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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Relocation Of Corner Nests !!!

Great news to all that wanted to know my activities in swiftlet farming: 

Nests Relocation Project.

This BH used to be empty for almost 4-5 years but now after my renovation works the number of nests grows to a healthy level.

However owner have lost interest in looking after it and let me look into getting a buyer.

One observation made is that nearly 70% of all 90* angles are occupied, in the top floor VIP room.

The question now is how can we move them, the nests, to the straight plank areas?

This is where some tests need to be carried out.

This Tuesday will drop by to harvest those nests and install a gadget to move them to the straight plank part.

Will observe how do they react to the installed gadget.

Main purpose is to find the best option on how to move them from 90* corners to those straight planks areas.

Will test and observe after say 3 months.

Will update you all.

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