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Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!

Swiftlet Farming Seminar Tang Dynasty Hotel !!!
Come and start your year 2018 with Pak Harry. By attending his seminar you will be adequately prepared to face the challenge to manage your BH. Those who are new will be able to learn about how to get their BH well located and designed. You will learn how to pull more birds into your BH in a very short period of time. You will have lots of ammunitions to fight with your neighbors. You will learn how to prepare those BH aromas. You will also be able to visit a BH with lots of nests. Set the two days for your to fly home with lots of knowledge. The one and only one who will share his invention with others.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wakaf Tapai BH Revamp Operation Have Begun !!!

This hardware shop owner finally received my visit report and begun his BH transformation.

His BH was a two unit shop lots just above his hardware business center.

According to him during those good days a customer who cannot pay his bill came to offer a contra-service to convert the two empty floors.

After five years his BH tenants stop at 350 nests and they refuse to populate the deeper part of the BH.

This was when he started to find the answer.

Before meeting me he was approached by a few "Consultants" who offered him a JV arrangement.

"I will do up the BH and whatever the BH generate we will share 50:50"

He was very smart to ask the "Consultant" what are the things he wanted to do to improve the BH.

"Those are my secrets and I cannot let you know. Just say yes and I will do the rest."

However this young man was a bit educated and he says no.

His searching for the right solutions was answered when he stumbled onto my blog.

He immediately contacted me and ask for some help.

After meeting me at TH Hotel Kuala Trengganu he feel that the solution came to him.

He immediately expressed his desire to allow me to carry out the necessary inspection.

He will loose very little and if he can carry out himself he will sage a lot of money.

Once he received my visit report, last week, he have his Myanmar general workers to start works.

I told him to watch what his workers are doing and please be precised.

They must be supervised and not to do their ways.

Every day keep asking his progress and I believed he is doing well.

The external sound tweeters were properly installed at the entrance door.

The extended roof above the monkey house structure was cut to about 10 inches.

The partition walls were well done with a new door.

He cleaned the nesting planks as per instruction.

Those fake nests were now up and a lot of them.

The cross woods are also up.

Hope to visit his BH next week.

If I do not follow up the owner will do half way and abandon his initial idea.

This is my biggest challenge.

Look at some pictures on what was done on the monkey house roof top.

I told him to cut the hat extension to about 10 inches.

Before trimming it was about 2.5 feet.

After the hair cut it look neater and easier for those birds to find the entrance hole.

(Workers on the roof getting ready to trim the roof hat)

(Roof Hat Was A Bit Too Long about 3 feet)

(Trimmed to about 10 inches long)

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