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Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018

Swiftlet Farming Seminar On May 5 & 6th, 2018
Calling for participants to this special Swiftlet Farming Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah. You will be given the opportunity to learn and at same time to enter two BHs plus how to prepare MV3 aroma, Seminar will be held at Sandakan Hotel, Sandakan Sabah. For detail please PM 0177551318

Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Interesting Event: I Forgot The Proper Timing To Enter My BH !!!

It was just yesterday and I am still very happy with this special event.

I was on the way to Dungun, Trengganu and since I was passing Kuantan, Pahang I decide to put up one night in the town.

Early next morning I wanted to make sure that I reach Dungun before noon.

Since I have some time to spare I told myself to stop at one of my JV BH at Jalan Besar, Kuantan town.

My last visit was about two months ago and I hope everything was running well.

The time was about 8:30am and the weather was cool since it rained during the night.

The moment I stepped into the data room I cannot hear any sound and it seems that all the amplifiers were dead.

Oh oh this is bad and I think those birds will not be happy with it.

I was pinning on the hope that it was the lightning that causes the fuse box to trip. It that happened it was a matter of putting the switch on back.  I only need a few seconds to put the BH back to its normal operating mode.

Slowly I entered the BH and to my surprise the number of bird flying inside were so many of them. They must have been scared with the light used and some sound I made while opening the main door when entering in the dark. With my led head lamp I quickly checked the tripping box.

There was nothing wrong with those trip switches and when I inspected the main current supply box downstairs I can see that TNB have disconnected one of the three fuses.  Oh oh this is not a good sign.  There is a strong chances that they might have removed the fuse.

While checking the pos box there was a letter from TNB.  The letter was dated February 2012 giving a two weeks notice on the disconnection.

I quickly phone the owner to look into getting the bill paid and hopefully everything will be back to normal.

After about less than half an hour my neighbour MrT called.

"Hey Harry you are inside your BH?  There are lots of birds above your BH.  Harvesting ah?"  he was curious.  He was watching the sky above his BH just beside mine via his CCTV system.

I told him no.  I was just doing some inspection and told him about the condition of electrical supply.

"Wow the number of birds that came out from your BH was plenty.  I can guess that someone was inside the BH that was why I called. Just to make sure in case there is a burglar inside."

He was happy that his neighbour is doing well but I am not so sure if he was happy to know that most of those young birds inside might be coming from his BH.

He have been very supportive and always calls me if there are any unusual that happen at his BH and mine, from the outside.

We are sharing the same roof areas and on more that two occasions his and mine BHs were burglarised.

He now installed those high end detection system that can cover his and my rooftop area.

The moment someone step onto either his or mine BH rooftop he will be alerted via his mobile SMS system.  Cool.

According to him there was an attempt to enter his BH just before last Chinese New Year and the system alerted him and he managed to rush up to the ceiling to scare those culprit out. His alert system works for sure.

The points here are:

1) This BH that I took over on a JV basis is doing fined.  It was burglarised twice but the number of birds coming to stay is increasing. (Forced harvest).

1A) This BH was constructed with two VIP rooms and both rooms were allocated with those wet floor system.  The wet floor were covered with a layer of plastic with fine sand on it.  On the top of the sand layer I sprinkle those fresh bird shit and wet with water. The smell generated was pungent and attractive.  The room humidity were high. I think the wet floor works.

2) I should have not entered the BH too early.  8:30 am was a bit too early.  With the cool weather and raining during the night those birds stayed in longer and took time to fly out to find food.

3) Prior to this trip I did applied two bottles of the super pheromone.  This might be attracting more birds to like those fake nests.  I also increased those fake nests number by about 100 pieces. The combination of using fake nests sprayed with Super Pheromone seems to also attract more birds into the BH. ( I suspect so since even without any sounds on they still keep coming in and stayed inside).

4) The weird thing was that how come when there was no electrical power the birds still come in and stay.  The power was cut off for almost one month.  I thought when there is no sounds the birds will not multiply.  Maybe the aroma from the pheromone or those bird shits on the floor???? Or maybe they are pretty happy with the natural sounds generated by those young birds chirping for food.

5) When you enter your BH and found so many birds inside my best advise to you is to stop the inspection.  Abort the trip and come again for your maintenance work at another time or another day.  In this way you will not disturb those birds who might want to take a longer nap or maybe repairing their nests. I was not able to carry out some works during that day and the inspection was cut short.

6) I am of the opinion that using those head lamp is better than switching those lights inside your BH.  During this particular inspection since there was no light I brought with me an LED head lamp powered by four batteries.  The light was put on low light and minimize disturbance to those birds.  The moment I feel that there were at home I decided to abort any further works inside this BH. I was thinking of spraying more of those Super Pheromone and perhaps carry out the monthly harvesting.

7) Try to be nice with your neighbours.  If they are BH owners try to chat with them off and on so that they know that they will help you with the latest happenings in the area.  If your neighbours are staying around your BH you can chat with them so that your BH external sound volume are not disturbing them. Be reasonable with them so that you have less problems with the local authorities.

I hope the above teaches all of us something useful.

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