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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Before And After The Installation Of Hexagonal Tower !!!

(This four stories BH is with little activities on its roof top)

During the recent long holiday I was in Bujang Valley to do some work around the BH.

I could not stand the long wait for my workers to return to Malaysia due to the Aidil Fitri holiday.

What I did was to install on my own a temporary hexagonal tweeter at the BH.

I have been observing the activities at the neighbor's BH with a hexagonal tweeter.

The only thing I know is that he uses the same sound for all this while.

I told myself that if I should install one at this new BH and play my latest sound, those birds will move over.

It was true.

After the hexagonal was up and started playing the Supervac sound they went berserk.

The neighbor's BH which at one time seems to be the center of attraction now become second in pulling those wild birds.

I am sure if his BH will also benefit from my hexagonal tweeter installation.

By installing the hexagonal tweeter at the right location and the right height you will soon see some immediate impact on the number of nests inside your BH.

Just listen to his great idea and you will soon see new markings in your nesting rooms.

Get one and install as soon as you can.

Also try to play an effective sound that is better than your neighbor.

If you need any help call me at 017 7551318.

(Before the installation of hexagonal tweeter)

(After installation one day apart)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Only Active BH In Karangan, Kulim, Kedah !!!

(The Kulim BH, when I first visited, it showed no activities at its monkey house. But now !!!!)

I was on my way back to Sungai Patani when a call came in asking me to drop by to collect some fruits fresh from those trees.

Yesterday on my way back to Kuala Lumpur I make a turn to the orchard.

It took almost 30 minutes from NKVE exit to the orchard.

The owner and wife was at home waiting for my arrival.

I drove in and asked how are they doing.

"Lot of fruits this year and we want you to take some home." he said.

What about your BH? I asked.

"Lot of birds playing at the monkey house and please go and have a look" he asked me to.

This BH was revamped by me and my workers about 4-5 months ago.

I did some major modifications on the monkey house roof top and the main entrance hole and the owner gave me this very interesting observation.

"Pak Harry after your revamp my BH is the only one active with birds flying around the monkey house, in and out of the two entrance hole nearly one whole day."  he commented.

It seems that he took a motorcycle ride around Karangan area and check on every one of them on the birds activities above their roof top.

His conclusion was that only his BH is active with birds flying in and out of the entrance holes nearly the whole day.

I was also told that it went heavy after his son played a new sound he obtained from me.

If I am not mistaken it was the Super 5X.

Well please have a good look at this video clip:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Felda Belara Birdcall Test Outcome !!!

Just wanted to put this into my blog.

The recent bird call tests conducted at Felda Belara, Trengganu gave some interesting results.

The first test resulted with about 200-250 birds but the second test shot up to almost 1000-1200 birds.  The third was not that many about 200 plus birds.

The three results give a strong indication that the location is with a high potential however there is some reason why the results were outstanding.

Main reason been a BH was located closed to the three locations.

I was not in favor of building a new BH since the current BH seems to be poorly populated.

The three stories BH holds only about 800 nests after 4.5 years into operations.

Base of the total nesting space made available it can hold at least 14,400 nests.

Why should a new BH be erected when the old one is not fully tenanted?.

If there is a need, why don't the old BH be expanded to its left or right or both?

I have to leave the matter to the responsible person in charge.

I have made some recommendations on what can be done to populate the BH.

I do hope that my proposal will be acceptable to the party concern.

Have a look at the video clips taken:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Inspection of a 2 Floors BH In Segamat Town. !!!

Today July 24th 2014, I was requested to inspect a four years old BH with only 200 nests.

The owner, a young man, could not find any one from the town to help him with the BH and discovered my blog.

He took very little time to decide to make a call to me.

After about 30 minutes inside the two floors I described to him what was wrong with his BH.

His main problem was on the return of his own young birds back to the BH once they took their first flight out of the BH.

I told him why those birds are not coming home and he agreed with my explanations.

"You have not provided them with what they love to have inside the BH." I told him.

The 90* corners were all taken up and I assured him that he can create more 90* corners by installing a number of cross woods.

The top most floor seems to be where the birds love to stay.

