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Monday, November 13, 2017

Wanted to let you all know that my swiftlet farming blogspot enter its 10th anniversary recently. 

I am very proud that after 10 years I am still writing about swiftlet farming.

My readers benefitted a lot by reading all those articles and I am sure if you practice those ideas your BH will do well.

I just came back from Miri Sarawak after conducting a Swiftlet Farming Seminar for a group of Brunei people.

They were very pleased with what I delivered and at the same time took them to a BH that badly in need of a new life.

What they saw at the BH gave them some ideas what will happened if you have little or no knowledge about what swiftlet farming is all about.

Immediately after the Seminar I flew up to KK to attend a request made by a BH owner whose BH was at Kuala Penyu Sabah.

He fetched me at KK airport and we proceeded to his BH just to get some idea what is not right with his BH.

What I saw inside and outside is a shear wrong concept adopted by his so called consultant.

He finished the BH with a wrong approach.

He wanted all of them to straight away erect their nest in 180* shape.

No 90* and no 135* shape.

As a result of his cruelty the number of nests was very much below the normal number.

What a waste.

Owner waited for 5 years to realize that something is not right with his BH.

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