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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eversince The Insect BARN Started !!!!

I was very busy with my list of things to do for the day and suddenly received a phone call from a BH owner and my student from Klang.

Been out of town for almost four days and can you imagine the number of things to do, the emails to be answered and the blog to write/update?

But no matter what this call was very special. I will drop everything when something new is available for me to see and make a report.  It will greatly benefited my blog readers:

"Pak Harry I just wanted to make my report about the insect generating project.  You know what nowadays everyday from 10.00am till 7:30pm those swiftlet and some martin birds will be flying low above the BARN just in front of my BH entrance hole. This begins to happen ever since the insect started to flourish in and outside the BARN.  You should come and have a look for your self. Thank you very much for pushing me to build it in the first place.  I cannot think of any other person who is so devoted in helping others. You financial contribution for this project have also have helps me to materialized the Insect BARN."

I cannot think of any thing better then to drive up to Klang and make my own observation.

The moment I arrived I saw so many birds flying low above the BARN, all around the BH and many entered the entrance hole.

I called the BH keeper and asked him to open the gate.

"Sorry Pak Harry, I am trying to harvest the insect to feed those young babies.  We have about 100 young birds that need enough food to be fed."

I accompanied him to see how he was trying to harvest the insect.

The insect is nothing more then those Fruit Flies but a bit whiter then normal.

I asked him when the birds started to come over every day.

"Pak Harry they will start to come from 10.00am till darkness.  A lot of them and the whole day.  Before the BARN was in operation there were little or none."

I was so fascinated with the insect generating and I am of the opinion this should be a must for all those BHs build on a stand alone basis. 

The idea is to erect the BARN just below the entrance hole of your BH.

You need to split the room inside into four or more.  Internally you need to put some racks to hold the insect food.

Have a look at these pictures and I am sure you will believed 100% of what I am trying to say.

Yes more insects more birds.

Those wild birds will come to the BARN to catch escaped insects from it.  The more they escape the more wild swiftlet will hunt around the area.

If the owner knows how to lure them into his BH and make sure they stay then it will be such an easy way to get the nests population to increase.

Look at the insects harvested :

The number of birds were plenty and I was quite sure that many of them do entered the entrance hole of the BH.

Just look at these video clips and count the number of birds can you see flying all around the barn and the BH:

If you are keen in having one similar barn at your BH let me know.  Will try to assist you in what ever we can to help in pulling more birds to your BH.

Estimate cost of the building is RM 4000 inclusive of materials and labor.

The total cost complete with training, manual and providing you will all the tool and raw materials for the barn to be operational is RM 10,000 for the first 5 units.  After these 5 our price will be RM13,000.

You may want to add on the incubating of eggs and breeding those young birds.  The additional cost is RM 5,000 with about 100 eggs provided for.

The ultimate mission is to bring in more birds to your BH just in front of your entrance hole. 

We will not guarantee that they will enter into your BH and stays but we shall in bringing those birds to your BH entrance hole.

It will totally change the scenario from being so quite and drab to a very heavy with birds all around the house.

Think wisely and make the right decision.

We are here to help and nothing less.

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