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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Which Egg Will Produce Male and Female ???

Swiftlet normally will lay only two eggs per breeding season.

Usually one will be male and the other is a female.

How do you know which egg will produce male chick and which will be the Female?

This is where Fatich Marzuki comes in.

In his book titled: Meningkat Produksi Sarang Walet Berazas Kelastarian" page 53, he displayed a chart comparing between the serinti and swiftlet eggs.

He also indicated which will be the female and which will be the male.

Have a look and maybe by now you can have a 100% sure that they are the right chick for your breeding operation. Double click on the picture to get a larger display.

Remember breed more female then male.

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Great Post.....

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