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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Latest News About A BH Using Super Pheromone Located In Brunei !!!

This was the latest message received from a Brunei BH owner who applied Super Pheromone inside his BH:

"Greeting Mr Harry,
I just wanna update to you.  I am amaze on your finding.. seem like the super pheromone doing its magic.. yesterday I visited my BH...counted the bird nests... Amazing more than 70 full nests and many more new markings.. I guess my tenants had push up to more than 200 birds..."

A very encouraging message and this shows that the Super Pheromone is well accepted by those swiftlet species found in Brunei.

Those of you who owned BH(s) in Brunei can now use the Super Pheromone with little problem of its effectiveness.

If you wish to contact the Brunei BH owner who SMS his BH report to me let me know.

I am sure he will be very happy to talk to you about his experiences.

Enjoy the attached clip that he whatssup to me:

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