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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Seminar Organized By Jabatan Veterina Kelantan

Today will be taking firefly to Kota Bahru Kelantan to deliver a talk on how to rehabilitate those bird houses that failed to perform.

This Seminar is organized by Jabatan Veterina Kelantan and I am very proud to be invited as the speaker.

Organized at Kota Bahru Emaslink New Pecific.

It will be a one day session and I will be tabling 4 presentation materials.

These papers will focus how to defined a good BH and how to detect those errors in a failed BH.

Participants will be able to know how to detect and eliminate errors in their BHs.

If they are smart they will be able to help others with problems in their BHs.

My main purpose is to explain how I detect problems in any failed BHs.

Once detected how do I correct them so that once completed those birds will start to occupy a BH that was one time black listed or rejected.

This is a special gift and so far have converted so many failed BHs.

The idea is to part these valuable knowledge and given a chance I will offer on site training for any of these participants to master the techniques.

They should be prepared to work with me and my workers at many of these failed BHs.

Will offer at least two slots for every revamp job that I will be doing during the next few months.

These people should be glad that I am so generous with the offer.

The only issue is how many of them are serious in helping themselves.

Most of them let a third party to do nearly everything.

They always will hide behind the door saying that they are not knowledgeable in handling a BH.

They are smart in pointing fingure to all those people who wanted to help them but they refuse to learn the basics plus the advance technique on how to be a successful BH owners.

Let see how many will accept my invitation for training during conversion of failed BHs.

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