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Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Insects That Can Float On The Padi Field Water !!!

I was very curious on those insects produced by those Bagan Serai padi fields.

Set on the edge of the field and did some investigation.

All I can see was these small flying insects that were like those house flies but very small and they can float on the surface of water.

They were very light weight and can float like those water flies.

While floating they will chase after their partner to mate.

Once mated the female will lay their eggs onto the water surface.

If at any one time the number of these insects is in the thousands they can be a good food source for those swiftlet.

Have a good look at some of the pictures and video clips taken.

We should have the technology to produce these flying insects.

If we do we have very little difficulties to populate our empty BHs.

Enjoy these pictures and clips:

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