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Friday, July 10, 2015

Kuala Berang BH After Installing The Right Tweeters !!!

Inspected this BH about 3-4 months ago and listed the list of things the owner should carried out.

The closed to empty BH was left unattended for many months and the owner reactivate it after attended a swiftlet farming seminar held at TH Hotel, KT some months ago.

This two story BH looks like a well located BH.

On the top of a small hill and facing those birds flying home path.

I guaranteed the BH owner that if he follow all my recommendation he will see something unusual.

He followed all my recommendation and with his shoe string budget managed to get the BH up after 3 months or so.

After installing a hexagonal tweeter and those AG 35 external sound tweeters they keep coming.

I told him to recall those days when the number of birds were simply too little but now everything looks bright.

His father seems to be one of the happiest man.

I remember he told me that no matter what he will borrow or beg for money to reactivate the BH.

With some help I am pretty sure his journey will be successful.

I would say that this guy is one of those very lucky guy who have met the right person to tell him what to do with his BH.

He did mentioned about 2-3 other sifus that came and go.

They gave the wrong advise and he suffered terribly.

Now I hope he will see some nests.

If you own a BH with some kind of nests stagnant problems call me at 017 7551318




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