I ask him "Do you know why?"

The main reason being they do not know how to go downstairs.

Even with an LAL about 5 feet wide by 6 feet long on the floor they could not find the hole.

I explained why they could not find the hole to go downstairs.

What I told him to do is to force every one of them to fly above the hole.

He can erect a wall to force those birds over the hole.

After inspection and test of a couple of external sounds I asked him to take me to a coffee shop where I can have a table to write my visit report.

I completed the inspection report complete with sketches and diagrams for him to act.

In the even that he could not understand them call me, I told him.

He seems to be very happy to read the report but wanted a clearer report on Microsoft words.

This weekend I will be sitting at my desktop to complete the report.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Met A PhD Student From UPM !!!

A student studying for PhD at UPM called me for a small chat.

He wanted to attend my Swiftlet Farming Seminar badly however I asked him to catch up with me for some advice.

One of the most important question he asked me on how we can improve the swiftlet farming industry in Malaysia.

My answer to him is to get our PM to set up a special body or Lembaga dedicated to the Industry.

I called it as "Lembaga Kemajuan Perternakan Sarang Burung Walet" or LKPSBW.

This special body is similar to those that were done to Padi (Lembaga Padi Dan Beras Negara), Pineapple (Lembaga Nenas Negara), Palm Oil, Rubber (Lembaga Getah Negara) and many others.

This special Lembaga should be properly managed by expert in swiftlet industry and a national agenda must be set in pushing the industry to its highest level.

Adequate fund should be provided to help the industry.

The Lembaga should be allowed of perhaps create a raw nests collecting center.  Currently most BH owners are being played out by those middle man who squeeze all sellers for a minimum prize.

The Lembaga should hold the responsibility to push the total country output to meet the objective mentioned by the Ministry.

It will given the task to provide proper assistance to every person who are new and wanted to become a BH operator.

Each state or perhaps region will have a dedicated office managed by professional expert/officer in swiftlet farming.

The Lembaga shall work closely with all Universities in Malaysia on all matters especially on swiftlet research programs.

All papers that were completed shall be collected stored and produced for future research or used by swiftlet farmers.

Each year the Lembaga will organize exhibition on swiftlet farming with seminars on latest research done in swiftlet farming. All companies and associations dealing with swiftlet farming shall be invited to participate and display their products and activities.  The fee to rent a slot shall be make affordable.

Participants from foreign countries shall be invited to join the exhibition.

The Lembaga shall also arrange to organize exhibition about swiftlet farming overseas especially in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

The Lembaga will also liase with other organization that can benefit the overall industry in Malaysia such as those in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and perhaps Cambodia.

The Lembaga should help in getting all swiftlet house be tagged.

The Lembaga should also be the centre of swiftlet farming excellent.

She should take a major role in finding new method to sell the bird nest such as in wellness, beauty or perhaps curing cancer.

The Lembaga will become a one stop center for any issuing of licencing, approval of BH/ Proccessing center's design, Tagging, repair of sick BH, Yearly inspection, purchasing of raw nests, export of process nests, and etc.

The Lembaga shall be given the authority to provide grant in any matters that are relevant to swiftlet farming industry.

BH owners who have problems in finding fund to revamp their BH will have suitable allocation for them with specific repayment scheme.

All swiftlet farmers association will have the proper backing from the lembaga so that more BH owners join their association.

Each swiftlet farmer association will be provided with adequate fund to conduct training to all their members.

The above are some of my ideas but I think I have written a 10 pages report on what the Lembaga can do to propel the industry to greater height.

He took my sincere advice and promised to look into a few areas that he can do within his capacity.

The first step right now is to check on the so call Center of Excellent on swiftlet farming set in UPM.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A DIY BH That Never Took Off !!!

Many BH owners thought that it is a piece of cake to own a BH.

This particular BH owner told me about the long history how he became interested and what happened after building one.

He was cock sure that building a BH is a very simple thing.

All in all because he was given two to three chances to visit BHs that according to him were doing well.

His biggest failure was not to fully understand the characteristics of swiftlet.

His DIY BH about 18 feet by 40 feet was with about 3 nests after two years into operation.

