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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sedili BH Revamp: A Well Done Job !!!

(Birds queuing to kiss my Last Tango power tweeters)

The BH owner came to visit the BH and he was so pleased with what he saw.

"Pak Harry during my way up here I was thinking of asking you to reduce your total fee.  However after looking at all the things that you did I am very impressed and decided to cancel the request". he said.

The things that I did inside his BH were much much more then what I listed in my original proposal.

The only thing that I could not comply was the hacking of his extra staircases blocking the LAL.

There will be a big chance of hurting my workers I told the owner.

I changed the plan by opening an LAL just beside the staircase.

The new hole seems to work well so far.

The best result was to locate a number of new bird shit markings on the ground floor.

The owner was very happy when I informed him that the birds for the first time have find their ways down to the lowest floor.

Took some pictures and precisely indicated where they were found.

There were a number of extra things that we did for him and I am glad that these on the spot decisions were useful for the sake of getting more birds to stay where they should.

One very interesting observation made after the revamp job was over was the regular visitors circling the BH rooftop.

I told the owner to observe his rooftop and compare with the other BHs closed to his.

"Oh ya, mine seems to have the most number of birds circling and entering the entrance holes.  The rest seems to be with no birds or little in number." he confessed.

I told him what I did and the selection of his external sounds.

He was pleased with it and his BH now have a better chance to be populated.

Not just the top most floor but all the three floors.

Good for him and I hope during my next visit, about 2 weeks from now, I can count the number of fresh bird shit spots on all the floors.

He was lucky that I applied about 100 ml of the double concentration super pheromone liquid on the top most floor.

I just wanted to test its effectiveness in Johor.

The middle floor nesting planks were applied with standard concentration.

Changed all his internal sounds to Super BabyKing.

I told him that to pull his birds downstairs I used a total of 80 pieces of external sound tweeters.

The first BH with lots of external sound playing tweeters.

Main focus was those areas around the staircases and LAL.

The next locations were the VIP rooms.

An interesting BH with a lot of research works that can help my study about how to get those birds inside the VIP rooms.

Let us monitors its progress and hope those wild birds love what were carried out inside.

(One of the most crucial was to open this LAL)

(The old entrance hole with pole tweeters and owl spikes)

(The waste wood corners installed)

(Another interesting view of the waste wood corners)
(The row of cluster tweeters with fake nests installed)

(The roving area when those birds enter the top floor)

(The water pool backed with chicken coop humidifier)

(Look at the partition erected with about 4 feet wide door)

(A well erected partitions) 

(The main entrance hole facing the birds flying path, was widen)

(The owl trap ready to strike)

(CCTV cameras in operation)

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