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Friday, July 31, 2015

Bujang BH: More Birds Then Usual !!!

(Enlarge the clip for better viewing)

While clearing those tall grass around the fruit trees I was very amused with the number of birds playing at the top entrance area.

There are a few possible reasons but the external sounds played is the number one.

The word is sounds.

Two sounds played and the one around the top entrance external lip seems to be the most powerful.

The rain seems to be off and on for the whole of the week and I am sure that also activate those birds to response to BH good sounds.

The volume level is another possible reason.

Mine was a bit louder as compared to the BH beside mine.

I can see that those powerful sound do help my neighbor.

I enjoy the view and I hope it will be like these clip every day.

The more they are outside the chance of some to enter the BH is pretty high.

I have also applied my NKS technique.

There were so many new markings inside and I took about 3 hours to complete the installation for one floor only.

After three hours your legs, hands and head became so tired.

Sweating all over the body.  I was actually drenched.

After installing about 60 pieces of fake nests and sprayed with super pheromone I left the BH.

I am now back in Kuala Lumpur and hope to see some new nests next three weeks or so.

The NKS photos are as follows:

(New Markings)

(Another new marking)

(Did the NKS)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A BH Somewhere In Betong Sarawak !!!

Last night, July 23rd 2015, I was in communication with a BH owner whose BH is located somewhere in Betong Sarawak.

He seems to be doing pretty well with 300 nests in a small BH with two stories high.

He started by asking about how to improve the current nests numbers.

I told him to sketch his BH floor diagrams and whatsapp to my phone.

By looking at those sketches I told him to perhaps look at increasing the nesting planks by installing those cross woods.

Every line will add more nesting surfaces but more important is creating those 90* corners.

The corners will be populated within a few months and if by the cross wood installation create say 300 ninety degrees corners he will soon double the total nests population.

With 600 nests he should then focus on how to anchor his new birds that were hatched inside his BH.

His next question was on how to erect partitions.

I sketched a number of it and whatsapp to him.

He can now start erecting at those proposed areas.

The only sad thing about his BH is the poor location of the LAL hole.

Should have not waste those space.

The way to go is to continue improving and give special attention on how to anchor all those young birds that were hatched and brought up inside his BH.

If he can do or improve his BH conditions I am sure those young birds will not venture or move to his neighbors BHs.

Enjoy some sketches and photos send to me yesterday.

The two sketches given by him were the best among all since you can identify where those birds are staying.

By looking at the two you can understand why they are not going downstairs.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Inventor Of Plastic Chain Corner Buster !!!

The above picture is Mr Andy a personal friend who invented this so call "Corner Buster" gadget.

I have known him for quite some time and always bump into each other at swiftlet farming functions.

A few month ago I wrote about this special technique on how to force those birds from 90* corners by using plastic chain.

Go to:

After listening to the speaker, delivered at Trengganu, I came to the conclusion that this is a marvelous idea.

I wrote about it and I mentioned it was the speaker who gave the idea.

I never knew that the person who invented is the above.

This idea will help to reduce those odd shape nests (90* and 135*).

All that you need to do is that during every harvesting operation try to bring a few ready to installed chains.

Every 90* or 135* nests harvested must be immediately fixed with the chain.

If you continue deploying the chains you will see that your harvest nests will show a big jump in 180* nests shape while those odd shape nests will begin to go down.

In this way your income will improve.

180* shape nest can call for better or higher prices as compared to odd shape nests.

You should say thank you to Mr Andy and he can be contacted at this email address:

or call him at this number

Chong Siw Sek
Consultant Directional Driller
for Halliburton Energy Services & Anadrill Schlumberger
Lubemax (M) Sdn Bhd
H/P: +60129600785

He mentioned that for those who use this idea please be kind enough to donate some money to his account.

Monies received will be donated to the poor, according o him.

You might want to ask him to email to you his PDF report on this idea with colorful pictures.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

NKS: Proven To Be Very Effective !!!

