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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Revamp Operation Of 7 Years Old BH At Sungai Patani !!!

This BH was taken over by a pensioner who already owned a four stories BH.

From his side he was offered to take over the BH with about 100 nests.

He need to pay a monthly rental below RM1000 a month.

One day he called and he sound very excited over this new baby of his.

I though he called for revamp operation of his 4 stories BH at Padang Serai, Kedah.

I inspected the BH and submitted to him what I think should be done to put life back to the BH.

The BH was not taken care.  The humidity system were out.

The floors were dried.

The roof was leaking.

The nesting planks were covered with fungus.

The external sound was dead and the internal sound was about 40% functioning.

The floor configuration was a bit not proper.

The LAL hole was acceptable however lack tweeters.

After reading my recommendations the owner sprang into action.

He immediately called me and asked me to proceed.

He deposited the amount I asked for and willing to wait until I finish two other jobs in hand.

Ten days ago I moved my staff and equipment.

Wanted to start on Monday September 12th however was halted when the state announce a public holiday due to the death of Kedah Sultan.

I was made to wait for 24 hours to order those materials.

After receiving those hardware started the job and it was satisfying but very tiring.

Climbed the 4 stories staircase 10- 20 times a day.

Every meal break have to climb down and every time the workers need additional item need to fetch them.

The job extended to 9 days and what I was happy about were these items:

1) The external sound for this BH consisted of two.  One for the hexagonal tweeter and the second for the LMB, tunnel, LAL mouth, all doors and those chocolate tweeters.

2) This was the first time I tried using two sounds with hexagonal tweeter as the second sound tweeter.

3) I discovered something very important.  During my trial of various external sounds at the LMB and the hexagonal tweeter, there are combination that are well like by those swiftlet but there are that were not suitable.

4) I finally choose the best combination where the moment the two sounds are on those birds will come and immediately enter the LMB.

5) The best two sounds for this location was Pukau Version 2 and Super Vacuum.

Will monitor the BH for a few months to see if it will have more nests.

I suspect the revamp job will attract all those birds that are staying in the area.