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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Waste Wood and 1/2 90* corner cover !!!

This new idea was generated not long ago and I have tried using it in a couple of BHs that I have revamped.

The two pictures will make you consider to install the idea during your next BH visit.

The two components required are a piece of nesting plank wood that you wanted to throw away about 6 inches in length X 1 inch X 6 inches wide.

The second item is half 90* corner cover.

Put the two together and once ready nail the attached two items to a suitable spots which are frequently visited by your tenants.

Once install spray some super pheromone.

If you are lucky within a  couple of months you will have a tenant that will build her nest on the top of the half 90* corner cover or on the other side with no corner cover.

No matter where they chose it is to your advantage.

The lesson here is that you can use this new idea to trap them to be your tenant.

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