It is nice to know that this idea of mine is working especially with those newbies who have begun to deploy the idea.

What I was trying to say that the Nest Kick Start (NKS) is a powerful tool for your BH.

Old or new is no different.

If you wanted to see an immediate increase in nests number try to apply this simple and yet very effective.

Before your next visit to your BH try to get ready a few fake nests with screws ready to be fixed to the nesting planks.

When you enter try to look all over your BH floor and try to detect any new/fresh bird shit markings.

Once you found them get a ladder and climb up to locate the precise location where those new tenants were anchoring.

Try to locate some time of saliva marking.

If you cannot find any try to estimate where do you think they have been hanging and install your every ready fake nest just below the spot.

If you wanted the fake nests to be more responsive try to spray some super pheromone spray.

Carry out this process on every spot that shows fresh bird shit markings.

I can guarantee that during your next trip you will have a nest on those fake nests just installed.

I am not talking about 100% but most of it will.

On my recent birthday I met a newbie with a BH for a cup of coffee.

He claimed that the NKS operation helped him alot.

If not because of the NKS his BH nests number will not be that many.

"Pak Harry your NKS idea is very effective and I would like to thank you for coming out with that idea" he commented.

For more information please go to this article:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What Really Happen When You Harvest A Newly Completed Nest ???

A question that always come to my mind is what happen if a new nest is being harvested?

If the female owner have two eggs ready to be laid and now her completed nest was taken away how and what will she do?

Someone by a shear accident met a BH caretaker who explained to him on something which we don't bother to find the right answer.

This was the exact word from a message received:

Yesterday had dinner with a friend (a worker in a sawmill factory) who manage his boss BH.
One of the method that he used is to tag which nest start building and watch closely using cctv cameras.  Once they finish he harvested the nest.  Then the bird came back n she seems like crying (maybe) and ask for help.  Then a few birds from beside stop their nest production and come to help her in building the missing nest. Soon the nest is up within a week.  She now can lay her eggs.

Yes all were captured on CCTV cameras.

A very strange story but I believed it is true.

During one of my Swiftlet farming seminar conducted at Time Square Penang.

I was telling my participants about force harvest.

After explaining in great length I open the floor for discussion.

Force harvest is similar like your BH being burglarized.

A strange phenomena will happened where the nests number will jump at least 30-75 %,

One questioned asked was how come and what really causes the nests to shoot up suddenly.

One of the 20 participants help to answer the question.

According to him when his BH was buglarized he took some time to monitor what really happened inside.

His first observation was the first few days the number of birds staying drop by at least 60-70%.

They must have gone to stay at other BHs nearby.

There is a very strong possibility they went there to sort for help.

They must have talk intensely about what happened and the neighbor must have force their young one to come and help to rebuilt the house or nests.

Once they settle in they too will erect nests for their own.

If you have the time please install some CCTV cameras and focus on a newly erected nest.

Once completed you harvest it.

From then on try to observe what exactly happened.

I am sure you will find the answer.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bujang Valley BH: Just Wanted To Show How Two Good External Sounds Works !!!

Well got another one BH that I am looking after.

This second unit is at Kampung Bujang, Merbok Kedah.

I was given the task to turn around by the owner since he don't have the time and idea what to do.

I was actually forced to undertake this BH with another 2 units.

What I like most about this Bujang BH is the one acre land that came along with it.

I have not only work on the BH but also the piece of land.

The trees mainly nangka madu are doing well and the BH is also moving nicely.

Last week went to change the sound so that it will play the new sounds.

While weeding the plants I managed to capture a clip showing you what happen and you can see what happened to its neighbor.

A very interesting and nice.

However I am of the opinion this BH need a monkey house structure to be erected.

Many times I can see many birds going to the walls searching for an entrance hole.

Most of the young birds must be from BHs with monkey house type entrance hole.

When they are so used to their favorite entrance hole they will find it hard to enter a top entrance BH.

Well I need to allocate some fund for this new erection.

Let's hope by this year end the monkey house structure will be up and running.

