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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pedas BH: See How This NKS Works !!!

I introduce this very interesting idea on how to quickly get any new tenants to erect their nest and lay at least one egg.

The method I termed it as Nest Kick Start = NKS.

Today entered the Peras BH and carry out NKS.

I know that it will work but I am not very sure if my blog reader will agree with me.

Okay today December 20th 2016 at Pedas BH I carried out a test to proof that this method works.

Four spots were carried out.

First I will look around for those bird shit spots on the floor.

Once discovered I will climb a ladder to indentify those couples are sleeping.

They will usually will usually make some markings using their saliva.

Once those saliva markings are located I will install a fake nest.

Since there were on the corner covers I opt for fake nests made of sponge material.

I used two screws to anchor each fake nest just below the marking signs.

Before leaving I sprayed each of them with Super pheromone.

Allow them to come back and I am sure within the nest few weeks there will be a nest every fake nest installed.

Will come back within a week or two to inspect the four.

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