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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The December 3rd 2011: Secrets of Swiftlet Farming Seminar !!!

The Seminar went pretty well with about 15 participants.

I was happy that it went smooth and we managed to cover all the topics plus a trip to a Bird house in Kepong.

Among the many topics covered I put forward the method to choose the right sounds and how to process them. I also covered the ways to assemble them plus the setting of the "Last Tango".

The participants were given the opportunities to question on any matters that they were not sure of.

The end of the talk all were very happy and I was held up until 7:30pm to entertain some discussions with some of my blog readers.

I am satisfied and will continue organising the seminar again and the next one shall be in February or March 2012.

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