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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How To Move Them To Occupy Those Straight Planks !!!

This is just a short story on how this owner managed to move his young birds to occupy his straight nesting planks.

Within 1 months he already counted the visible indication that they have started to more to the middle planks.

This is what this BH was facing.

Located in Raub, Pahang.

Owner contacted me a number of times trying to find out how to move or encourage them to erect their nests on the straight planks.

Just imagine nearly all were found only at those corners.

This BH was with about 1300 nests.  However all that it produced was 135* corner shaped nests.

I gave him a simple solution and he pondered on it for a few days.

He wanted to try but initially very reluctant.

He called again and ask for my service to carry out my idea.

I make my way  to Raub and inspect how to carry out the method.

After reviewing his BH conditions and started my fake nests preparation.

First to cut them into rectangular shape, apply those SP aroma and show his workers how to install all of them.

After about 3 hours all were installed as a test case only on the chosen floor.

I was very happy with the installation works, need and tidy.

Within 1 month the owner called with a very good news.

"Pak Harry those young birds has started to move".

He countered and found 10 fake nests with sizeable nests markings.

There might be many more with lesser in sizes.

The thing here is that it is working and we can see that they are starting to use the straight part of those nesting planks.

I have told him to proceed with the rest of the floors.

Once the number of nests is 30-40% occupied he should remove all these fake nests.

He was very lucky to have met me.

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