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Monday, August 31, 2015

Tumpat BH: Need To Ask The Owner To Do The Right Things !!!

Last week I felt honored when this BH owner request my presence at his Tumpat BH.

He like many other BH owner was in a kind of pondering to continue with it or shut it off.

Well it is easy to give up and shut the BH off however he claimed that every month his payment to the Bank continues.

So he cannot just shut it off while the Bank payment continues.

His only choice is to run it but he need to revive it as quickly as possible.

What this BH need to produce is about 2-3 kg a month, and his bank payment is done.

I calculated how many nests his BH can have.

If you multiply the length and breath and by 4, he should get the rough number.

His BH length is 100 feet and width is 40 feet.  Remember this BH is 3 stories high.

So the total number of nests (estimated) if fully occupied is 100X40X3X3 = 48,000 nests.

Total kilogram is 400. (divide 48,000 by 120 nests per kilogram)

To pay the bank he needs only 2-3 Kg a month.

It looks like not a very big deal but after 5 years plus the nests number remain stuck at 60.

My personal opinion are as follows:

1) He should have erect just a small unit.  Two stories with about 20 feet wide by 60 feet long is more than adequate.  This good size will cost less than half of what he have spend.  The balance he can erect one more at another location.

2) The best way to cut his revamp cost is to concentrate on one floor.  Shut the two floors and focus on one.  In this case focus on the top floor.  Once the total number of nest is 1000-1500 he can start to revamp the other floors.

3) His lower floors is currently occupied with a number of bats.  A number of those nesting planks fell onto the floor.  For safety reason he should do a check on all those nesting planks and remove those that are loose so that they will not fall on any one who entered the floor.

4) He should shut the flying path passage to the ground floor in stages.  Allow those baby birds to fly out.  Once all are out he have to completely shut the LAL.  This will force those that stays at the ground floor to relocate their nests to the upper floors.

5) Overall the BH looks okay from the outside and inside.  However I saw some common issues that were neglected by most consultants.  The main entrance hole is facing the South and not the East.

6) The makeshift hexagonal tweeters is not properly located and not functioning.

7) The entrance area need some kind of more tweeters to make it more attractive to those wild birds.

8) The LMB was with only two external sound tweeters.

9) The nesting rooms (all the 3 floors) were wide opened and too bright.

10) Not surprising when the internal sound tweeters were not properly installed.

These are some issues that need some kind of his attention.

I hope I will be able to guide him on how to make sure his target of 2-3 kg a month is achieved.

Call me if you have your own BH with something similar problems.  My number is 017 7551318

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