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Friday, November 11, 2016

Corner Busters: Busted by those Swifltet !!!

Look at how smart can they be.

The corner busters using plastic chains were actually ignored by a number of those wild birds.

This happen at Carey Island BH.

I tested using about 20 pieces of those chains about two months ago and the following seems to be the happening and I am not sure why some are behaving very weird.

1) According to the care taker many of these birds either moved to a new location or must have moved out.  Reason being once the chains were installed many seems to have not returned to the same location.  Our main objective is to push them to the space beside the chain but this seems to be not working.

2) There were a few where these stubborn birds ignored the chain.  They came back and still erect their nests on the same spot below the chain, The chains seems to be to effective to move them away.  It defeat the purpose of installing these corner busters unless some kind of corrections need to be done.

Now the owner wanted to remove all of them in total but I told him to hold on.

The time given is too short and we need to give more time (at least 6-8 months) to observe the result.

The main cause why they were not coming to the same spot might be they have move to another location in the same area.

The care taker did observed a number of new nests in the same area and he is not sure if they were from those new couples or those couples whose previous locations were installed with the chains.

For those couples that came back to the same spot and ignored the chain, I think the chains installation was not perfect.  They should be lesser gap between the chain and the nesting plank.

There is still a lot of observations to be done.

The move precise these corner busters are installed the better will be the result.

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Anonymous said...

this idea is a disaster.