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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ajil BH: Finished My Visit Report 40 Pages !!!

(New location and this time facing the bird's flying home path)

Took a number of hours to compile the visit report.

Very usual that after site visit I will pen down what I observed and what need to be done to reactivate every BH.

The owner was quite surprised when I told her how many pages it was.

My main focus was on her main entrance hole.

I proposed the change of its location.

Currently it is facing the opposite direction plus the fact that it was covered with some kind of steel grills with miniature windows.

The best is to move the hole to the wall that is facing the bird's flying home direction.

There are a number of reasons why but most important is to blast the sound direct towards them when they are flying home.

Just imagine a couple of miles away they can pick up your BH external sound and will maneuver their direction towards it.

It will be better if a long range tweeter like bazooka is placed near the LMB hole.

The other reason, also as important as the first, is when these birds are flying home they are usually have a full belly or full stomach.

Will full stomach they tend to spend more time playing at your BH especially when your BH plays a nice or a powerful external sound.

Just imagine during a rainy day, there will be a lot of food for them to feast upon.

Once full they might want to come back home early.

If they should pass your BH with its tweeters facing them, I am very sure they will spend a lot of hours playing around or perhaps enter and exist your entrance hole a couple of times.

If you are lucky they might enter straight inside and suddenly fell in love with it.

You need to carefully think about this and I am sure it makes a lot of senses.

I was chatting on whatsapp application a moment ago where a new member was registered.

He introduced himself and informed the group about his BH status.

He posted one picture.

I asked him how many entrance hole was his BH with.

His answer was three.

My next question was very interesting.

Which entrance hole those birds like most?

I already know the exact answer but I wanted to teach a small lesson to those that apposed my idea about facing the right direction.

Pak Harry, the hole that face the direction of flight home is the most active.

Right on the dot.

What I did was to as those who wanted to argue about it to challenge me again.

I am sure I am right because I have learn so much from the many many years in this field.

Take my word the right direction of your main entrance hole is towards the birds flying home direction.

Not the opposite.

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