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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Can Be The Problem With This BH ???

Have you experience the same kind of happening during your starting days? 

 Well let me relate to you on this BH that seems to have a lot of birds entering in the evening however something weird causes the owner to be very concerned. 

 The BH is somewhere on Langkawi Island and the owner seems to conduct a very closed observation on how many birds that entered every evening. His biggest concern was the shit on the floor. 

 When he inspected inside the number of bird shit markings was too little so much so that those birds are not doing their shitting in the house. 

 What can be the possible reasons? 

 My explanations to him goes something like this: Every night those swiftlet that stays will shit at least two times. 

 They usually will shit inside the BH and not anywhere else. 

 If you have say 100 birds entered your BH you will usually gain about 200 bird shits. 

 If you said that there was very little shits and does not correspond to the number of birds that entered every evening they must be a proper explanation why. 

 I believed his BH external sound is a good sound. 

 However his internal sound sucks. Those birds entered plentiful when they pass his BH however what happened once the external sound is switched off might be the answer. 

 I believed once the external sound is switched off most of his birds flew away and moved into their old house. 

 This why you must fully understand the importance of internal and external sounds. 

 It served you well if you know them well but is will be a disaster if you blindly used the wrong sounds. 

 My recommendation to him was to change the internal sound. 

 My "SuperBabyKing might be the answer to his problem. Let see what he will do next.