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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Next Step Is To Erect An Insect Barn ???

 A Drawing Showing An Insect Barn On The Roof Top.

This will be my next interesting project on the once a pool rooftop.

I have not spoken to the owner yet but I think he will like this new idea.

Once the top entrance hole wall erections were done I might just arrange for some additional wood and use those Styrofoam left over materials plus some zinc with polyfoam.

The roof can be those corrugated cement board for roof construction.

The only unanswered question is who will be responsible is getting those insect food prepared and install every 10 days?

Hmm .... got to find some good team of workers to get this new idea going.

Will prepare the sludge and deliver to the BH owner so that he can apply the Insect Barn idea to his advantage.

Let us hope that he will agree to the idea in the first place..........

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