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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fake Nests: How To Bring The Same Couple Back To The Same Spot

Those who have used fake nests to lure those young couple into their BH will have this peculiar problem.

The moment you remove the nest together with the fake nest the couple will never return to the same spot.

It is difficult to explain why.

But there must be a way to bring the same couple back to the exact spot.

I was having a cup of coffee with an old friend and he provided the best solution.

One day when he came into his BH to carry out the monthly harvesting operation he forgot to carry with him a screw driver.

His BH is with lots of nests erected on those styrofoam fake nests.

Nearly 60% of all the nests (about 1100 pieces) were on the fake nests.

With no screw driver he will remove those nests on the fake nest using his bare hand and a scrapper put leaved those screws on the nesting plank.

What he discovered was that the same couple returned to the exact same spot.

Prior to this he used screw driver to remove both screws and the fake nest and very rare where the couple will return.

His conclusion is that the screw act as the bait to attract them back to the same spot.

You have to try it out first before making any negative comments.

If it works like how he experience please share with me.

I for sure will recommend this technique to all my followers.

If you think that it will work please inform me at

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