I met him on the first night when I was in Kuala Trengganu.

He accompanied his friend who happened to be my blog reader.

That night we stayed up till 2 am talking about swiftlet farming.

At first he was reluctant to invite me to his BH and by 2 am he made up his mind.

I did not forced him but I think he has nothing to loose.

The gamble he made by DIY the BH was his  problem.

Without much knowledge about the ins and outs of swiftlet farming he did a few major mistakes that need some immediate modifications.

The three story BH was with a tunnel about 10 feet by 18 feet top to bottom floor.

His big mistake was not having any partition to block those light from entering his nesting rooms.

The front part of the three nesting floors were left wide opened without anything to block those bright light.

I pointed to him the most obvious mistake.

Recommended to him to erect some walls that might help to reduce the bright light.

His main entrance hole was facing the east however the birds flying path is from the west.

I told him to give some thought of opening another entrance hole facing the west so that those external sound tweeters can pull those birds inside.

I wrote a long visit report for him to review and follow.

Keep telling him that the only way he can reactivate his BH is to be closed to me.

Call me once a while during the revamp works and if he need me to fly to KT for the revamp operation just let me know.

I also stressed to him the important of starting a sound library.

Currently his BH sounds were with his contractor and not safely kept in his computer.

Please look after your BH sounds properly because these sounds will be your ammunition to populate your BH.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Felda Belara BH Inspection !!!

During the short visit to Felda Belara, I was given the opportunity to inspect a BH that was with about 800 nests.

According to the person in charge the BH was put into operation about 5 years ago (2010).

It was the first BH that belong to Felda.

Before this there were a number of rumors that claimed Felda operate about 30 BHs all over the country but it was not true.

This was what I gathered from the Project Manager of Felda Swiftlet Edible Bird Nest.

"Felda owned only one BH so far and the unit you just visit was the one" he claimed.

The BH dimension was about 20 feet width and 60 feet long.

Each floor was with roof height of about 8 feet.

It uses the monkey house type but rather unfortunate that it faces the west and not the east.

The direct result was that most of the nests were found on the highest floor.

The lower floors has little nests due to two main reasons.

First was due to the lack of the morning sun.

Bigger culprit was the location of the LAL between top and the second plus the second floor and the ground floor.

The location that was chosen to open the LAL was not correct.

On the third floor it was at the end of the floor while the one on the 2nd floor it was on the opposite end.

The only way to solve these two problems is to open a new second entrance hole facing the east and to open a new LAL hole on the top floor.

One very simple thing to increase the nests population is to reduce the floor darkness.

Currently the areas just below the monkey house on the top floor was with no partition walls to block those bright light especially during daytime.

If we can reduce the brightness on this floor I can see that the nest population can be easily increase by at least 50 %.

All ventilation holes that were left opened after the 90* elbows need to be quickly covered with extension pipe.

During my inspection I can clearly observed that nearly 100% of the internal sound tweeters were with a nest above it.

Unfortunately the number of tweeters were very little.

The nesting planks, after 5 years and never cleaned before, looks like in need of cleaning.

If these planks are cleaned and dried and soon after applied with Super Pheromone 2X, I can safely predict that all of them will become a magnet to draw more birds into the BH.

I would like to create at least one VIP room on each floor.

The door where the VIP room is erected should be facing the entrance door from the tunnel and the LAL directly.

I think the BH need at least one hexagonal tweeter to spice up the entrance hole.

The BH external sound seems to be focused at the entrance hole and not inside the nesting rooms.

This is a very common mistake that can be easily modified.

I gave installed my Super Babyking sound for the internal.

Tested my SuperVac sound and it draws so many birds to the main entrance hole.

I will make a list of recommendations to Felda via Iris and I hope they will take all my recommendations seriously.

I told the Site Manager that if all my recommendations are followed the nests inside the BH will double within 6-8 months.

He was fascinated with my conclusion and after looking at the SuperVac reaction with those wild birds he believed in what I said.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 2014: Felda Belara Site Inspection

(This car was rented and used to conduct the Bird call test.)

My recent trip to Felda Belara Kuala Trengganu was under the invitation of Company who is engaged by Felda.

