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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pekan BH: After Two Days The BH Was Fully Occupied !!!

It was like a breeze passing by.

I was referring to the latest BH in Pekan Pahang which was revamped about three days ago.

I was first contacted by a person by the name of Mr Chin from Kuantan Pahang.

He wanted me to drive up to Pekan to meet a BH owner who claimed to face "Bird nests not multiplying syndrome".

The BH owner was introduced to me by Chin as Mr Tan.

The first time he met me he thinks that I am another conman prowling for a new victim.

However after asking a few questions he soon realized that Pak Harry have something special especially on his passion about swiftlet farming.

Pak Harry is not a consultant but he is a passionate swiftlet farmer.  He loves swiftlet farming and he is the only one who will expose any new method to improve a sick BH.

In his case was not an ICU BH but a normal syndrome where the nests refuse to increase.

Mr Tan BH was with about 10 kg of nests.  However it seems that the nests number stop multiplying.

He opened his BH doors for my inspection and about a week later I wrote a complete report in Bahasa.

Immediately after reading he called asking me when I can start the Phase 1.  In my visit report I explained to him the real reasons why his BH nests stop multiplying and with it I recommended him to go into Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1 is to proof that my first few recommendations will be a good start before he gauge my expertise.

I asked him to do just a few small thing.

My first recommendation was to install a hexagonal tweeter precisely above the main entrance door of his top entry BH.

My second recommendation was to reduce the width of his main door from 5' wide to 3' wide.

The door should be framed out using those excess nesting planks that were store somewhere along the staircase.

The third recommendation was to precisely install 8 external tweeters around the new LMB hole.

My last recommendation was to wet the BH floors.

He could not resist my ideas especially when I precisely inform him what is wrong with his BH and how to remove those problems.

The first day when I arrived I started with the hexagonal tweeter installation and changed the door size.

The 8 external sound tweeters were completed before 4:30 pm.

We left the BH but the slight change started to show drastic change in the number of birds started to focus on his BH.

I was there to see together with the owner.

He was very very pleased with the small intervention.

The second day was the major works.  I installed the wet floor system.

This wet floor system is the key to draw all his young birds to return to where they were hatched.

I completed the installation and set the timer to run the pump precisely during the day and night.

The smell due to the wet floor changed tremendously.

From today I advised him to use those chow chu kang shoes if he entered his BH.

I asked him not to enter the nesting rooms for at least 3-4 months.

I think there will some changes that will make him feel very very happy.

Let me share you those photos taken during the renovation works.

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