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Thursday, April 11, 2013

You Should Plant Those Eatable Figs Fruits !!!

I was browsing around the Cold Storage Supermarket in Bangsar and I saw a tray of fruits that looks like Figs.

In the beginning I thought it was something else but after closer inspection my guess was right.

Wow Figs fruits sold inside a supermarket.

I wanted to buy maybe 10 pieces but ......

The moment I inspect the price tag I was shocked.

"RM8.99" a piece of fruit.

My goodness this is more expensive than an apple or an orange.

Well I put back the 8 and took only two.

One for me and one for my wife.

Just for testing.

On the way back home I was thinking so hard about it and I begin to think about planting it in myself.

Why not?

If you have a tree with just 200 figs fruits it will be worth at least RM1,000 (say 5 rm a fruit).

If I planted 10 trees I can easily make RM 10,000.

How about 20 trees?  RM 20,000.

Not a bad idea.

Maybe should try to get a few trees first and later propogate them for a plantation.

I think if we combine with a bird house this will be an interesting idea.

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Velva said...

This is cool!