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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kemaman BH: Ready To Rock And Roll !!!

 (The new look of Kemaman BH main entrance area.)

At last after 3 weeks of afraid of height the Kemaman BH was back into operation.

One of the frightening aspect of revamping this BH was its ceiling height.

The two floors BH was designed with about 16-18 feet ceiling height.

If you climb up with those 12 steps ladder you will have that feeling that you will tumble down.

The BH owner provided us with those building racks and it help in some way but still when you stand up on the make shift floor you so feel your knees shivering due to the height.

Luckily there was no mishap and all installation using the movable rack went well.

The following installations were made using the rack:

1) The nesting corners for cluster tweeters installation.

2) The more than 300 fake nests.

3) The 400 pieces of internal sound tweeters.

4) The chocolate tweeters, about 6 sets.

5) The crossed leg tweeters.

6) Super Pheromone sprays onto all those fake nests.

7) 7 rolls of cables connecting all those tweeters to the data room.

8) 16 pieces of waste wood corners.

9) 36 pieces of aluminum fake nests.

Other activities on the two floors were:

1) Cutting of extended roof.

2) Removal of old hexagonal tweeter and replaced with a new unit.

3) Intallation of 7 pieces of power tweeters for last tengo sound system.

4) The main entrance window were installed with wooden frame.

5) The perimeter of the main entrance hole was painted with special black paint.

6) The installation of tweeters on the wooden frame.

7) Painted several walls inside the roving area with black colored paint.

8) Activated insect generating set inside the roving room.

9) Erected a properly sized door connecting the roving room with the LAL area.

10) Erected another door connecting the LAL area with the top floor nesting room.

11) Erected another partition with wide door to darken the top floor nesting room.

12) On the ground floor a total of three partitions were erected to minimize the amount of light coming from the roving area.

13) The ventilation holes were all installed with 2.5 feet long PVC pipes.

14) The ground floor was provided with two wet floor system.

15) In addition to the wet floor I added two chicken coop humidifiers each operated by an auto humidity sensors.

16) The external sound playing amplifier was changed to Teknik GT 106.

17) We recycled the amplifiers for the two floors internal sounds.

18) The external sound used for this BH were the "Super Vac" and "Marvelous Cloud".

19) The internal sound deployed was the Super BabyKing and BabyKing.

20) The top floors walls inside the VIP room was heat shield using those bubble sheet system.

21) The Last Tango sound system was deployed.

22) The LAL hole area were installed with about 4 power tweeters.

23) The owner wanted the ventilation holes to be covered from the outside with a special plastic covers and we did them.

24) Water piping system for humidifiers and wet floor system was installed inside.

A masterpiece and I know those birds will fell in love with it.

Give the BH about 5-6 months and I can guarantee that the nests number will doubled, I told the owner.

He surveyed the BH before allowing us to go home.

His comment was something like this:

"Pak Harry thank you for all the good job done.  I would like the same installation be done in another BH in town and maybe after that inside another BH in Ulu Besut."

I think he loved what he saw and from the look of what were carried out the BH now is perfect and more like a BH.

Yesterday he watched the birds returning home and was cock sure that the number entered was more than before our revamp operation.

The number of bird shit spots on both floors seems to be much higher than before.

I advised him to hold on and give the BH at least 3-6 months to prove to him that all the monies he allocated was a good investment.

He will get what he aimed for and his BH will be the best in the Kemaman.

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