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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Even With Zinc Skirting Snake Can Still Crawled Up !!!

A case where a BH with aluminium skirting all around the house still have the crawler, a snake.

This was my second experience to see a snake in a BH.  A real snake.

Yesterday I wanted to do a follow up aroma spray at Dengkil BH.

Before starting the work I went from floor to floor to check if everything were Okay.

To my surprise I saw a visitor playing in the water pond on the top most floor.

It was a snake about 1 meter long, white belly and yellowish with pink colored skin on the top.

She was pretty aggressive showing her fags to me when I have the torchlight light on her.

This was not a good sign.

When down to get a piece of wood and manage to get her out of the BH.

There was also a skin on the other side of the room and I think it can from the same snake.

The point here is how the snake can managed her way up to the highest floor?

The owner did installed those aluminium skirting about 1.5 feet wide all around the house.

The culprit, I think, were the number of pipes that were used to channel water during cleaning down to the ground.

I was not surprised but it was an incident that will be with me for a long time.

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