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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Interesting Idea: BH External Wall Protection From Wall Crawlers !!!

I saw something very interesting at this BH located at Sungai Burung, Kuala Selangor.

Well when you operate your BH you will one day find some kind of crawlers entering your BH.

Biggest culprit will be those Tokek, Biawak, Snakes, Civets, House lizards and may be frogs.

How do you prevent them from crawling the wall and enter your BH via the roof or the main entrance hole?

Some will install those zinc sheet all around the BH wall about 2 feet wide.

I have seen one installing these expensive tiles all around the walls (3 set of tiles).

But I now discovered something simple and effective.

This BH at Sungai Burung use this electrical shock lines.

The same gadget that he used to prevent owls was extended to provide electrical shock on the BH walls.

Very creative and it works very well.

I saw about 20 dead frog that were shocked to death.

I think this is a very beautiful idea.

Hope all of you who read this article will start thinking using this technique.

Have a good look at some of those pictures taken:

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