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Friday, March 27, 2015

Raub BH: Evening Scene When Those Birds Return Home !!!

(Try to enlarge the clip)

I received this video clip a few days ago.

I believed the person who captured this special film wanted me to post it on my blog.

He is one of my very dedicated BH owner who seems to be very successful in what he does.

From the moment he met me until now he keep following my advises.

Now with almost 3000 ++ nests he is one of my favourite student.

I remembered before he met me his BH was new and with about 200 ++ nests.

His dedication in applying new methods of populating his BH (mostly learned from me) seems to be working.

He applied those fake nests, the hanging perfume garden and erected a number of walls to block those bright light.

Another very interesting idea that he used was the used of 5 sounds running simultaneously during the day time.

His method is unique and never tried before.

During daytime he will use two external sounds and 3 internal sounds.

At night he will play 3 internal sounds.

All those sounds came from my sound collection.

Bravo to my student and I hope more people who read this blog will be as successful as him.

Will keep you all posted with any new development at this BH in Raub, Pahang.

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