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October 4th 2014 List Of Participants !!!

These people have confirmed their participant. How about you?

1) Mr Ho Dang Bao Loc.
2) Mr Nguyen Thai Hoa.
3) Mr Selva (UPM)
4) Professor Datin Dr Aini (UPM).
5) Miss Carry (Johore).
6) Dr Michael Chong
7) Randy Teoh
8) Ivan Teoh

Waiting for you to confirm joining them .......

My Next BH Revamp Project !!!

My next BH revamp project will be in Tanjung Karang, Selangor.

This well designed three stories BH seems to have what I call nests population stagnant problem.

After 3 years into operation its nests stopped at about 100 nests.

It should be at least 400-500 nests after 3 years of operation.

The owner called for my BH inspection services and after reading my recommendations he finally decided to let me carry out the necessary revamp works to reactive the nests growth.

Will start my mobilization to site this Monday and will start work on Tuesday Sept 30th, 2014.

You are welcome to visit the BH.

Call me first at 017 7551318

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Swiftlet Eco Park In Dungun, Trengganu !!!

More and more swiftlet Eco Parks in the making.

This time I manage to stumble while installing those sound system in Dungun, Trengganu.

The first Eco Park was situated along the Jerangau to Dungun (Lintang-Tok Kah road).

There were at least 7 units and all were huge.

Managed to snap some pictures and I hope this eco park will do well.

The second eco park is called Bandaraya Walit or Swiftlet Town located along Kg Wa to Jerangau road.

The project was said to be owned by Dato Gulam Fazillah.  At first I was told by my guide that it belongs to the Trengganu King but he was wrong.

Someone who read my blog SMS to me the real owner and the name of the road where it was located.

Sorry for the wrong information and thank you to the person who SMS to me the right information.

One very interesting about this eco park is that there are a number of grass fields that were said to be for those horses.

There were at least 3 BH completed, 4 about to be completed and 3 more under construction.

Lintang-Kok Yah Eco Park

 Bandaraya Walit Kg Wa to Jerangau Road

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BH Inspection Services !!!

If you happened to own a BH and for some reasons the nests population are not growing or zero after months into operation, there must be something not right.

This is where you can use my expertise.

Give your BH a "medical" check up and get Harry to carry the inspection.

For every inspection you will be provided with a full diagnosis on your BH "health" status and how to get it back to normal.

Call 017 7551318 now !!!

Need More BH With 100 Nests Or Above !!!

There is a research work being carried out by a local University about swiftlet farming.

They are in need of help in conducting force harvesting.

If you owned a BH and willing to participate in their research works please call 017 7551318

More New Pictures From Lok Kawi Sabah !!!

New pictures send by a blog reader from Lok Kawi Sabah.

Go to http://superpheromone.blogspot.com and you might want to follow her foot steps.

The best is to get a liter bottle and make sure you have it every time you visit your BH.