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Monday, December 30, 2013

What Happen To Serinti Nests When You Apply The Famous Super Pheromone !!!

An interesting test result send to me by a BH owner from Brunei.

This morning I received this interesting nest half made of those grass of dry leaves while the top was with saliva.

This BH owner wanted to experiment with my Super Pheromone and he sprayed on a Serinti nest made of grass.

After spraying the Serinti was forced to move out and the swiftlet took over.

His exact words: " I m experimenting using Serinti nest at my BH.  I sprayed it with the pheromone. the result ... in a span of few weeks this the result. "

The smell of Super Pheromone must be the cause of the take over.

As I always prescribed we need to carry out more test on the effectiveness of Super Pheromone and this test means a lot to all of us.

Those of you who have never tried the Super Pheromone please try it.

Maybe one day we might be able to convince more people to opt using this pheromone to increase the number of nests in their BH.

Those who have used and do have some interesting results please send your photo to me.

I am always available at +60177551318.

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