I was asked to check if the location is suitable for swiftlet farming and locate the best site for a new and advance design BH.

Upon arrival at the location I was not only conducting the site test but was asked to inspect an operating BH that was constructed and put into operation in year 2010.

The operating BH was with 800 nests, according to the person in charge taking care of the BH.

What trouble me the moment I saw the operating BH was these questions:

1) If they already have a BH why don't they improve the operating unit and maximize the floor space?
The BH dimension was 20 feet by 60 feet and three stories high.  If we calculate the total nesting area on the BH ceilings we have 3X20X60 =3600 square feet.  If 4 nests can be built on every square foot the BH have the maximum capacity to house a total of 14,400 nests.

Now it hold only 800 nests and there is still 14,400-800= 13,400 nests space to be occupied.

2) If they still wish to erect another unit I told them that the new unit might affect the current operating unit.  Those young birds will most likely move to the new BH thus the current BH will face some kind of problem especially getting those young birds from coming back home and worse the nest population with be stagnant and later decelerate.

No matter what the outcome will be I carried out my tasks professionally and conducted the bird call tests on three locations about 100 meters away from the currently operating BH.

The test went well and all resulted in more than 250 birds responding to the Duress call.

One location was exceptional where the number of birds responded as closed to 1000-1300 birds.

The next thing that I discovered was a bird nest processing center located very closed to the operating BH.

The processing center was under "Felda Wellness Corporation" which housed about 20 female workers.

According to my source this is the first processing center fully owned by Felda and fully "Halal".

They are working towards getting the approval to be an exporter to China.

They also aimed to be the center to collect all bird nests produced in Trengganu and its vicinity.

Another interesting story that was told by the processing center project manager was the number of BHs belonging to Felda settlers.

His aim now is to carry out some data collection on each of the 69 units and carry out a kind of evaluation which of these BH can be reactivated or revamp.

Felda might want to inject some fund to help their settlers to reactive these BH and tie them to a buying clause.

If they allow renovation to be done they must sell their raw nests to Felda Wellness Corporation for processing.

A very interesting stories and I am very happy for this serious involvement by a GLC in swiftlet farming.

Another important activity that I was able to do was to visit one BH that was not doing well located very closed to my hotel.

The owner met me for supper the night before and during the first time meeting with him I was able to convinced him what help I can offer.

The next day he called and requested my time to inspect his BH.

I told him on how lucky he was and after my visit I submitted to him an 18 pages hand written report telling him exactly what was the main problems with his BH and listed many ideas who what he should do.

I will talk a bit more in details about this BH problems.

Those of you who happen to read this article and would like my service to inspect your BH please call me at 017 7551318.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I Might Be Heading To Tawau Again !!!

A very successful BH in Tawau town
Yesterday a BH owner from Tawau SMS a message:

"Harry when will be your next trip to Tawau?" he asked.

I told him that I shall be on the plane as soon as someone from Tawau wanted me to inspect their BH.

This person who whatsapp the message owned a BH however he cannot enter his own BH.

You want to know why?

It has something to do with his arrangement with his "Consultant".

I met him while I was in Tawau recently and he invited me to see his BH but I am not allowed to enter his BH too.

So why you wanted me to come over?

"I just wanted to ask your opinion if I should install those bazooka?"

I frankly told him that what is more important are his BH internal configuration.

If he wanted to get more benefits from my experiences he should allow me to enter and inspect his BH.

With my full recommendations he might be able to get more benefits from it.

To install those bazookas might not be the only solution.

There are more to it.

I told him that his friends who engaged me to help them out with their sick BH can testify my ability to reactivate those slow moving BHs.

Maybe that was why he wanted to let me know about the keys handover from his consultant on July 16th 2014.

Yes once he got his set of keys he will call to arrange for my inspection.

Just hope he will not forget to call me this week or so.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lenggong BH: Main Entrance Hole Is Now 3 Feet Wide and 4 Feet Height !!!

( Initially the main entrance hole was small and very low)

Most BHs that you see along the highway will have a very small main entrance hole.

Some can be seen covered with those cement board so that the entrance hole will be so small until it is very difficult to find and enter the BHs.

