the other for the new entrance hole.

11) Since the BH is located very  closed to residential houses. I will be installing a sound system that will be designed to operate only during the peak hours and not the whole day.

12) The two entrance hole areas will be installed with old trap.

13) There will be two external sounds to be used.  The two sounds will be selected based on how effective they are when tested.

14) The BH planks will be applied with Super Pheromone liquid and and its floor sprayed with Mutiara aroma.

15) To maintained the humidity a set of mist pump will be installed plus two sets of chicken coop humidifiers.

16)  The external sound at the main entrance holes will be regulated using a timer, specially made for this kind of environment.

This BH should be ready by this coming weekend.

Let us pray and hole that there will be some nests.

The owner seems to be smiling everytime he visited the newly designed BH.

If you have similar problem with your BH please call me at 017 7551318

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kubang Pekan BH: Finally Completed and Back Into Operation After 5 Years !!!

Very very glad that the revamp operation of this two stories BH is done.

The owner claimed that this BH was not even completed by the contactor/consultant.

It was left somewhat hanging with no sound system installed, bright and full of bats.

I was given the task to reactivate it.

After a short visit to view what was wrong I wrote a complete report on what can be done to salvage the BH.

I took 14 long days to finish the BH.

The following scope of works was implemented:

1) Opened a new entrance hole on the wall of the BH.  The old entrance hole which was on the roof was sealed.

2) Installed a hexagonal tweeter right above the new entrance hole.

3) Also added two mini bazooka at the side of the BH wall closed to the new entrance hole.

4) Opened a hole (LAL) to allow those birds to fly down to the lower floor.  The BH was designed without any LAL but supposed to use the staircase.

5) Added extra 600 feet of nesting planks.  Mainly to reduce those gaps.

6) The top floor now has a VIP room at the back.

7) The light from the main entrance hole is blocked with the erection of a room with a door leading those wild birds to fly above the LAL hole.

8) The LAL areas is with a room too mainly to minimize bright light from polluting the entrance hole on the top floor.

9) The ground floor added a number of partitions to create two VIP rooms and the data room.

10) Installed about 250 internal sound tweeters.

11) Every inch of the nesting planks was cleaned with salt water spiked with Tenali vinegar.

12) A bout 400 fake nests were installed to act as bait to attract those new visitors to the BH.

13) The sound system now is with three sounds.  Two external and one internal.

14) The roof was covered with a new layer of cladded zinc roof.  The BH now is cooler and more attractive to any bird that entered.

15) The BH humidity now is perfect.  First I have installed a proper water storage tank with proper piping.

16) Both floors are served by a 25 nozzles mist pump.

17) The top floor now is with three chicken coop humidifiers activated by the use of an auto sensor humidistat to control the humidity.

18) Removed nearly 2 tons of rubbish from the BH.

19) Removed or kill nearly all those bats that were staying in the BH.

20) Sprinckle with ants powder to kill lots of ants inside and outside.

21) Burned all waste items so that they will not be breeding rats, termites and ants.

22) Added about 22 new ventilation holes.  Drill the walls and insert those 4" diameter PVC pipe and inserted with elbows and extension pipes.

What a task and now once put into operation I hope those swiftlet do know how to appreciate all the works I have done with the help of my staff.

Dear God Please Bless this BH.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A BH At Kok Lanas Kelantan !!!

The owner of this BH located somewhere in a shop house located in the town of Kok Lanas Kelantan discovered my blog.

The blog site changed his life.

The owner is a very young man who was given the task to look after the family BH that seems to have a total of about 400 nests that stop growing.

He simply cannot take it when his so called consultant keep telling him to sit and wait.

"Every time I called him he keep telling me to wait"  he said.

This prompt him to search for the right solutions.

He came across my blog and keep reading day after day.

The moment he started he cannot stop.

He was more like obsessed with the new information.

He knew that there are problems in his BH and the answer in inside Pak Harry Blog.

Not only he is more at home now but his wife is saying that right now he no longer came  back home late and lesser outside activities.

More like very homely.  I think this is a good thing to happen to a married man.

He quickly contacted me and ask if I can come over to his BH and diagnose the problems.

His BH is facing this so called nests stop to grow syndrome.

