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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pedas BH: Finally Got This BH Running And It Looks As If That It Will Do Well !!!!

Very very happy to wrap up another BH that used to be empty.

This BH was erected about 6 years ago and along the way it was more or less abandoned.

The house was build by a very well known contractor who have a string of failed BHs.

This BH was his last.

Three quarter through he quit the construction works and went missing.

The owner tried to get him and later found out that the office was no longer in operation.

This was a kind of shock and the owner have to find his way out to complete the BH.

Along the way the owner engaged a family friend who did know much and the BH was still with little birds.

The last straw was when those owls took over the BH.

One couple will come and once captured a new couple will take over.

In the end the owner surrendered and went around to look for a "Savior".

There is no use of running the BH with no one who is experienced enough to guide.

This was how I came into the whole picture.

I was asked to look into the BH and perhaps reactivate it.

The owner offer something which was too good to say no.

After collecting the BH keys I mobilized my staff and do up the the BH.

We focus on the top most floor.  I assured the owner that once the total number of nests in the BH reaches 300-500 nests I will look into populating the middle floor.

One very crucial area to modify was the entrance hole areas.

The main entrance hole (LMB) was resized.

I prefer a 2.5 'X 3' in size.  The lips were covered with planks.

Once done will install a hexagonal tweeter and 9 piezo tweeters.

The tweeters arrangements used the most effective way to pull those birds into the hole.

The precise technique is based on numerous trial and error.

The selected technique is proven and never fail me before.

The next was how to catch those owls.  They must not be allowed to enter freely without any gadgets to stop them.

Worse is when they start to lay eggs and breed their babies inside the BH.

I opted for these two methods.  Number one is the installation of 6" spikes on the lower frame of the LMB hole.

If they escape this spikes and entered the monkey house area there will be two owl traps waiting to catch them.

This special netting have not failed me before.  Been using the same model and so far have captured at least 15 owls.

The amount of light entering the lmb hole is quite heavy.  The best way to curb this light pollution is to erect a light blocking room.  I instructed my workers to erect two walls to form a room with doors that are diagonal.  This will eliminate a sizable amount of light.

The next method was to paint the walls of the monkey house and the light blocking room walls with black paint.  It reduced the reflective light tremendously.

To entice those swiftlet to come inside and stay is to create a VIP room.

This was what I did at the back of the floor.

The VIP room looks nice and dark.

One very common problem with an old BH are those nesting planks.  They are dusty and lots of foot marks.

I was hard working enough clean every one of them with salt water and later apply a layer of sp.

All these hard work will pay.  With cleaner nesting planks those birds will not hesitate to be your tenant.

With adequate number of internal sound tweeters plus fake nests this BH looks more like a 6 star hotel.

Ready with the right amplifiers and the right sounds.

Prior to activating the BH the floor and walls were sprayed with Mutiara Aroma.  Twice.

The moment those external and internal sounds were played they keep rushing inside.

They love the BH so much and they seem to be not scared of us.

A wonderful experience and another wonderful BH being turned around.

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