Enjoy the clip and some of the trees fruiting.

(Try to compare with the neighbor's BH on the left)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Lukut BH Inspection: Done Just Before The Holiday Break !!!

This particular BH was taken over by a newbie who have just entered swiftlet farming fray.

He took over from his relatives who wanted to get out of the Industry.

He hope he have got himself well prepare for the great challenge especially in populating a poorly performing BH.

His main source of knowledge are those books and websites.

He mentioned to me that his favorite blog sites are mine and one more blogger.

After following my blog for a number of months he decided to call me for a cup of coffee.

We met a number of times and he soon realized that there are more then what he have been reading.

All that he learned or discovered are still the tip of a big iceberg.

The only way now is to get my service to conduct a proper evaluation on what can be done to further improve his BH.

I took about 45 minutes to view outside and inside.

My points of concerned are as follows:

1) The BH was converted from a kind of small factory about 1 1/2 story high.  Top floor was very small about 20 feet long by 20 feet wide.  The ground floor was larger about 90 feet long.

2) Its location, in between factory lots, is not something that he can blast those sounds for long hours.

3) The entrance hole of this BH is the top entry using opened roof system.  Usually the most preferred will be the monkey house type.

4) The hexagonal tweeter installed seems to be falling apart.  The four tweeters installed on a kind of plastic plate collapsed.

5) The mouth of the entrance hole need some kind of modified to make it more attractive.  Water proof external sound tweeters should be installed facing the birds flight flying home directions.

6) The connecting door between the opened area and the nesting room looks a bit too big and not properly completed.  The door should be reduced to a smaller size to reduce those bright light.

7) The same door was with no proper door frame to systematically installed the right number of external sound tweeters.

8) The number of external sound tweeters and their positions were not properly thought off.  I think a proper position will attract more birds into the door.

9) The top floor nesting room areas were too bright and need some kind of partition wall for light reduction.  I strongly feel that the whole walls be painted with black colored water based paint.

10) The Lubang Antara Lantai (LAL) looks big enough however the finishing were not well done.  Without proper frame there will be lesser urgency of installing proper number of external sound tweeters.

11) I was not very impressed with the way those partition walls were installed.  There was this lack of considerations to make life much easier for those precious tenants.  The partition walls need some kind of realignment and perhaps one more to block those bright lights.

12) As usual the nesting planks needs some kind of cleaning and perhaps all those 90* corner covers be removed.

13) Internal sound tweeters need some kind of re installed.  The direction where they should be facing need some kind of reorientation.

14) There were a few fake nests but I think there should be more like 10-20 times more in numbers.  They should be properly installed and at strategic locations.

15) The mist pump should be put into service.  Currently the mist system is dead with most of its nozzles blocked.

16) The BH floor was a bit too wet due to water leakage from a chicken coop humidifier.  If not rectified the whole floors will be flooded.

17)  Some attention should be given to the application of Mutiara aroma and super pheromone inside the BH.

I hope my full report will do some justice to this BH.

Let me share with you some pictures taken during my visit.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Pleasurable View At Kepala Batas BH !!!

Something pleasurable to see and to share with all my blog followers.

I took a short break with my family at Sungai Patani, Hari Raya Adilfitri holiday, and managed to sneak to the Kepala Batas BH.

The nice cool weather with intermittent showers seems to have some favorable effects on those swiftlet.

I have a very strong feeling that during this wet weather they seems to be easily attracted to good sounds.

For this particular BH I was playing two external sounds and the number of birds responded was interesting.

The external sound played at those last tango tweeters was Superlimax while at the main window and the hexagonal tweeter was SuperVacuum.

A marvelous and pleasurable thing to see so many of those birds playing at the monkey house areas.

How can I pull them inside?

I think you by now know how to do it.

If you are not sure let me know so that I can tell you my tricks.

Write to

If you desire to see the same actions around your monkey house get the two set of sounds.

Call me at 0177551318 for its prices.

Enjoy these clips and pictures taken last week.

(Better if enlarged)