The number became stagnant after reaching about 400 nests and running for almost 4-5 years.

He keep saying that when he talk to his consultant the answer given in just give more time.

He cannot take it.  In his mind there must be a reason to why they stop growing.

What he wanted to do is to find the reason and find the cure.

The only person that can help me now is Pak Harry.

He called and told me that he would like my service to diagnose the problem.

I told him that I will be in Kota Bahru and he volunteered to fetch me and perhap proceed straight to his BH.

The moment I landed he was there at the exit door.

We introduced yourself and he seems to be smiling all the way since he now have met the "SIFU" that he know will be able to diagnose his BH problem.

Upon entering his BH I told him that I have found the problem and I know what can be done to reactivate the nests increment.

What do you think is wrong with his BH?

If you have been reading my blog for many months I think you too will be able to tell him what to do.

Here are some pictures which I think will tell you what can be the problems inside this BH:

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tumpat BH: Another Milestone That Will Bring More Nests !!!

Yesterday September 18th 2016, I make a trip to this BH located in Tumpat Kelantan.

The 3 stories with this big size of 38 feet by 100 feet was nearly abandoned by the owner.

I was invited to inspect the BH and after my visit report was submitted the owner quickly arrange to proceed with the recommendations.

That was about 8 months ago.

The nest number at that time after almost 6 years into operation was only about 20 pieces.

Now after the revamp operation the next jumped to 60 nests within 8 months.

The caretaker confirmed that every minute of the day there will be birds at the BH entrance hole.

This follow up visit was to check on the progress of the BH and at the same time identify anything that can increase the nests number.

I told the owner that the progress so far passed my expectation however I told him that the nest numbers should have be better.

They have started to stay and some have started to stay on the floor that used to be empty.

However I told him the followings which might help to improve the nest numbers:

1) After 8 months I think the time has come to change to the latest sound that will attract more young birds to his BH.  I replaced the two external sounds to Kingkong and Super Ext on the spot.

(After I changed the two external sounds)

2) The floor wetness was not good enough. I told the caretaker to increase the running time of the mist spray time to twice the current time.

3) I think the BH surroundings have to be cleaned and clear of all those trees and bushes.  There was a green snake in the BH during my visit.

4) If he wanted to see more birds I wanted him to install about four chicken coop humidifiers on every floor and all of these humidifiers shall be activated using a Humidistat.

5) The fake nests inside the VIP rooms should be regularly sprayed with Super Pheromone aroma.  This will entice more young couple to stay inside the BH.

6) During my observation at the LMB inside the BH I can see that most of those birds that entered the hole seems to enter a short distance and quickly flew out.  The cause of this problem have something to do with the follow up tweeters to pull them to the first entrance door in the BH.  Additional external sound tweeters need to be added in the monkey house room.

7) I wish the owner plant a number of figs trees around his BH.  I need to air layered a few and sent them to him.

The above will be submitted to the BH owner and hopefully he will arrange to install all of them.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kota Bahru Swiftlet Farming Seminar On September 17th 2016 !!!

The one day Seminar went well and I think I have done a good job.

These group of swiftlet farmers came and listened to all the techniques that can turn around their sick birdhouses.

The came and they increase their current knowledge.

After the Seminar many came to say thank you and some proposed to organize similar talk to another group of BH owners (Chinese) in Kota Bahru.

About 70 participants and all were so motivated to reactivate their BHs.

I hope to do more at many other locations if given the same kind of invitation.

Those swiftlet farming associations in every state should be more active.

They should prepare a list of activities and add my talk as one on the list.

If you which to have a copy of the presentation materials please PM me.

Please look at some pictures taken during the Seminar:

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Seminar Organized By Jabatan Veterina Kelantan

Today will be taking firefly to Kota Bahru Kelantan to deliver a talk on how to rehabilitate those bird houses that failed to perform.

This Seminar is organized by Jabatan Veterina Kelantan and I am very proud to be invited as the speaker.

Organized at Kota Bahru Emaslink New Pecific.

It will be a one day session and I will be tabling 4 presentation materials.

These papers will focus how to defined a good BH and how to detect those errors in a failed BH.

Participants will be able to know how to detect and eliminate errors in their BHs.

