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Monday, July 25, 2016

Just After Spraying The Mutiara Aroma !!!


Yesterday's video clip taken at Rantau BH.

Main reason why there were lots of birds have something to do with the spray of Mutiara Aroma.

I took the trouble to make a fresh mix and spray on the floor.

Immediately after the splash those birds loves the smell of it.

What I also observed was the wet floor system installed by the BH owner.

He installed 15 nozzles mist pump system and make the floor wet.

This might be another attractive reason.

The number of birds inside while spraying the aroma was reasonable.

Probably around 50 birds flying around above my head.

This BH is in an Ecopark with 26 other stand alone BHs.

The only way to be superior as compared to the rest is to be different.

I mooted the idea of installing a monkey house and the owner agreed to proceed.

The changed in its main entrance system make the BH stands above the rest.

Those birds love top entry more as compared to the original top entry system.

Will continue to monitor this BH and hopefully it will house at least a kilogram of raw nests.

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