You know why most people opt for a very small entrance holes?

Most common excuse will be because my Sifu says that a big hole will make your BH too bright.

Some will come out with this reasoning that if you open the hole too big there will be too much air blown into the BH.

Some will also give excuses that the larger the entrance hole the more prone it will be to those owls.

I don't actually accept any of those excuses.

My main concept is how to bring in as many swiftlet into my BH especially a new one.

Too small will make them find it difficult to enter.

Too big will not be an easy to control both the light and the air coming in during windy season.

My choice will always be 3 feet wide by 4 feet high.

The 4 feet high will help to allow those birds to fly in direct from a steep angle when they return home.

The 3 feet width will allow me to install adequate number of tweeters on the two frames of my entrance hole.

In Lenggong BH case, during my report writing I wrote to the owner that the first thing that I wish to do with the BH was to open the main entrance hole.

"So what will happen to those bright light Harry?" he asked.

My answer to him is simple.  Just block those light from entering your nesting rooms using partitions.

You know that they harm the nesting room so you need to think very deep on how to reduce those light.

If you can handle this important part in reducing those bright light, you have no problem to have those larger sized entrance holes.

Have a look at the Lenggong main entrance hole:

(My worker hacking the wall to widen and make it higher)

(Look at this angle after the hacking and lined with nesting planks)

(From another angle)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Experiment Using Two Different Shape Of Styrofoam Fake Nests !!!

The normal shape of styrofoam fake nests are those rectangular shape.

There is a very strong possibility that those birds might like a more shapely type for example the curved type.

The above picture was taken in a BH located somewhere in Bentong Pahang.

So what if you try to install both and see which one they prefer.

This was what I did at Lenggong BH.

I bought a couple of pieces of those styrofoam sheet about 2 feet by 4 feet about 1 inch thick and cut them into the required shape.

I used this so called styrofoam cutter using hot wire and battery operated.

Once my boys finished installing those wood crossings and cluster tweeters I quickly clean the nesting planks with mild salt water added with a few cc of super pheromone 2X liquid.

The moment the nesting planks were cleaned and dry I started the installation of those fake nests.

My focus were inside the two VIP rooms.

The 3rd floor was with the curved shaped fake nests while the rectangular shape were at the 4th floor.

To make them more attractive I applied a layer of the super pheromone 2X liquid onto some of the test Styrofoams.

Give the BH about three to four months and let see which type that they love most.

I think they do not have any preferences.

Most important I think will be those that were applied with the Pheromone or not.

Let us see how they react.

If they prefer the shape type, we should from now on use the curved design.

The method of cutting them into shape is pretty simple.

If you wish to know how to please call me at 017 7551318

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lenggong BH : My First Test Using The Tall Hexagonal Tweeter !!!

It was the last day at the BH to get the tall hexagonal tweeter installed.

The idea to install the higher hexagonal tweeter came to me just after talking to the owner.

I was talking about his BH location, too deep in a valley with both sides hills covered with old and tall rubber trees.

Those old trees were just too tall and blocking the birds view of the BH.

I did suggested to the removal of those old trees and perhaps replant the land with palm oil.

In the mean time the only way to pull those birds down was to may be installed a tall hexagonal tower.

The owner gave his blessing and there I was at this small town called Sauk hardware shop looking for a long pole.

What the longest they have?

12 feet.

Hmmm how am I going to carry the pole from the town to the BH?

The shop owner proposed something unusual.

"I will tie the pole to your side mirror and the other at the back door handle." he replied.

Well he did a good job and I got the pole to the BH.

I got hold of  my worker and gave the instruction to assemble a hexagonal tweeter using those extra AG35 tweeters.

That same day they got the unit up and within hours they installed to my specification.

So let me test this new idea.

The taller hexagonal and the power tweeters I used KPOP while the shorter hexagonal I played the SuperVacuum.

The result was something which I expected.

They flocked above the BH circling and slowly came down to the monkey house.

The moment they arrived they will start to enter the BH.

This new idea is something which I wish all BH owner will follow.

The combination of two good sounds seems to pull double the number of birds to the BH.

