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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Merdeka Jaya BH: Owner Saw The Surge In Birds Population Inside !!!

One very delightful thing about being a "swiftlet sifu" (I never claim I am) is to receive good news from BH owners whose BH were revamped by me.

The best news this week is  from this BH owner on what he saw inside his newly revamped BH.

His message sound like this:

Dear Harry,

Please to report the above BH progress since the revamp completed on 13/10/2015.

Attach with the layout plus photos for your reference, i could't enclose all the photos ( about 50 nos)

I am very happy with the current progress as follows:

1. VVIP which has no birds staying before revamp and now estimated nos ( floor is wet photos not cleared ). is about 25+ bird shits spots. The shits getting bigger and thicker. 

2. VIP room 1 about 10+ spots. About 2 new nests formed on the newly installed fake nests and corner.

3.VIP room 2 ( zero bird shits previously) about 6+ spots.

If you want more photos i can forward to you but they are not very clear.

I wish to thank you again for bringing this BH alive.



He submitted many photos taken while visiting his BH and wanted to share with me.

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