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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Problem With Snake In Your BH!!!

Something very common that might be hanging somewhere in your BH.

If you happened to see an old snake skin in your BH, you can safely confirmed that there is at least one snake inside your BH.

They might be hiding somewhere on the roof or any small crevices or in between the walls.

What can you do to catch them.

I stumbled upon this particular idea posted on FB and I think you should consider this simple idea.

What you can do is to hard boil and egg and insert a fishing hook inside it.

Tie the hook to those fishing string and hang the egg above the floor.

The smell of boiled egg is very attractive to those snake.

If there is any snake inside your BH there is a strong chance that they will come down to eat your boiled egg.

Install on every floor and hopefully they will be taken.

Best of luck and if you happened to be successful let me know

Email any photo to

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