Try this idea today but make sure you have the right sounds to play on each hexagonal.

Call me at 017 7551318 if you are in doubt.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Bird Call Test !!!

This time around I will be in Kuala Trengganu for about two nights and three days.

The place to inspect and conduct the bird call test will be at Felda Belara.

I will be flying into Kuala Trengganu tomorrow July 16th 2014 and will stay up to Friday July 18th 2014.

From KT will drive to Belara by a rented car.

This time they wanted a more detail report.

Usually only one test in the morning and one in the evening, but now they wanted two times.

The report to include the most suitable piece of land where it should be located.

Will also look around for any successful BHs closed proximity to the test location.

Will report once test completed

Lenggong BH: At Last Completed

July 14th 2014, a very important date for the BH owner to remember.

That was the date that Mr Harry completed the revamp operation.

To cut down the cost I recommended to revamp only the top two floors, the 4th and the 3rd floor.

With a dimension of 20 feet by 80 feet, the BH if totally populated it will house about 5,000 to 6,400 nests per floor.

My main objective was to proof how a sick BH can be back to normal.

The BH owner was a very lucky guy.

He met me during a Seminar conducted by UPM at Serdang, Campus.

He told me that he was actually forced to stand in on behalf of his father-in-law who could not attend the talk since he was away in Mecca.

"Pak Harry I was so lucky to be asked to be at your presentation.  If not my BH will be wasted." he claimed.

The most interesting part of the whole story is that there is another BH in the family belonging to his f-i-l that is facing the same fate.

I knew this since the same consultant was engaged for the two BHs.

I remember carrying out an inspection about one year ago.

I am still waiting for the owner to call me to mobilize my workers.

I was told that he wanted my service in October 2014.

Well the Lenggong BH have some very interesting things that I did.

1) The first BH which I installed two hexagonal tweeters at the main entrance hole area.
If you look very carefully at the above picture you can see what I was trying to say.
The shorter unit was just above the main entrance window while the taller unit was at the back part of the monkey house wall.
The front unit was connected to those tweeters installed at the main entrance hole while the taller hexagonal was connected to the last Tango line.
Yes, for this unit I will be playing two external sounds simultaneously.
Current arrangement is to play KPOP at the higher tower while the front is with SuperVac.

2) I opened about 30 new ventilation holes on both floors.
It used to hold only one hole per wall but now you can see three.
Each new hole was fitted with an elbow and an extension pipe.
A wire netting was fitted inside the pipe to prevent any wild birds from building their nests in these new holes.

(Inside the new ventilation holes were added)



3) The top most floor now have a VIP room that seems to be very attractive to those birds.  Just before leaving for KL I carry out my last inspection and there were already five birds inside it.
The moment those birds entered the monkey house a set of external sound tweeters were ready to pull them into the top most floor.
The bright light from the main door is block by another partition erected.
Most of the birds will be going straight into the VIP room at the back.
You can imagine why.
Just look at what I provided them inside the VIP room.  Those chocolate tweeters are simple the best.

4) The owner added something extra during my contract negotiation.
He wanted me to add a hole on the floor to direct those birds to fly from the 3rd floor to the second floor.
I told him that the LAL can be done and his wish came trough.

Where I proposed

 This was the LAL dig thru the floor and smoothen.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Something That Were Not Proper At Lenggong BH !!!

Took several pictures inside the Lenggong BH and while vetting through I saw a few things that I think should be useful to discuss in my blog.

1) The nesting planks on the ceiling of the monkey house:

This picture shows you something which I call a waste of effort.  

Should you climb this high and installed those nesting planks on the ceiling of your monkey house?

The place is so bright and I think is was a useless thing to do.

If you discovered this type of BH please try not to engage the same consultant.

Unless you wanted to breed those "serinti" or "martin" birds.

2) Only one internal sound tweeter per beam to beam square:

This picture tells you how much the consultant knows about the important of internal sound tweeters inside a BH.

The consultant installed only one tweeter per square (beam to beam about 10'X10').

I think he do not understand the exact function of every tweeter installed in a BH.

My recommendation is to installed about 1.5 to 2 tweeters per square meter.