If they are smart they will be able to help others with problems in their BHs.

My main purpose is to explain how I detect problems in any failed BHs.

Once detected how do I correct them so that once completed those birds will start to occupy a BH that was one time black listed or rejected.

This is a special gift and so far have converted so many failed BHs.

The idea is to part these valuable knowledge and given a chance I will offer on site training for any of these participants to master the techniques.

They should be prepared to work with me and my workers at many of these failed BHs.

Will offer at least two slots for every revamp job that I will be doing during the next few months.

These people should be glad that I am so generous with the offer.

The only issue is how many of them are serious in helping themselves.

Most of them let a third party to do nearly everything.

They always will hide behind the door saying that they are not knowledgeable in handling a BH.

They are smart in pointing fingure to all those people who wanted to help them but they refuse to learn the basics plus the advance technique on how to be a successful BH owners.

Let see how many will accept my invitation for training during conversion of failed BHs.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another Abandoned BH In Kuala Kangsar !!!

While busy with the revamp operation at Kubang Pekan I was asked to visit another BH with similar problem.

The BH owner decided to stop the sound system and abandoned the house.

While on his business trip to Ayir Puteh he met his friend who recommended my name to look into into BH problem.

That was how he got my contact number.

Managed to view his BH and told him what can be done to reactivate his BH.

His story was similar like many others.

Engaged the wrong person to reactivate however all the "consultants" could not bring any result.

After 5 years and 3 consultants his BH currently is with zero nest.

Very strange phenomena.

There were a reasonable of birds that were searching for food around his BH however they seems not very interested to come to his BH.

To reactivate this BH I came out with a few new ideas:

1) This BH should be with two entrance holes.  On at the back and one at the front.

2) The two holes will cater for 2 BHs in one.  The back entrance hole will serve the top most floor while the front hole will serve the middle and ground floors.

3)  There will be two set of sound systems which will allow him to play two external sounds/

4) To force those birds to enter the front entrance hole and fly down to the middle floor a new hole need to be opened and enclosed in a kind of room.

5) The top floor will be designed with all the rooms and gadget facing towards the back ,

6) The middle floor will be designed to face the hole where the birds will enter the floor.

7) The ground floor will be with minimal intervention except a set of external sound tweeters will be installed to lure those wild birds to fly down to this floor.

8) The rubber trees beside the BH need to go. This will help to get the birds attention while flying in the evening to a food source area behind his BH.

It will be another challenging revamp operation.

Right now shall wait for the owner's final decision to proceed or not.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Current Project In Kuala Kangsar Perak !!!

This two stories BH was not completed and abandoned by the contractor.

Looking at the various errors inside I would say that the contractor realized that there is more to just building a structure.

The understanding about the birds have to come first.

The scope of works that are currently being done are as follows:

1) Relocation of the main entrance hole.  Original hole, a small hole on the roof, is to be shut.

2) The new entrance hole will be on the wall and located at a more precised area.

3) The entrance hole area will be installed with adequate number of external sound tweeters to attract any of those swiftlet that flew within 1 kilometer radius.

4) A new LAL hole is introduced to allow those wild birds to populate the ground floor.

5) The bright light entering the LMB will be blocked to minimize the floor brightness.

6) A VIP room was created at the end of the top floor.

7) To wet the BH a water storage tank will be installed on the top floor and the water will be distributed to both floors to wet the floor.

8) Additional nesting planks will be added to reduce the gaps.

9) Old tweeters shall be removed and new one will be installed in accordance to a proven method of installation.

10) The BH will be added with about 15 new air ventilation holes on each floor.

11) To cool the ceiling on the top floor, the owner have approved the installation of a cladded roof above the current zinc roof.

12) Air will be allowed to flow from one end to the other to cool the space in between the roof and the ceiling.

13) A set of amplifiers will be installed to run the BH with two external sounds and one internal sounds.

14) A special gadget to automatically activate the electrical system if tripped will be installed.

15) The choice of the three sounds will be decided once tested.

16) The floor of the BH will be applied with special aroma to neutralize the old odor.

With the newly installed system I hope to see some nests within 3-4 months.

Let us hope that it will be functional as a BH.