Give more attention inside the VIP room ceilings.

I will show you how once I have them done soon.

3) One ventilation hole per wall, beam to beam:

The total length of each beam is about 10 feet or so.

How many ventilation holes should you installed?

For the Lenggong BH the consultant install only one hole with a 90* elbow and fitted with about 5 feet pipe.

I told the BH owner that the number was not adequate.

My advise to him was to add at least two more and make it three hole per beam to beam.

Well since I opened my mouth I was given the task to do what I wish to see.

Will show you some pictures when the additional holes are opened.

4) Should you install those ventilation hole pipe inside your monkey house?:

Another very strange thing that I came across while doing the Lenggong BH inspection was the installation of extension pipes on the ventilation holes inside the monkey house.

I find that it was weird and this action tells a lot about the person who was contracted to erect the BH.

He simply have no idea the main purpose of those extended pipes.

I will use these extension pipe to block the bright light that comes from the hole so that my nesting rooms are darker.

But in the case inside a monkey house?  It served no purpose.

This again tells you more about the contractor/consultant who was engaged to built the BH.

5) Should those extension pipe be 5 feet long?:

The moment my workers entered the BH for inspection they commented on the length of the ventilation hole pipe extension.

The Lenggong BH have this very long pipe installed.

The main purpose is to block those bright light but in this case it was make very long may be the contractor wanted some reduction in internal pressure?  Oh may be.

I wanted to buy a few additional pipes and my worker quickly told me to forget about it.

They can salvage the pipe from those long pipes.

"Pak Harry we can cut them into three and used them when we open new holes.  Just get us the 90* elbows"  he commented.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Lenggong BH: Just To Test And See How Many Birds There Were !!!

Nothing much to do on the first day at Lenggong BH.

We could only wait for all those materials order to arrive.

What I did was to ask my worker to climb and install a hexagonal tweeter and two new tweeters at the main entrance window.

After setting the right sound I keep my eyes at the monkey house areas.

Just enjoy the clip:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lenggong BH Revamp Operation Started On July 7th 2014 !!!

(Just look how majestic is this Lenggong BH)

After delivering a car load of BH accessories on Saturday July 5th 2014, I took my workers to work site on Monday July 7th.

Managed to look around the BH and took some interesting pictures from another angle.

The BH looks nice from the outside.

You can see the walls are new and little fungus growth.

The monkey house areas looks very bare with no hexagonal tweeter and the main entrance hole was pretty small.

If you look carefully on the BH wall you will find a number of ventilation holes but I think they were too little.

There is a kind of zinc roof above the cement floor and I was told that the zinc was not there initially.

If you enter inside you will have a better picture what are there inside and you can easily understand why not many nests are inside.

I was told that the number of nests inside was not more than 10 after almost 1.5 years into operation.

The number of internal sound tweeters were not many and there was no external sound inside the nesting rooms.

What else can you discovered inside?

The LAL hole between the third  floor and the  second floor seems to be wrongly placed.

Similarly the LAL between the second floor and the ground floors was also not proper.

Each floor there was this huge humidifier blower and water curtain system.

There will some changes inside, I promised the BH owner.

What I planned to do are the followings:

1) Highest priority is to install a hexagonal tweeter just above the main entrance window.

2) I told the owner that the main entrance hole is a bit too small.  I planned to enlarge it to 3 feet wide and 4 feet high.

3) A new LAL will be opened on the the third floor to guide those wild birds to the second floor.

4) A few partition walls will be erected to block those bright lights entering the top and the third floor.

5) At the back of the nesting room I will create at least one room (VIP room).

6) There will be additional nesting planks rows.  Each beam block I planned to add two crossing rows.

7) There will be a lot of internal sound tweeters inside the VIP rooms.

8) I planned to install at least 200 fake nests on each floor.

9) Two chocolate tweeters will be installed inside each VIP room.

10) The ventilation holes need to be increased in its numbers.

11) The old amplifier will be changed to a more standard type.

12) There will be some interesting sounds both the internal and external sound.

Will post the changes that happen inside this BH.

Just follow this blog and you will soon see the transformation of a sick BH.